Surviving Uni by Building Your Independence...

23 March 2019

Making the move to uni is challenging, often in ways that you might never have expected. As excited as you might have been to leave your family home; when you find yourself out there, loneliness and a fear can set in. If you’ve never relied on yourself so much before, it can quickly feel overwhelming. Today, I'm going to have a chat and give you guys a few tips on how to build the independence that can help you survive university.

Put a budget in place

Learning a little financial dependence should be the first step, simply because it’s so important. A lot
of first-time students away from home get into debt simply because they don’t know how to manage
their finances, so they take out credit cards and dip into their overdraft, putting themselves at some
risk. Look at these tips for managing your student income and put together a weekly budget so you
always know how much you have and how much you’re spending. Think about food shopping,
washing your clothes, socialising and some extra cash for a treat!

Get organized with your time

You have a lot more responsibilities when you move from home. Not only do you have to study, you have to take care of your living space, make time for socialising, do all your own shopping, and so on. Top Universities offers some practical advice on getting more organised and learning how to better use your time that’s worth looking at.

Consider moving out of halls

The university halls can be a great place to live and a great way to make friends, but if you want to
become more independent, it might be worth taking a look at other accommodation. With sites like
Mighty Student Living, it’s easy to find shared accommodation. Simply put, having your own home or
apartment that you have to manage yourself can teach you what it’s like to live on your own or with
housemates, while halls can still feel like a managed experience with less responsibility.

Find your own interests and hobbies

While in high school, it’s easy for most of your time to be dominated by schoolwork, hanging with your
friends, doing chores, and being a part of the school club. As you grow up, you have to find how to
make good use of your own spare time. Avoid boredom and frustration with sites like Meetup that can
help you find all kinds of local hobbyist groups and find yourself a passion to make good use of what
extra time you have.

Don’t be afraid to call home

Feeling homesick is not a sign that you’re not cut out to be an independent young adult. It simply
means you miss your family, your hometown, and the comforts of life that aren’t as near anymore.
Don’t try to ignore that feeling, fight homesickness by getting in touch once and awhile. A familiar
voice over the phone can offer the support and relief you need, helping you face your new life.

If you’re truly struggling to cope, it’s worth looking into what mental health assistance your university
can offer. The vast majority of people deal with depression and stress at one time or another, even if
they don’t show it. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it’s an effective way to find the strength
to cope.

How have you built your independence?

Lots of love

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  1. Love this! Living alone can be such a lonely time but I have found it a lot easier to deal with over these 6 months Can't believe first year is coming to an end soon



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