Jack the Ripper Tour | Whitechapel, London

1 December 2018

As many of you will know, I'm currently studying a Forensic Science BSc at the University of Lincoln. Therefore, you can definitely guess that I'm into all things true-crime related...from documentaries to murder mystery videos on Youtube, I am OBSESSED. So when an email popped into my inbox in regards to a 'Jack the Ripper tour' that would involve walking the streets of Whitechapel (the area the serial killings happened in the 1800s), I was extremely excited! Fortunately, I was able to bring my boyfriend along to enjoy the experience with me so we headed from Kensington (where my boyfriend studies at university) to Aldgate on the tubes.

The meeting point where the 'media-only tour' would commence was just outside the tube station, therefore extremely easy to locate the tour guide and begin the experience. After reading up on the 'Jack the Ripper' murders for years and inevitably frustrated that we've never had (and will probably never have) an answer as to who committed the crimes, I couldn't wait to be reliving the 1800s by walking the streets of the serial killer.

Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic - Richard oozed enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and a true passion for the case. I felt and experienced every story he told as we walked around. We visited 12 locations in the Whitechapel area - each being a crime scene, potential crime scene or a historical place that related to the events. The tour was a lengthy two hours so we were richly filled with knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire tour.

Ripper Vision was an amazing feature that gave the tour a uniqueness and amplified the eerie atmosphere of Richard's story-telling. The streets were also quite misty and very dim-lit, adding to the atmosphere further. Ripper Vision basically allowed Richard to share images relating to the serial killings as he explained the deaths and Victorian Whitechapel; a little device displayed images on the sides of relevant buildings, walls and structures to add to the infamous case. We were even shown graphic images of the women, which definitely enhanced the eerie brutality of the case.

After discussing who may have REALLY been the killer and people who the Victorian police may have missed when questioning, we headed back to Brick Lane for a meal to finish the evening. Aidan, myself and a few other people who attended the tour had a tasteful meal at Monsoon, an Indian Cuisine that Richard loved and adored. We all had a lovely chat about the experience and Richard's background, finding out that he had grown up with a true passion for this case and has been working on it for years. This was no surprise to me because you could easily tell his love for mysteries and this largely known Jack the Ripper case. Overall, a massive 10/10 for me and I'd highly recommend that you check out this website to secure tickets next time you're in London.

Would you like to experience one of these tours? What are you favourite infamous serial killer cases?

Lots of love


This experience was complimentary but all opinions are honest and my own.

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