Warner Bros Studios | Is The Harry Potter Tour Experience Worth It?!

14 May 2019

At the beginning of 2019, I ticked off one of the top things from my bucketlist - to visit the Warner Bros Studios and experience a Harry Potter tour in the UK. I've been lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter World in Universal, Orlando; however, I really wanted to visit the Warner Brother Studios in Watford because it holds some of the most amazing sculptures, costumes and more from the films. Growing up, the Harry Potter books and films were a huge part of my childhood - I was maybe too obsessed, collecting all of the merchandise, roaming the streets with a broom and wand and finally, owning a bloody cauldron?! Seriously. I was a little obsessed kid when it came to Harry Potter so I become very nerdy whenever I attend something wizarding-world related!

Anyway, myself and my best friend, Hattie, booked tickets for early January to treat ourselves after the Christmas exams. We were extremely excited and were fortunate enough to experience Hogwarts in the SNOW!! We had no idea until we reached the venue, best surprise ever! I thought I'd write a little review of my time there - telling you all whether I'd recommend spending your hard-earned money on this tour or whether to just stick to binging the films on a Sunday afternoon.

If you don't want any spoilers of your trip, I'd suggest skipping this post until after your visit because I will probably talk in detail about all my favourite elements of the Studios. Before starting the tour, we were given a little talk by one of the amazing staff members, seated as if we were about to watch one of the movies ourselves. After a few minutes, the screen unveiled the incredible Great Hall door - the theatrics were amazing and I was so excited to walk through the doors. I was literally such a little nerd smiling away to all of the intricate details - the Christmas touches were an extra bonus too! The food on the tables included Christmas puddings and there was a gorgeous Christmas tree at the top of the hall. 

After being overly excited from the first section of the tour, Hattie and I roamed all of the amazing set, costumes, props and other amazing items from the Harry Potter films. I literally adored seeing everything with my own eyes; it was like I was honestly living my childhood fantasy. The tour groups are designed very intelligently so it never gets overcrowded in an area. We took our time, there was absolutely no rush and we could stroll around reading all the cool information about the pros/set/etc.

One of the general standouts from my trip was definitely the interactive side to it all. There were green screens, moving sets and fun things for both myself and younger kids (haha!) to participate in to make the trip extra entertaining. We even tried some magic to levitate our own broomstick! I couldn't stop smiling as we ventured around the studio.

The layout of the place was a wonderful choice, in my opinion. All of the favourite destinations were planned towards the end so you left feeling incredibly happy and fulfilled with your time in Harry Potter world. Hogwarts in the snow was so stunning, Diagon Alley was super cool and the new Forbidden Forest that Hattie hadn't been to yet was very fun. I cannot wait to return in the future to see all the amazing additions they keep working on to get customers back! I've heard Gringotts is now there and I'm desperate to head back in the near future. Before heading home, we couldn't resist buying some merchandise haha. Check out the video I created from our day if you want to see all of these photos come to life and what we ended up buying HERE.

Have you ever been to the Warner Bros Studio? Do you love HP as much as me?

Lots of love 

The Best Graduation Dresses 2019

10 May 2019

Getting glam for an event is something I absolute adore - styling my hair, applying a fresh, glowing layer of makeup and choosing the perfect outfit for the occasion. Somewhere I adore shopping for big events and occasions is Quiz - their incredible dress range includes stunning prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and lots of wedding guest appropriate dresses. Personally, I would opt for Quiz when looking for a graduation outfit; their style is sleek, sophisticated and oozes class. It will be my graduation next year, as I'm currently finishing my second year at university, so I've already been eyeing up the perfect dress for the occasion. I thought I'd pop this post together to share with you my top 5 favourite dress picks that I'd love to pull off next year when graduating.

My Top 5 Quiz Dress Picks

Lemon Off Shoulder - For me, graduation will be held within the summer season; therefore, I've opted for five gorgeous, light coloured dresses to suit the occasion perfectly. This lemon, off-shoulder number is super simple, yet screams elegance. I love the way the material hangs off the model's body and the leg slit is extremely flattering. Paired with some dainty gold jewellery and some perspex heels, this outfit would be ideal for graduation.

Lilac Lace - My next favourite is this heavenly lilac dress with laced detail on the straps and upper body. The contrast in textures on this dress is what made it stand out to me. The scalloped hem clings to the chest area like a dream and I just find the overall fit of this lilac dress very flattering. Lilac is the colour of summer 2019 so I can imagine a lot of people will be opting for this dress for prom, weddings, graduation and many other special events.

Pink Peplum - If you're one to avoid wearing a dress for special occasions but still want to look glam, I'd definitely recommend trying this pink peplum dress. The style makes the dress appear almost like a two-piece. A peplum top with gorgeous floating material at the waist (very flattering on the figure) and a delicate pink skirt. The material looks high quality and the style of this would be ideal for my perfect graduation dress - a figure hugging, pink coloured garment.

Blue Bardot - If you're looking for a pop of blue, this blue bardot number is sweet, elegant and beautiful for your graduation day. The slightly off-the-shoulder straps paired with the fishtail style instantly made this dress appeal to me. The light blue is so pretty for the summer months, so if you have a summer graduation day, this dress is the one for you!

Nude Showstopper - Finally, if you love making a statement and want everyone at your graduation to be looking at you...this has to be the SHOWSTOPPER of all the Quiz dresses. I'm honestly in awe at the drop sleeves, ruched front and sparkles all over. If you have an event coming up where you want to make jaws drop, wear this! The model literally looks unreal and I'd love to be able to pull something like this off at my graduation next year.

Which is your favourite out of the five dresses I picked? Do you ever shop at Quiz for dresses?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Quiz Clothing; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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