Good Hair Day

4 February 2019

I never thought the day would come where I said goodbye to my long dark locks. However, I have to say it's been one of the best decisions - no more days of being weighed down by my thick ass hair, blowdrying has been reduced by at least 3x and I'm no longer wasting 15 minutes just trying to brush out the crazy knots. There are already so many benefits of cutting my hair shorter and I didn't even know it, I'm a FREE WOMAN! 

Anyway, the second huge change I decided for my hair was the gorgeous 'Pinterest-esque' balayage. Apart from the odd shitty little box dye in my youth, I had never ever put a permanent dye or bleached my own hair. This was obviously the biggest change for me because I've always been used to my brunette hair - when I woke up the following morning I honestly didn't even recognise myself in the mirror! I've wanted my hair balayage-d since forever so when I came across Rosie's Instagram, I was in awe and popped it straight on the group chat. Within minutes, myself, Meg and Hat had booked in for a skin test and to share our desired looks with the wonderful Rosie from RozLozHair in Lincoln.


I can't remember the exact way I came across Rosie; it was either the discover page or scrolling through Lincoln's 'geo-tags' on Instagram. Honestly, I was so in awe at all of the amazing hair transformations on her feed and couldn't deal with how talented she is. After booking in for our skin test, the gals and I trekked up Steep Hill to Rosie's base - a quaint salon in the Bailgate area, just around the corner from the Cathedral. Rosie was super lovely, just as nice as she was over Insta DM's. We returned for our full day in the salon a couple weeks later - it took just under 9 hours to transform our hair from Hagrid to heaveeeeeen. The time went so quickly in my opinion - we had so much fun having a relaxin day in the salon, chatting to Rosie, reading our books and admiring each other's new hair! Rosie was extremely accommodating; she made us hot chocolate, taught us some tricks for styling our hair and informed us of some amazing products to keep our hair in good condition. I'd highly recommend Rosie to anyone who lives in Lincoln or the neighbouring cities; an overall phenomenal experience, talented woman and fab results!


You can head over to Youtube to watch the full transformation of the whole day - I've left a little preview below for you guys to have a watch. I'm so happy with the vlog and it's got an incredible response from everyone who watches me on Youtube. The support is amazing and it's given me a real confidence boost - thank you guys! I've also spoken to a lot of you on Instagram about booking with Rosie which is also fab - I love supporting those who are talented and giving them money for their hard work is so rewarding compared to a corporate business. If you want a similar result to the photos above, Rosie did a wash, cut, blowdry, colour, bond protector and style! 

Have you ever taken the plunge and dramatically changed your hair before? Where did you go to get it done?

Lots of love


  1. It looks BEAUTIFUL! I have never died my hair, as I don't think anything lighter would suit me.


  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! It really suits you :) I have dyed my hair many times and been through red, purple, black and balayage xx


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