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1 April 2019

When you are thinking about going to uni, there are a lot of things that you are going to have to
consider. One of the most important, of course, is the university itself. The last thing you want is to
end up in a place which you are unhappy with, or which you feel is not going to provide you with the
best possible education. It is helpful if you have some strong idea of what kind of qualities you would
hope to find in such an institution, as that will help you to make your decision much more easily. This
blog post I'm going to tell you my favourite qualities that I feel you should consider when choosing
the best, most ideal university for you!

Plenty Of Extra-Curricular Opportunities

For me, university was much more than just adoring the course itself. You also want to make sure that
you are going to make the most of whatever else there is on offer, and this is one of the first things
you might look into when you are choosing your perfect uni. There should be plenty of extra-curricular
options which you can join, support and embed into your free time. Socialising has made university
so enjoyable and relieving for me so I'd definitely recommend it. If you are into sports, you will want
to look into the best universities for sports, for instance. Alternatively, if you enjoy theatre and dance
like me, you could find a university that offers those societies. As long as your interests are catered
for, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy your time at university a lot more. You could even push
and challenge yourself to join something you've always wanted to try, who knows? You might fall in
love with it!

Great Teaching

To be honest, the teaching itself is the most important thing; you should definitely look into whether
or not a particular university offers good teaching in the first place. This can vary from course to course
but there are a lot of ways that you can discover this. One of the best is to simply look at the league
tables, which are ultimately just an indication of what kind of level of teaching you can expect to
receive from any given university. The better the professors, the more likely it is that you will get the
kind of education you really want, so make sure that you have looked into this as soon as possible in
order to find the best uni for you. Although I don't personally believe that the league tables mean
you'll end up with a better job than someone at a university 'higher' than yours. Attend the university's
open day, speak to lecturers that you'll potentially have, chat to current students and find out if they
seem knowledgeable in their field of expertise - if it all seems good, go for it!

Accommodating Atmosphere

The way you feel when you are on campus is hugely relevant too, which is why it is quite so important
to go to an open day and check it out for yourself. You need to make sure that you are actually happy
with how you feel when you are on campus, otherwise you will find it much harder to feel comfortable
when you're walking around and working at university. This is hugely important for your mental health
and having the best possible experience doing your degree. Find a university that has a great and
accommodating atmosphere, especially in the areas you will spend most of your time in. Therefore,
make sure to visit the library, lecture theatres and the student's union to see how you feel.

What qualities do you look for in your ideal university? What is most important to you?

Lots of love

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  1. Great post! Can't believe how quickly this year has gone. Sixth form felt like a lifetime but I've blinked and first year is almost done.



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