The Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

14 December 2018

At this time of year, we’re all frantically gift buying for those that we love. It can be really hard alongside
other life pressures, like deadline season or a busy schedule at work. Whether you’re buying for two
people or twenty, you’ll always want to make sure that you’re picking out presents that they’re going to
love. Sure, if you’re buying for your bestie or your boyfriend, your parents or siblings, then you’re
probably going to have an idea of what they want...or they’ll tell you. However, what if you’ve got a
secret Santa to get? Or you’re buying for relatives or friends or in-laws and you’re not really sure what
they want? Or, worse, one of your nearest and dearest is extremely picky? Then what do you do? Well,
here are a few fab ideas that always go down well.

Gift Sets

First of all, you’ve always got a good old fashioned gift set to consider, and we’re not talking about
beauty per se. There are a variety of gifts sets that involve food or clothing or coffee or flowers - and
don’t forget hampers too. If you have no idea what to get, going for something quite general like this
will always be a winner. I absolutely love the range of products on Not On The High Street, especially
their vast range of gift sets so it's definitely worth checking them out this Christmas if you're really


Something that will forever go down well is the idea of an experience - it's definitely my favourite type
of gift to give and receive. If you have no idea what to get, or you just want to spoil someone, then
experiences are perfect. Here, we’re talking about a weekend away, a dinner somewhere, or a spa
experience. Because who wouldn’t love to get that for Christmas? My brother and I have teamed up
his year to get our parents a lil weekend away; this is so exciting for me because I've managed to save
enough to treat the people that I love. I'll be sure to vlog it on Christmas day so don't forget to
subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don't miss out!


Right, if you’re dealing with that family member or friend that is fussy to buy for, and they are giving
you NO indication about what they might want, get personal. It always works. Think about what you
might be able to get for them, something that you would love yourself or maybe consider a
hobby/interest that they're into. This could be a scarf with their initials on, a personal number plate, a
monogrammed mug or bag. Just try to think about something they’d love, but that they wouldn’t
expect and different to the generic 'personalisation' gifts.


All things pampering. This is honestly the ideal gift for anyone who is undergoing a lot of stress,
someone who needs a treat or just that person who loves indulging/trying new beauty products. This
could include a little beauty gift set or if you know what the 'giftee' would love for a pamper night, why
not go one step further? Get them a buffing brush or gloves, exfoliating products, moisturisers, masks,
treatments and more. Honestly everyone loves a good old pamper.

And For The Stocking Fillers...

Now, you may be on a student budget, like myself, or you may be starting out in your career and your income may be a little low. Keeping
costs down is a high priority for me at this time of the year, despite my desire to spoil all my loved ones.
When it comes to stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts, there are some go-tos that always work.
Chocolate, mini alcohol sets, books, socks, lipsticks, grooming kits, jokey presents that you see in the
gifting isles in supermarkets - they’re all perfect. Don't forget about the little things, they are
sometimes the best gifts to give.

What is the best gift you've bought for someone this Christmas? What have you asked for this year?

Lots of love


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