My Fave Evening Outfits | Cocktails + Clubbing

29 January 2019

I'm one of those girls who adores getting dressed up, slapping on a combination of my fave cult beauty products and heading out for drinks with my pals. Getting into a dress is something I used to be terrified of; I lacked so much confidence growing up and throughout my teen years, which is one of the many reasons now why I have trained my brain to love my curves and embrace the chunky thighs. Whenever I pictured putting on a dress, I would always visualise one specific dress that I used to HATE on myself. It was super unflattering, clung to the wrong parts, it was super cheap and just didn't sit right on my figure. It sort of mentally scarred me, and I'm sure it was one of the reasons I was put off wearing dresses for a LONG time. However, as I've matured, I am extremely aware that there are thousands of gorgeous dresses for different occasions, so many different colours and styles to suit all body types. By no means am I saying there are certain dresses for certain body types, but I've just learnt to find outfits that I feel compliment my figure and make me feel bloody amazing!

This post is dedicated to three different styles of dresses to prove that you can look and feel great no matter what body type you are. Saying this, there are definitely some that I prefer more than others but that is just natural. I naturally stick to my little comfort blanket - usually a black dress because you can't go wrong. Anyway, here are 3 gorgeous dresses that were kindly gifted and that I chose from the wonderful FREDA FUNK. This incredible online clothing company stock lots of fab fashion pieces - not only do they have a great range of dresses, they also sell jeans, jumpers, co-ords, accessories and more! 

Little Black Dress

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress. I absolutely adore wearing black - whether it be for a night out clubbing, going for some cocktails with your besties or a fancy event, a black dress is always a staple item you need in your wardrobe. This super flattering long sleeve polo neck dress gave me all kinds of confidence when I wore it for a night out last week. The ruche design on the front helps to enhance my curves, allowing me to embrace my body in a positive light. Another reason I adore a black dress is because of the insane versatility it has - you can dress it up or down no matter what occasion you've attending. I love layering short black dresses like this with a big, furry winter coat and a small bag. This animal print saddle bag paired perfectly, a lovely in-trend statement to add to the outfit!

Red Velvet Crushin'

Red velvet is so sexy and perfect for an evening out - cocktails or date night is definitely when I'd opt for this one. This definitely has to be my favourite of the three dresses because again, it accentuates the curvy areas of the body! I adore the high neck line, thin shoulder straps and the midi style of this gorgeous evening piece. If I were ever to pick my ultimate Valentines (or Galentines) glam outfit, it would definitely be this! Paired with some stunning metallic heels and a fur coat, this is the ideal winter evening outfit. 

Bright, Bold + Confident

Something more daring for the last dress - bright, bold and colourful. This is something that I don't often go for, especially during the colder months as I stick to the darker colours. However, I think this a fab option for when you're abroad, in Summer and going for an evening meal with your friends/family/partner! Hot orange is one of my favourite colours in the hot months - it looks incredible with a fresh tan and golden makeup! Paired with some metallic heels, a subtle clutch and matching earrings, I feel they would really amplify the outfit. If you are a fan of colour, I'd definitely recommend heading over to FREDA FUNK as they have some amazing options for all occasions!

What are your favourite evening dresses? Do you always go for a particular colour/style or do you like chaning it up?

Lots of love

The products worn in this post were kindly gifted by Freda Funk; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

HOW TO: Stay Organised AF in 2019

28 January 2019

If you are a sucker for organisation and planning, like myself, or maybe it's your new year's resolution to get your sh*t together?! You've come to the right place. This year I want to discuss all the ways and tips on how I stay productive, organised and motivated, even during the darkest of times. Organising my life is something I find therapeutic and often takes my mind away from all the awful thoughts that it can sometimes conjure in my mind! If I was ever asked to pick an item that has helped me refrain from losing the plot or failing university, it would 100% be a planner or diary. Although it seems like a pretty obvious thing to have, it literally completes my life when I've organised my week, know exactly when and where I need to be, alongside holding all of my exciting plans that I've got lined up for the rest of the year.

