Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

19 December 2019

It's that time of the year again. Christmas is one of my favourite times to hop back on my blog and share some of my fave brands/products that I think would make amazing gifts for your loved ones. Unfortunately, third year has taken its toll on my mental health, time and general wellbeing so I'm super sorry this is later than usual. I suppose this enables my post to be titled 'LAST MIN CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS' at least, haha! I hope you're all doing well, sipping hot choc by the fire and attending as many Christmas markets as humanely possible. I cannot wait to be heading home from university tomorrow to see my loved ones, spend quality time playing board games and FINALLY get into the Christmas spirit!

Anyway, enough of my rambling and moaning, it's time to share with you all the amazing products I've found this year...


For The Beauty Lover

No doubt about it, there will always be a beauty fanatic sat around your living room this Christmas. I definitely used to fall into this category and would LOVE a good makeup gift. Something I feel like people forget about, or neglect, are makeup brushes. You can NEVER have too many - especially for a lazy gal like me who can never be bothered or have the time to clean their brushes daily/weekly. This set from Lily England is to DIE for; the black marble and rose gold accents give the brushes a luxurious essence and I honestly adore how they all match. Accompanied by a matchy-matchy makeup bag, this set makes the ideal beauty lover's gift this Christmas. I would be extremely happy if I woke up to this beaut set of brushes on Christmas morning!

Shop the Brush Set HERE

Make sure you order no later than the 20th December to make sure your parcel arrives in time for the big day!


For a Sustainable Change

Embedding sustainable products and recycled materials into my lifestyle is something I've made a priority in 2019 - giving back to this wonderful planet is definitely something that's been on my agenda as I've become exposed to the extremities of the climate crisis. Thus, if you know some people in your life who need to get a lil more carbon friendly or want to change some of their everyday lifestyle choices to more 'eco-friendly' ones, here are some products for you. First up is a bamboo toothbrush - they are biodegradable so won't contribute to landfill like your standard plastic toothbrush and are contained in completely recyclable packaging. My next change has been makeup removal with reusable cotton pads! Face Halo do wonders at removing all makeup, just by adding a bit of water and popping into your washing machine weekly to give it a deep clean. Finally, the rCUP has been a saviour this year. I've become addicted to coffee and I find myself popping into Caffe Nero too often to pick up a latte. The rCup is made of 100% recycled cups and helps you avoid opting for disposable plastic cups!

Shop the Bamboo Toothbrush here
Shop the Face Halo here
Shop the rCup here

For The Loved One Who Has Everything

There is always that one friend or family member that seems to have it all. Subscriptions are always a fun alternative to your standard Christmas gift. If they love finding new flavours and snacks, Degustabox is a wonderful box to introduce you to next foods. Alternatively, Glossybox is fab at presenting new beauty products, like skincare, makeup and haircare, into your life! You could even gift someone a Netflix or Spotify subscription to help them save a few pennies through the year!

A meaningful present is my favourite of them all - something you've taken the time to create or deeply think about to make someone's day that little bit brighter. For me, I've utilised my new puppy to the extreme and popped him on all sorts of gifts this year - he's our new family member after all! Printfields are an amazing personalised sock company - you can get pictures of your ACTUAL pet printed onto your socks with your choice of colours and/or style. I've even got this incredible canvas with Barney's head printed as a monarch, which I thought was alternative and hilarious. My brother is honestly going to LOVE it, haha!

Shop Printfields Socks Here
Shop Paw&Bone Canvas Prints Here

For the Tech Enthusiast

Finally, some practical gifts are ideal for an adult into their technology. Whether that's an extra camera battery to avoid the stress of keeping full charge at all times or having an extra SD card to hand incase it corrupts whilst you're on a trip. These are perfect practical gifts that someone like me would definitely appreciate, and not to be my LIFE on some days. Also, a ring light or studio light might be an interesting idea if your giftee loves their photography stuff!

Shop Ring Light here
Shop SD cards here

Which category do you fall into? What type of gifts are your favourite to give at Christmas?

Lots of love

Some affiliate links have been used above - for Degustabox, Glossybox and Ebay.


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