Summer Style for Under £20!

28 August 2019

Summer 2019 has been an absolute dream - I've been able to travel to so many countries, spend time with my loved ones and attend lots of exciting events. Although I've been super busy and had no time to relax, I've been making a lot of effort to 'UP' my summer wardrobe game. Femme Luxe have kindly gifted me some gorgeous pieces that have done just the trick - dreamy satin numbers, gorgeous summer evening attire and a vinyl showstopper. Here are my favourite picks from the Femme Luxe site and why they've helped transform my summer wardrobe: 

Silky Satin Playsuits

WOW. I am IN LOVE with this beautiful, elegant patterened playsuit. The stunning rose pink base topped with unique chain and animal print give the item a luxurious touch. Silky to the touch, this playsuit is super comfortable, affordable and makes me feel like I'm about to walk the red carpet. The material belt can be tied around the waist to provide a figure-hugging look or alternatively, I've used it in my hair to create the perfect matching accessory. If you're looking for an evening outfit, Femme Luxe has you covered for these humid summer nights.

ONLY £19.99

Baggy T-shirt Dresses

Summer in the UK is unpredictable. Therefore, having a few long sleeved t-shirt dresses is a must in my wardrobe. To combat the windy weather, I opted for this comfortable yet chic black tee with a quirky graphic on the front. Pairing the red lips of the graphic to my red TKmaxx bag pulled the outfit together, making it look effortless. A sassy pair of half lens sunnies and some heeled boots made me feel like I could conquer the world. My top tip when wearing a t-shirt dress is to wear heeled boots - they always elongate my legs and enhance my toned calves woo!

ONLY £4.99

Red Vinyl Corset

Vinyl is not a material I usually opt for, especially during the warmer months. However, this piece stood out to me on the Femme Luxe website as I thought it would be perfect for clubbing nights and to take back to university with me. I didn't realise how pretty it would also look during the day paired with a simple pair of blue mom jeans too. Just pop on a blazer and you can easily pull off the 'smart-casual' look...something I never thought I could do in a red vinyl corset top??! The inner layer of the item also has a comfortable feel and prevents the material from sticking uncomfortably to your skin. This is a must-have in your summer wardrobe as the versatility really exceeds your expectations.

ONLY £11.99


Lilac and satin have been my number one go-to's this summer. I love the tone of lilac against my balayaged locks and paired with some white trousers, this top is my absolute dream. I couldn't stop wearing this satin milkmaid top on holiday - a dreamy fit due to the ruched waist and paired with the balloon sleeves and gorgeous neckline, I AM OBSESSED! This is another piece that I feel is very versatile - you could make the perfect evening and day time look with this top...I just wish they did it in every colour. 

ONLY £9.99

What is your favourite summer clothing piece of 2019? Do you like any of my picks above?

Lots of love

*The items above were kindly gifted; however, all opinions are honest + my own*

Easy Ways to Convert To An Eco-Friendly Work Space

26 August 2019

Long time, no blog post. If you've been following my socials, you will be aware that I've been jetting off to several countries all around the world! Thus, I've been so unbelievably busy, jet-lagged and overall run down that I've neglected my little online space. Blog, I've missed you.

Anyway, I've jumped into bed with my laptop today to tell you all about some amazing changes you can incorporate into your life, especially in your work space, to help you become more eco friendly. I can tell you that I'm NOT a saint and everything I own ISN'T made out of biodegradable materials; however, I'm trying my upmost best to convert all of my daily essentials into items that are 1000x better for our gorgeous environment. 

My top 'green' conversions this year have been swapping my plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative (these are a lot more durable and are able to biodegrade once useless), stopping my use of cotton pads/face wipes for re-useable microfibre cloths/cotton pads (wipes are awful for your skin and even worse for the environment) and finally, my boyfriend has bought me a perfectly-sized re-usable cup to prevent my coffee craze from ruining the planet with endless plastic cups. After doing lots of research and some help from the amazing team at SEAREACH, I've been informed on so many ways to make your home/work offices a healthier, green place. 

Something that significantly caught my eye from SeaReach's article was that there are 10 easy ways in order to 'greenify' your workspace. My favourites include: going paperless by moving all work to a digital format, installing more LED lights to save 75% energy in comparison to halogen bulbs, providing bicycle facilities to encourage employees to cycle to work instead of pumping fuel into the atmosphere and making an effort to stick RECYCLING label on bins to enforce the need to recycle goods.

The most important point that members of Sea Reach have noted from their survey are the fact that 20% of offices involved agreed that 'going paperless' has managed to improve their workspace and ethic, as well as being an advantage to the environment. The more digital our offices become, the less unnecessary waste will end up at landfill sites and the better security we receive by storing our work online. Make sure to read the full article at SeaReach to figure out many other ways on how to improve your workspace. 

What have you done to help the environment in 2019?

Lots of love

*This is a collaborative post*

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