Why You Need A Planner In Your Life

Right, so a lot of you guys have questioned the planner I'm always referring to in my vlogs whenever I mention organising my blog/Youtube schedule. I always get asked about motivation, productivity and organisational tips, as I share my university life daily online. Many people wonder how I manage to upload weekly blog posts, daily vlog, create main channel videos, socialise and balance university work. It's definitely a challenge and it ISN'T easy but my lil personalised planner always saves the day! Something I love about this specific Personal Planner is that I designed the majority of it myself - the website is absolutely great, allowing you get to inject your favourite colours onto the pages, add your own features (like motivational quotes and mini to-do list sections) and choose when you want to start the planner. Many diaries prevent you from gaining productivity in the middle of the year because they always begin in January, but with Personal Planner, you can decide any time of the year to begin organising your life! When I can see a weekly spread of all my blog jobs, youtube tasks and any extra content that I need to get done, my anxiety and stress is eased. If your pal is a lover of planning, or your mum wants to be more organised, this would also be the perfect gift idea. Super thoughtful, extremely innovative and something that will be very practical!


Now you know that planners are my number one way I stay organised - I mean, cmon, how satisfying is it when you start ticking off all those things from your to-do list?! I LIVE FOR IT HAHA! So...would you like this to become a mini blog series where I share all my favourite motivational tips, my hidden secrets as to how I balance my busy life and what apps you need to download to stay super productive? Lemme know by commenting below as it's something I'd be more than happy to share! Weekends are always the time I get the most work done so maybe a post on pushing productivity into the weekends too? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ways you guys stay organised!

How do you stay organised AF?! Would organisation be a lil less stressful if you personalised your own planner?

Lots of love

#GIFTED - however, all opinions are honest and my own. 

HOW TO: Improve Your Wellbeing through Challenges & Responsibilities

27 January 2019

When we think of ways to increase our wellbeing, we almost always think of ways to inject
self-care into our schedules. We might identify opportunities for more hot baths with essential
oils, moments when we could fit in a bit of reading, or a cheeky weekend spa session here or
there. Of course, self-care, rest, and relaxation are obviously very important. If your life is
constantly busy and you’re in a state of being perpetually highly strung and burned out, you’re
unlikely to feel very good about yourself or very positive about your life. Having a good
selection of skin moisturizer for face care, and a selection of scented candles for
evening-unwinding is a great idea. However, what if the key to improving your wellbeing was
actually taking on more challenges and responsibilities, instead of taking it easier? Everyone
is different and for me personally, I think challenging myself helps to maintain positive mental
health and high spirits.

Here are some reasons why that might be the case.

It will give you something to focus on outside of your own

The more you’re busy engaging with external problem-solving tasks, the less you’ll have the
time, energy, or inclination to dwell on your own problems and internal dialogue. Of course, it’s
important to be in touch with your emotions, and to know what’s happening inside your own
heart and mind. However, from experience, if you’re in a pretty dark place and lack self-esteem,
it may be that you’re doing too much rumination, not too little. In these cases, taking on more
challenges and responsibilities can give you something to aim towards and invest yourself in,
that removes you from the immediate context of your own concerns.

Incrementally overcoming obstacles naturally builds
confidence and self-esteem

Have you ever noticed that whenever you overcome an obstacle that used to stand in your
way, your self-esteem and your sense of confidence just increasingly grows?
When it comes down to it, a lot of having “self-esteem” or “confidence” is feeling that we have
the ability to achieve meaningful things and to overcome hurdles. If you lack that kind of
self-belief, consciously taking on more challenges and responsibilities can put you in a situation
where you manage to achieve more victories, both large and small, over time. This can
honestly go a long way towards building your confidence and self-esteem, which will
definitely increase your sense of wellbeing.

You feel more in control when you accept more

A lack of wellbeing is often driven by the sense that we simply aren’t in control of our own lives,
and that we’re not the captains of our own fate.The more responsibility and accountability you
accept for yourself, though, the more you step into the position of someone who actually is in
control. Sure, external circumstances are what they are, and you might not be able to just work
them into the form you’d most prefer; however, by focusing on your own actions and reactions
to things, and by holding yourself accountable, you might be amazed by how much power you
actually can wield over your own life.

What do you do to improve your wellbeing? Are you
looking to challenge yourself more in 2019?

