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24 April 2019

A few months ago my boyfriend and I managed to secure a spot at the wonderful Sky Garden in London. We fancied a cheap day out (ugh student life) doing something different and that we'd both thoroughly enjoy. We love visiting new places, admiring views and it's always an extra bonus for us if it's FREE!! When I popped to London for a lovely weekend in between university stress, we booked an afternoon slot for the Sky Garden, located on Fenchurch Street. This whole blog post is dedicated to our experience because I feel like this location is extremely underrated and not talked about enough considering its beauty, affordability and a nice place to clear your mind. 


So my number one tip for going to the Sky Garden would definitely be to book in advance - tickets sell super quickly, probably because you don't have to pay, so make sure you're pro-active and book in advance. You can only book a few weeks in advance so if you want to make sure you definitely get a booking, then check every single day for slots. I'd definitely go during the afternoon again because of how bright the building was; it filled me with a creative buzz and was a lovely light to view the beautiful city. The only other tips I'd have is to try booking on a day that you know will be sunny or fog-free. Unfortunately, we didn't check the weather regularly and ended up going when it was extremely foggy. However, we still managed to see a great distance so I'd still suggest you don't cancel the trip. We had a wonderful time and could still gaze at the views for hours. Ultimately, the best time to go would definitely be a weekday if possible - this way you will avoid the busy weekend crowds and enjoy the experience in the best way. We went up on a weekday in the afternoon which was the perfect time - super relaxing and not very busy at all. 

If you fancy a bite to eat or something to drink, do not fear. Indulge in the wonderful food facilities that are available in the Sky Garden - there are perfect places for brunch or dinner dates, as well as a fun family trip or something for the road. The bakery goods looked delicious but we were trying to save our money so we didn't purchase. However, I will for sure be picking up a muffin or cookie next time we go. The prices weren't too expensive either - they probably equate to similar costs you see in your local Starbucks/Costa/coffee shop. I have no idea how pricey the restaurant was but I'm certain I want to go for a cute date night one evening. I think the views would be gorgeous at night - seeing the lights turn on across the city would be amazing to watch.

Overall, this experience was a 10/10 for me. I found it super calming, the greenery was my aesthetic and I personally believe it is one of the best, and very few, cost-free things to do in London. 

Where have you been that was amazing but didn't cost a penny? Where are your favourite places to visit in London?

Lots of love

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