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29 January 2019

I'm one of those girls who adores getting dressed up, slapping on a combination of my fave cult beauty products and heading out for drinks with my pals. Getting into a dress is something I used to be terrified of; I lacked so much confidence growing up and throughout my teen years, which is one of the many reasons now why I have trained my brain to love my curves and embrace the chunky thighs. Whenever I pictured putting on a dress, I would always visualise one specific dress that I used to HATE on myself. It was super unflattering, clung to the wrong parts, it was super cheap and just didn't sit right on my figure. It sort of mentally scarred me, and I'm sure it was one of the reasons I was put off wearing dresses for a LONG time. However, as I've matured, I am extremely aware that there are thousands of gorgeous dresses for different occasions, so many different colours and styles to suit all body types. By no means am I saying there are certain dresses for certain body types, but I've just learnt to find outfits that I feel compliment my figure and make me feel bloody amazing!

This post is dedicated to three different styles of dresses to prove that you can look and feel great no matter what body type you are. Saying this, there are definitely some that I prefer more than others but that is just natural. I naturally stick to my little comfort blanket - usually a black dress because you can't go wrong. Anyway, here are 3 gorgeous dresses that were kindly gifted and that I chose from the wonderful FREDA FUNK. This incredible online clothing company stock lots of fab fashion pieces - not only do they have a great range of dresses, they also sell jeans, jumpers, co-ords, accessories and more! 

Little Black Dress

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress. I absolutely adore wearing black - whether it be for a night out clubbing, going for some cocktails with your besties or a fancy event, a black dress is always a staple item you need in your wardrobe. This super flattering long sleeve polo neck dress gave me all kinds of confidence when I wore it for a night out last week. The ruche design on the front helps to enhance my curves, allowing me to embrace my body in a positive light. Another reason I adore a black dress is because of the insane versatility it has - you can dress it up or down no matter what occasion you've attending. I love layering short black dresses like this with a big, furry winter coat and a small bag. This animal print saddle bag paired perfectly, a lovely in-trend statement to add to the outfit!

Red Velvet Crushin'

Red velvet is so sexy and perfect for an evening out - cocktails or date night is definitely when I'd opt for this one. This definitely has to be my favourite of the three dresses because again, it accentuates the curvy areas of the body! I adore the high neck line, thin shoulder straps and the midi style of this gorgeous evening piece. If I were ever to pick my ultimate Valentines (or Galentines) glam outfit, it would definitely be this! Paired with some stunning metallic heels and a fur coat, this is the ideal winter evening outfit. 

Bright, Bold + Confident

Something more daring for the last dress - bright, bold and colourful. This is something that I don't often go for, especially during the colder months as I stick to the darker colours. However, I think this a fab option for when you're abroad, in Summer and going for an evening meal with your friends/family/partner! Hot orange is one of my favourite colours in the hot months - it looks incredible with a fresh tan and golden makeup! Paired with some metallic heels, a subtle clutch and matching earrings, I feel they would really amplify the outfit. If you are a fan of colour, I'd definitely recommend heading over to FREDA FUNK as they have some amazing options for all occasions!

What are your favourite evening dresses? Do you always go for a particular colour/style or do you like chaning it up?

Lots of love

The products worn in this post were kindly gifted by Freda Funk; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Wow that velvet dress colour looks gorgeous on you!! I absolutely love these outfits xx | @bloglilyrose

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