Lots of love


Food Spot: Basecamp, Lincoln

25 January 2019

YAY A NEW SERIES. This is definitely a series I want to keep going and consistently posting about on my blog. I loooove trying new food and drink places, especially when they are quirky, hidden or aren't as well know. Thus, I'm going to start sharing my favourite places to eat and chill with my friends - starting off with my ultimate fave cafe in Lincoln. As I endure the rest of my time at the University of Lincoln, I want to highlight all the best places to stop for an energy boost. However, I don't want it to just start and stop in Lincoln - I want to share the food/drink places I try in London, other UK cities and restaurants abroad. Hopefully this little series will inspire you to try somewhere new as it's something I don't do enough. I'm a huge creature of habit so I'll always return to the same places if I know they have something I like. Being a fussy eater my whole life hasn't been easy but since university, my tastebuds have changed so I'm able to venture in the delicious realms of food heaven.

Here is episode 1 of Char's Top Food Spots - BASECAMP, Lincoln.


If you watch my videos on Youtube, you will know my undying love for this coffee shop. Located on Lincoln's iconic Steep Hill, this place will be sure to pull your heartstrings. I adore rustic cafes with wooden furniture, a vintage interior and a cosy feel. The location is ideal as it will surely be your saving grace from enduring the intense trek up Steep Hill. Alongside the chilled vibe and beautiful aesthetics, the staff are also super lovely and extremely helpful. When the staff are chatty, friendly and give this amazing positive energy, I always find that it lifts my spirits for the entire day. That's one of the many reasons I love a coffee trip to Basecamp. Additionally, they cater for a variety of dietary requirements - most/all of their cakes are vegan, gluten and dairy free. It's quite rare to find a nice cafe that will cater for many dietaries so if you have any intolerances or want to try a delicious cake, pop into Basecamp to give one a try!

Right, I thought I'd recommend my two favourite things from the Basecamp menu. Firstly, the item I never fail to choose from the main menu is the 'Breakfast Smoothie Bowl'. A delightful concoction of coconut flakes, honey, banana and all the berries! I literally cannot get enough of this - it's specifically amazing for curing hangovers. I always crave yummy healthy food after a night out so this is always the place we head to if we can force ourselves up Steep Hill the following afternoon. It's honestly the perfect brunch spot! Oh, I also highly recommend the 'Chocolate Orange' cake - the flaky and crumbling texture is honestly delicious. I love the fact that it's vegan too! Both of these items from the menu are a large size and incredible quality for the price. The smoothie bowls cost roughly £5-6 and the cakes range from £2-3. 

Overall, I'd seriously recommend checking out Basecamp if you are ever in Lincoln and looking for brunch, a bite to eat, the best cake or just for a chilled drink. The cosy environment will surely ease any anxieties and set you up for the rest of you day. For me, Basecamp is a 10/10 for aesthetics, price, quality and comfort. I LOVE YOU BASECAMP.

Have you ever been to Basecamp before? Where are you favourite food spots in Lincoln or where you live?

Lots of love

Staying Fit This January | Free Workout Videos with Herbalife Nutrition

17 January 2019

2019 is underway and everyone around me seems to be making it an effort to head back to the gym, eat healthily and tone included! I say it every single year but I always want to improve my fitness to not only feel more confident in myself but to feel healthier and gain more energy for the day. Although I'm not an early bird/riser like many, I'm still trying to embed fitness routines into my everyday life to keep me on track with my fitness goals. Herbalife Nutrition have collaborated, yet again, with another incredible athlete - ex-Olympian Samantha Clayton has teamed up with this inspiring fitness brand to help all of us whom are trying to make a difference to our bodies/fitness levels! This 21 Day fitness challenge began on Saturday 5th January and will be running for three weeks - you can find the free videos to get your heart beat raising on the Herbalife Nutrition blog HERE!

