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28 February 2019

After my previous post on my new hair, I thought I'd share an incredible gifted experience that I was fortunate enough to receive on my boyfriend's birthday. I travelled to London early February to celebrate my boyfriend's 20th - we had an incredible time and I vlogged the weekend over on my Youtube channel (watch the LONDON VLOG here). I'm still extremely happy with my decision to get my hair chopped and the most dreamy balayage. Check out my last blog post to read about the entire process and how amazing Roz Loz Hair is!

Anyway, on the day of my boyfriend's birthday, we travelled to Shoreditch to find Figaro - an award-winning salon on Old Street. Voted Top Choice Hair Salon of 2019 in London, Figaro are a hair and beauty salon that pride themselves with their wonderful professionals/stylists. After choosing a wash, blowdry and style, I jumped at the chance to get my hair done beautifully for the celebratory day ahead!


Located on Old Street, Shoreditch, Figaro London was in a fab area that wasn't too busy and very relaxing. I love finding a quiet street in London during the day because it's very rare! As soon as I entered the salon, the staff were extremely friendly, very accommodating and instantly offered me a drink before I got the chance to sit waiting for my appointment. I was so happy with how exceptional the customer service was at Figaro London that I'd highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for hair, nails or beauty in London/surrounding areas. Moreover, I acknowledged that the prices were super affordable compared to everywhere I've seen in London - especially when you are receiving high quality and getting amazing service from the staff. I waited patiently for my appointment - it wasn't long before Bea was ready to give me a wonderful wash, blowdry and style...


Bea is one of the lovely hairdressers that work at the salon. She was extremely kind, chatty and made me feel at ease. During the washing process, Bea gave me the most SENSATIONAL head massage - very dreamy after a very intense few weeks back at university and adapting back to the uni lifestyle. I was so relaxed when I went back to sit in the seat before she began to blowdry. The friendly receptionist handed me a tablet so that I could read some online magazines for entertainment. I thought this was a lovely touch too, especially if you were getting a long treatment that lasted a few hours. The perfect blowdry and style was achieved so quickly and completely effortless - Bea transformed my hair into healthy, floaty goodness. I was super happy with the results and would definitely return for another treatment there. I loved the loose/relaxed curls for Aidan's birthday day out - it was ideal for the windy weather and casual for the day time. Having my hair done makes me really confident too so it was nice to feel good in myself as we strolled around London. If you are ever in need of a good hair-do and great customer service, head to Figaro London for sure!

Does getting your hair done give you a confidence boost? What is your favourite haircare product at the minute?

Lots of love


This was a complimentary service from Figaro London; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


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