Best Smoothie Bowls in Bali

9 November 2019

Yep, that's me! The biggest white gal in the world. If you know me or watch my vlogs, you will know how obsessed I am with smoothie/acai bowls. Therefore, it was obligatory to drag my boyfriend to all the pretty places in Bali and indulge in smoothie bowls. Here are my personal top 5 places to visit in Ubud, Seminyak and Gili Air for the best smoothie bowls in Bali...


Alchemy is a wonderful brunch spot on the outskirts of central Ubud - a serene location with a beautiful interior and luxury feel. My boyfriend and I popped in here for my 21st birthday to start of the day with a deliciously healthy acai bowl each, and a smoothie too! The toppings included chopped bananas, raspberries, blueberries, granola and oats! This was honestly one of the best acai bowls I've ever eaten - the staff were super friendly, accommodating and the overall feel is very relaxing. I was to fill my house with white dream catchers and eat acai bowls everyday! 

10/10. The bowl was a little pricier than the other ones we tried throughout our time in Bali, but it was probably the best! If I had to recommend any of the five I mentioned, this is the place you want to go!

Kynd Community

The most instagrammable location for 'kynd' treats and healthy food has to be Kynd Community in Seminyak. This place is just UNREAL - the interior matches every Instagram guy/gals dream and the food is to DIE for. Not only do they make a huge effort with presentation, the staff match the fun and lively colours of the restaurant and the taste of the food does not disappoint. The personalised touches were amazing and I LOVED that they shaped 'Bali' using the melon! My favourite part of this bowl had to be the dragonfruit bowls...soooo yummy. 

9/10. Would definitely be a 10 if there were no dates in the granola but that's just my personal        preference!                      


On the quieter side of Seminyak, we spotted a beautiful little cafe called Balibola. Another great place to go for some light brunch or a healthy smoothie bowl. Again, they made a huge effort with presentation and even took me by surprise by popping in a huge sugar-y mermaid tail - my inner 12 year old screamed! This place is very pretty, aesthetically pleasing and ideal if you're looking for somewhere similar to Kynd, but with less hustle and bustle. There were only one other couple inside the cafe at the same time as us so the experience was very peaceful and we didn't feel like we had to rush or pressure to eat quickly. 

7/10. The fruit was absolutely delicious but I wasn't a fan of the oats - the homemade granola at the previously mentioned places topped these for sure!

Gili Bliss

If you ever visit Gili Air, Gili Bliss is the place to go for healthy smoothie bowls. Drizzled in coconut flakes, nuts, melon hearts, cranberry seeds and lots of wholesome goodness, this smoothie bowl makes its way to second place on my personal leaderboard. The staff are welcoming, the location is perfect (just a 2 minute walk from the harbour) and the choice of food is amazing. So many organic options, alongside all of the smoothie bowls. 

9/10 - only lost one point for the dates again, eek! Wonderful service and beautifully presented. 

Auras Bowls

Finally, Aura Bowls had to be the most authentic, adorable little place on the island. This was another place on Gili Air, and OMG were these bowls amazing. Set in a small, family-run little hut, this mini warung was the perfect spot for a Balinese smoothie bowl. The family worked so hard to provide the most incredibly tasting fruity bowls of goodness, and I'm still so grateful for their work. They went extremely overboard with the toppings too...which I'm certainly not mad about!

10/10. A wholesome smoothie bowl filled with my favourite fruits and the kindest service.

Do you love smoothie bowls as much as me? What's ya fave fruit??

Lots of love

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