(p.s the photo above was my entry for a Herbalife Nutrition challenge, I've participated in a few now + it's been super fun so make sure to check out their insta to get involved in the next one)

Sometimes it can be difficult to get into shape when you don't have the gym, a personal trainer or a fitness plan to follow - nowadays, everything costs money so it's hard to justify spending over £50 a month to maintain a good fitness/health regime. Thus, I think the Herbalife Nutrition free workout videos are the perfect aid to stick to your fitness resolutions. They are easily accessible via the Herbalife Nutrition blog, you are getting top advice from an ex-Olympian, you can perform the workouts at home without any need for equipment and it's a fun activity to do with your friends. Simply find a spacious area in our house (or garden if it's not too cold) and follow Samantha's easy steps - each day focuses on a different part of the body so you get to work your whole body over the course of the 21 days. This challenge will have you improving your flexibility as well as your fitness levels, not to mention the amazing nutritional tips they have to offer. I've tried a variety of the Herbalife Nutrition products and absolutely stand by them whenever I'm trying to lose a bit of weight. More about the products later...but I'd highly recommend checking out the videos because they are extremely informative and motivational!

Over the past few years working and abiding by the Herbalife Nutrition range, I have tried a vast selection of products as they've expanded. A very popular amongst most and definitely one of my favourite is the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix in the Vanilla flavour! This huge tub of vanilla powder goodness can simply be mixed with milk (my favourite is soya), creating the perfect sugar-like milkshake. The flavour is delicious and the concoction has high-protein content to help build on muscle mass. If I had to direct you to any products that will stop you from snacking on lots of unhealthy foods, as well as products that will enhance your fitness experience, I'd highly suggest checking out my fave Herbalife Nutrition goodies below:

Formula 1 Vanilla Shake Mix
Formula 1 Express Chocolate Bars
Rebuild Strength Chocolate Powder   
Instant Herbal Beverage - PEACH
Vanilla Almond Protein Bars (MY FAVOURITE!!!)

I've also started to incorporate workouts and fitness into my weekly vlogs (watch one here) so if you need some daily/weekly motivation to get your butt to the gym or doing a home workout, subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Will you be taking part in the challenge? Have you tried any of the free workout videos yet?

Lots of love

Prepare for National Popcorn Day!

15 January 2019

With it being National Popcorn day on the 19th January, I thought it would be fitting to write this post just in time for you to purchase all the necessary goods for the day! I love how there is a 'National Day' for lots of fun things now, making each day of the year exciting. Popcorn day is great for me because I'm absolutely obsessed - I'll always opt for a large box of sweet popcorn whenever I take a trip to the cinema. I just cannot resist sweet snacks, especially popcorn so I thought I'd share this little post about a new brand I've been trying, testing and TASTING so you can prep yourself for the big day on Saturday! 

If you're unaware of the brand, Popcorn Shed are a company that sell a range of gourmet popcorns - catering for a versatile range of people, offering both sweet and savoury snacks. From berries to cheese, salted caramel to chocolate, there is something at Popcorn Shed for everyone! The award-winning brand have a generous range of 7 different flavours sold in small packets, or even boxes/jars if you are looking to give the popcorn as a gift! I love how gorgeous the packaging is - the boxes in particular have a cool display. Brightly coloured boxes and a little window to view/tempt yourself with is all you need to seduce you into a movie night with your pals or partner! I also think the little packets are ideal for on-the-go; they are the perfect travel size to pop in your bag for a midday snack and they're only 120 calories too!

In terms of taste, I absolutely adore the range available but in particular, I'm drawn to the sweeter snacks. I'm a lover of sugar and the biggest chocaholic, so there is no surprise that the 'Pop'n'Choc' are my favourite out of the flavours. The popcorn is deliciously coated with a thin layer of cocoa powder, giving the treat an extra sweet taste for choc lovers like me! My bestie is the opposite - she loves savoury snacks so she was delighted to indulge in the savoury options. Hattie adored the 'Say Cheese' packet, whereas the chocolate one was my favourite; thus, showing the versatility of the products and how they work great for different tastebuds! From presentation to quality, I would highly recommend Popcorn Shed to anyone wanting to try some delicious popcorn with a twist. They are also the perfect gifts so if you know a popcorn lover out there or just want to celebrate National Popcorn day, head over the Popcorn Shed to treat yourself today!

Have you tried Popcorn Shed products before?

