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20 September 2019

Have you just moved to university and struggling to find affordable homeware? Do you need to pick up some last minute stationery for college or the new course you're starting? This blog post will be right up your street. I've teamed up with wilko to showcase some of the amazing products they have  this September - from room decor to library essentials, wilko has you covered!

Sticking to a £50 budget, I managed to pick out 15 items to update my uni room, as well as set me up with the right tools to smash my final year (wish me luck aaah). If you're already a student, you will already be familiar with the wilko run in your first week back; however, did you realise they have an entire 'Students Essentials' section online, making it easy to pick up the necessities and cross them all off your list. So if you're looking for some bedroom decor inspiration or need to find the perfect storage (a must for cramped student accommodation) there is everything you need in the Back to Uni section. 

Here are the things I picked up...


Copper Lamp - £12.50 - Staying in the same house for my last year recalls for a revamp of my bedroom! This lamp was an absolute steal and looks extremely luxurious - great for late nights and pimping my crib. 

Reversible Duvet Set - £12 - You can't go wrong with a reversible duvet set, I've opted for a more minimal vibe to my uni room this year, and I love that this is reversible from a lovely muted stone colour and white. Exactly what I was looking for, for a bargain price.

Throw - £5 - Without a doubt my number one essential at uni during autumn and winter. Cosy nights in are my fave, and this throw will match my new room theme perfectly!

Wastepaper Bin - £2.50 - I challenge you to find a student that doesn't own a bin from wilko! This year I've opted for a cute cream woven bin to pop in the corner of my bedroom. 

Storage Box - £2.50 - A basic but one of the most important things for uni life. Organisation is always good to keep a clear mind during stressful periods like deadline season. 

Multisocket - £1.20 - Something I feel most students forget is a multisocket or extension cable. It's quite common to only have a single plug socket in your student room so it's an absolute must!


I picked out a soup bowl, side plate and egg cup from the Student Kitchen essentials area on the site - these were all from the cream speckled range. £5 for all three of these is great value for money compared to all the other brands on the market. The print is so cute and I'm an absolute freak for matching sets! 


Clear Bin - £2 - After my dad decided to throw out my old bathroom bin, I decided it was time to pick up a new one! Most student halls don't provide a bathroom bin so again, this is an absolute essential for your uni packing list!


Black Folder (£1.75) & Punch Pockets (£1.25) - £3 for an organised student life! Without fail, I'll always pick up these pieces before starting my lectures. I cannot wait to fill this folder with all of my third year notes and organise all of my exciting new modules. 

Stabilo Fineliners - £2.50 - Currently in the sale!! 10 pretty colours to make revision and note taking fun. For a kinaesthetic learner, like myself, using colours always helps me remember key info for exams so these are always my go-to for exam season. 

Flash cards - 75p - If you're a fan of my university vlogs, you will know I pick these up each year to help me smash exams. 75p for 100 cards is an absolute bargain too!

A4 Notepad - £1 - I always need a physical copy of my lecture notes so these £1 notepads never go amiss when jotting down all the essential info. 

I hope you all have a wonderful year at university and pick up all of the essentials you need. A huge thank you to wilko for providing me with all of my daily needs to conquer my final year at the University of Lincoln. 

What is something you've bought for university this year that you absolutely love? Do you shop at wilko for all of the essentials like me?

Lots of love

*This post is sponsored by wilko; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

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