1. Learn to surf
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Put a lock on the love bridge in Paris
  4. Visit a country from each continent
  5. Visit New York
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. Stroke a white tiger
  8. See Beyonce in concert
  9. Jump off a boat into the sea
  10. Go on a holiday to the Maldives
  11. Go on a holiday to Greece (preferably MYKONOS!!)
  12. Visit Mexico
  13. Ride an elephant
  14. Ride a camel
  15. Ice skate in Central Park
  16. Watch a musical on Broadway
  17. See Les Mis in the West End
  18. Become a forensic scientist
  19. Write a book
  20. Get married
  21. Go on a cruise
  22. Visit the Las Marietas Beach
  23. Live in another country for half a year
  24. Graduate from university
  25. Visit a volcano
  26. Kayak through pretty caves
  27. Take a picture for everyday of the year
  28. Go on an african safari
  29. Play an extra in a film
  30. Have a roadtrip with my boyfriend/bestfriends
  31. Jump off a cliff into the sea
  32. Purchase a DSLR camera
  33. Attend/host a masquerade ball
  34. Go to a film premiere
  35. Have a spa day
  36. Make a gingerbread house
  37. Go to a music festival
  38. Be happy with my weight
  39. Run a half marathon
  40. Make my own pizzax
  41. Release a lantern
  42. Read 12 books in one year (one a month)
  43. Carve a pumpkinx
  44. Get my first job
  45. Have my blog reach 1,000 followers
  46. Get my driver's license x
  47. Go scubadiving
  48. Make a scrapbook full of memories
  49. Spend Christmas day in a snowy cabin
  50. Go on a cute picnicx
  51. Camp under the stars
  52. Own an apartment in London
  53. Have my blog reach 1,000,000 views!
  54. Own a designer handbag
  55. Throw someone a surprise party
  56. Go to Paris with my boyfriend
  57. Own a dog (preferably a pomeranian and sausage)
  58. Swim with sharks
  59. Buy a pair of louboutins
  60. Have my first car
  61. Own a Tiffany necklace
  62. Go to Disney, Orlando with my boyfriend
  63. Visit the Theatre Cafe in London
  64. Go to Venice
  65. Go to Rome
  66. Experience a Drive-In Cinema
  67. Make a time lapse of the sunset somewhere cool
  68. Make my own face mask
  69. Get my nose pierced
  70. Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop
  71. Visit a psychic
  72. Go to a Derren Brown show
  73. Adopt a puppy
  74. Go to Winter Wonderland in London
  75. Make fruit ice lollies
  76. Go horseriding up a mountain
  77. Achieve good A levels in 2017
  78. Donate blood
  79. Spend a Summer in Australia
  80. Build a cool snowman
  81. Get another part of my ear pierced
  82. See the NUTCRACKER live
  83. Do a colour run
  84. Do a mud run
  85. Attend a blog event
  86. Take spontaneous trip to somewhere random and eat at a cool cafe
  87. Decorate a REAL Christmas tree
  88. Go pumpkin patch picking
  89. Make smores and roast them by the fire
  90. Visit a fireworks display
  91. Take photos outside cool cafes/places in London
  92. Fly business on a plane
  93. Book a spontaneous flight to another country
  94. Watch baby turtles hatch on the beach
  95. Swim with dolphins (again!)
  96. Document my three years at uni (on my blog and Youtube)
  97. Meet up with my blogger friends and have a traditional girly sleepover


  1. Such a shame, but looks like you'll have to cross the love lock off, since all the padlocks in Paris were removed! Love that you have a bucket list though, will enjoy seeing you cross them off :)

    Laura | Lala in London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. That sucks, maybe I can just do it myself somewhere else haha!! Thank you x

  2. Aw omg would definitely recommend seeing Les Mis, I've seen it twice in the west end (I'm a tad obsessed!) and it was absolutely incredible!!!


    1. I am so so jealous - I'm obsessed with Les Mis and I can't believe I haven't yet!! xxx

  3. Add onto the bottom of this, meet char;) xxxxx

  4. Spa days are a must have :') xxx