Lots of love

Mental Health Diaries | December Depression

6 January 2019

Right, so one of my new year's resolutions is to continue creating raw, authentic content on my Youtube channel, my blog and social media platforms. Although I thought I did that pretty well last year, I want to flourish further by helping others feel comfortable in their own bodies, make people more confident in their own abilities and most importantly, I want to discuss my mental health more. I talk a lot about my mental health on Instagram and previously on my blog, but I want to inject more of the hardships that I'm facing so that it not only gets it of my chest, but it makes you guys feel less alone too. Thus, I've decided to create this little series 'Mental Health Diaries' to give you all updates on my mental health throughout the year. Although I'd like to update you every month, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself as I know it will negatively affect my health further. Fingers crossed I can though so both you, and I, can try improving our mental health month by month.

My first little mental health diary entry is all about the December Depression. This isn't necessarily a 'thing' but I know a lot of people suffer at this time of year with depression and other poor mental health problems; there is so much pressure to be cheery, happy and endlessly energised during the festive season so when your feelings aren't the conventional feelings that people expect you to be expressing, it's even more difficult to build a positive spirit. Prior to December, I'd describe myself as being full of life, driven and motivated to succeed and exceed. However, second year at university has really hit me hard and I began feeling as anxious as I ever have been. I'm not really sure what set it off, so I'm currently figuring that one out, but since mid-November, I knew something wasn't quite right. My energy levels were low, I was beginning to get scared of leaving the house and doing simple daily activities, I was crying consistently for nights and I didn't know what was wrong with me. I started feeling and thinking of the worst things humanely possible and my head went to a very dark place - this ended up spiralling out of control in December which lead to a very well-needed doctor's appointment. 

After visiting the doctors, I finally received the treatment and care that I've been needing for years. I was diagnosed with depression, and I'm sure the severity of my anxiety heightened the whole case too. The doctor went through a variety of options that I hadn't tried before and pushing myself to go there was 100% a step in the right direction. I was so close to giving up after not seeing the light for months but that final push to go to the doctors was all that I needed to find hope again. It's so difficult explaining how you feel when you don't quite understand what's happening yourself. My loved ones would question why I was feeling down or ask why I'm crying but half the time I would have no idea why; I thought I was stupid, embarrassing, strange and quite simply, not normal. Everyone else could explain why they felt the way they did but not me, so I must be the different one who hasn't got their life together. I, for sure, was definitely wrong. I also suffered with extreme panic attacks - I wasn't quite sure when the next panic attack would come and how severe the attack would be. I'd feel breathless, like I was choking, my heart racing but also still at the same time. I never wish that feeling on anyone but if you do ever suffer with panic attacks, I now try to override my brain by trying to rationalise the situation and think 'this won't last forever, I'm not going to die, it will stop soon'. 

Christmas was 'nice' because I got to go home and see my family. I loved spending quality time with my boyfriend, parents, brother and other members of my family. However, I didn't always feel present because of how bad my mental health had been just before returning home from university. I felt like I was isolating myself, despite wanting to cherish all the happy family moments that I'd pictured in my head. I sometimes wanted to lock myself in my room or take myself away from big crowds of people because being around so many people makes me anxious sometimes. I became easily agitated with others because my mind would go into overload, then I'd feel instant sadness if I verbally lashed out at anyone because I wasn't meant for my sentence to come out the way it did or I'd just regret saying a thought aloud. It was a constant battle with myself, which I struggled with throughout December.

I'm now currently working on bettering myself for 2019. There are so many goals and achievements that I'm super driven to strive for. I want to explore new places, find that inner passion for all the things I love again, I want to be carefree and clear my head of all the nastiness. I know mental health problems remain for a long time, and for me personally, I think I'll have them for life. That's why my main new year's resolution is to accept life the way it is and treat my mental illness as a positive rather than hiding away. I want to be proud of how strong I am for overcoming the dark times and celebrate when I beat the SHIT out of my anxiety in situations I never thought I'd put myself in. I'm ready for 2019 so I hope it's ready for me too.

I hope you enjoyed this personal, more chatty style of post. Lemme know if you enjoyed in the comments and we can break the mental health stigma together!

What are you hoping to achieve this year? 

Lots of love

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