Prepare for National Popcorn Day!

15 January 2019

With it being National Popcorn day on the 19th January, I thought it would be fitting to write this post just in time for you to purchase all the necessary goods for the day! I love how there is a 'National Day' for lots of fun things now, making each day of the year exciting. Popcorn day is great for me because I'm absolutely obsessed - I'll always opt for a large box of sweet popcorn whenever I take a trip to the cinema. I just cannot resist sweet snacks, especially popcorn so I thought I'd share this little post about a new brand I've been trying, testing and TASTING so you can prep yourself for the big day on Saturday! 

If you're unaware of the brand, Popcorn Shed are a company that sell a range of gourmet popcorns - catering for a versatile range of people, offering both sweet and savoury snacks. From berries to cheese, salted caramel to chocolate, there is something at Popcorn Shed for everyone! The award-winning brand have a generous range of 7 different flavours sold in small packets, or even boxes/jars if you are looking to give the popcorn as a gift! I love how gorgeous the packaging is - the boxes in particular have a cool display. Brightly coloured boxes and a little window to view/tempt yourself with is all you need to seduce you into a movie night with your pals or partner! I also think the little packets are ideal for on-the-go; they are the perfect travel size to pop in your bag for a midday snack and they're only 120 calories too!

In terms of taste, I absolutely adore the range available but in particular, I'm drawn to the sweeter snacks. I'm a lover of sugar and the biggest chocaholic, so there is no surprise that the 'Pop'n'Choc' are my favourite out of the flavours. The popcorn is deliciously coated with a thin layer of cocoa powder, giving the treat an extra sweet taste for choc lovers like me! My bestie is the opposite - she loves savoury snacks so she was delighted to indulge in the savoury options. Hattie adored the 'Say Cheese' packet, whereas the chocolate one was my favourite; thus, showing the versatility of the products and how they work great for different tastebuds! From presentation to quality, I would highly recommend Popcorn Shed to anyone wanting to try some delicious popcorn with a twist. They are also the perfect gifts so if you know a popcorn lover out there or just want to celebrate National Popcorn day, head over the Popcorn Shed to treat yourself today!

Have you tried Popcorn Shed products before?

Lots of love


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