5 Reasons I'm Putting My Phone Down in 2019

15 March 2019

Over the past few months, I've realised how addicted I am to my phone. It's actually quite scary how much I've relied on it over the years to the point where I feel like I cannot live without it. To be honest, it's my little comfort blanket and I always feel safe when it's with me. Being a female, I get worried walking home from university when it's late so it's always nice to have a point of contact at all times. However, I don't like the idea that I'm addicted to something so 'out-of-touch' with reality. I want to experience life more without my phone so I've decided to make a conscious effort to put my phone down more in 2019. Here are the 5 main reasons why.


The toxicity of being on your phone for over 4+ hours a day is mind-blowing. The new screen time feature on iPhones have made me realise how awfully long I spend on my phone in just a single day. This is super toxic and not a habit that I want to continue with. Although I adore apps like Instagram and Twitter, they can be extremely toxic for the mind and body. People are constantly comparing themselves to the highlights of strangers lives and highly edited photos; this is enhancing body confidence issues and resulting in bad mental health. Luckily, I've overcome that hurdle and now appreciate my body for the amazing things it can do but there are some days where I accidentally compare myself to another body type or someone with drastically different features to my own. It's okay to be unique and not look like everyone else on the platform! I'm making the effort to put my phone down, in this case, to work on improving myself and loving me for me...even more than I already do!

Losing Touch of Reality

Something I learnt years ago was how 'out-of-touch' from the real world I can be when I'm engrossed in my phone. It angers me that I used to sit glued to my screen at family parties, in restaurants and even when I'm out with my friends. I'm embarrassed to say that this sometimes still happens but I'm definitely so much more aware of it so that I can hinder it from continuing. I want to engage with my loved ones, spend quality time with my family and remember what it used to be like before everyone was addicted to screens. If I'm with my family now, I always suggest that we play a board game or something that doesn't require technology because it's always such a great bonding activity that always leaves us in fits of laughter. I'm sure you'll agree that you don't want to regret not spending time with your loved ones making amazing memories rather than ignoring their presence by scrolling through Instagram. Putting our phones down with definitely improve and help keep relationships with our partner/family/friends healthier. 

Sleeping Pattern

Additionally, a huge issue in my life at the beginning of the year was my sleep pattern. I lacked a good night's sleep for months and months. Putting down my phone more often and an hour before I go to sleep has significantly helped to improve my sleeping pattern. I read a huge article about why phones can disrupt your ability to fall asleep at a reasonable time, especially if you lie in bed scrolling for hours. If I find the article, I'll definitely link it ASAP but I remember it mentioned about the type of light that phones emit can alert your brain, keeping your brain awake. From first hand experience, poor sleep = poor health (both mentally and physically). If I recommend anything, I would suggest to keep your phone away from you at least an hour before you head to bed. It's worked wonders for me.


My phone is one of my biggest distractions from life. As soon as I pick up my phone, I forget what I'm doing and what I'm meant to be achieving in the day. This is one of the many reasons why I prefer writing lists in a notebook, rather than using the notes tab on my phone. I'll always end up procrastinating after writing the note and therefore, losing the productivity I had prior to picking up the phone. Thus, I think it's best to get your room mate, parent or brother to hide your phone when you need to be concentrating. Whether you have an assignment to hand in, you're applying for a new job or completing a qualification, hiding your phone will be at your best interest. I can stay focused for hours when my phone isn't in my sight. Trust me, it will change your life!


In attempt not to offend anyone, I'm not stereotyping Brits but whenever I'm walking around the streets or studying in a coffee shop, I always acknowledge how many people are just sat/walking in silence with their friend because they're just looking at their phones. It's so heartbreaking that we've lost connecting and socialising with random people; I always find that the elderly are extremely friendly in public places because they are the majority of individuals who are not involved in the tech world. Some days I wish I grew up in their time or just simply had no interest in the online industry because they seem to lead such happy lives. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that not having technology will make you happier but I definitely feel there is some correlation. The online world has opened a source of self-hatred and has built up this 'perfect image' that in turn has affected many - I rarely find people my age that are happy within themselves. I just feel that I'd be so much better socially if I hadn't have been so attached to my phone throughout my teen years. Human interaction is something I definitely want to work on in 2019.

It's been great to reflect on the reasons why I want to spend less time on my phone this year. This is a PSA to any of you who know me - tell me to GET OFF MY PHONE if you see me on it in public! I thoroughly enjoy being on the internet and think it's such a positive place for me but I can alternatively see the damaging effects it's having on others/society firsthand. I will still use all of my favourite apps because I find pleasure in creating online content; however, I am going to be more conscious of the time I spend using technology and instead, put more energy into cherishing my relationships and working on my own self happiness.

Will you be putting your phone down more in 2019? Do you think overusing your phone can be damaging to your health?

Lots of love

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  1. This was a great read and I totally agree - social media can be toxic and it is good to give it a break from time to time. Lovely post <3 x

    Twice the Talk | Emily x


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