A Gift Guide for Tan Lovers

19 December 2018

Fake tanning has been something that I've adored over the past couple of years. Although I know it's not for everyone, I just love how confident popping some fake tan on makes me feel. It's always important to do things that make you feel confident and in control of your life so you just have to push other's negative opinions away if their judgement is getting you down. 

Me and my best friend, Megan, whom some of you might be familiar with from my Youtube channel, have just filmed a video in regards to our ultimate winter tanning routine. If you fancy giving it a watch, CLICK HERE to see what products we use and our top tips for tanning novices! One thing we definitely cannot live without when it comes to our tanning routine is the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam. This product is honestly a god-send for all us guys and gals who want the ultimate bronzed look. There are so many reasons why I always choose Bondi Sands as my top tanning brand so I've decided to collate all of my favourite products from Bondi, alongside sharing the results of Ultra Dark

Why I Love Bondi

If you've seen my video, you will know all about my love for Bondi. Compact in a sleek black tube holding 200ml, the Ultra Dark tanning foam is my absolute go-to to achieve that sunkissed winter glow. Personally, I like to pop on two layers to make the change even more visible. My top tips would definitely be to exfoliate and moisturise an hour before applying to tan to ensure smooth, even application. 

I also cannot stress to you enough about how important it is to use the right applicator when using tanning products. The Bondi Sands Application Mitt is an essential - not only is it re-usable, it is double-sided AND high quality, meaning application applies like a dream. They are also extremely affordable at £4.99 per mitt; they'd honestly make the perfect stocking filler for all those tan lovers in your life! I'd definitely recommend investing in one of these Bondi mitts because they are super long-lasting and easily washable. I've been through so many tacky, cheap £1 mitts that only last for one or two applications so the Bondi ones are more cost-effective in the long run! Finally, the results of the tan are why I will always and continually recommend Bondi to all of you. After applying two layers, letting the tan develop overnight and washing it off first thing in the morning, my skin is left with an even, smooth and bronzed glow. If you are looking for a tan that will make a difference, definitely opt for ULTRA DARK. However, if you're new to the whole tanning field and want to try something a little lighter, there is also 'LIGHT/MEDIUM' or 'DARK' as other shade options! 

This photo was just after application - the product was already developing on my skin so it's super fast-working! I usually leave mine on overnight and wash it off in the shower first thing in the morning. 
Overall, Bondi Sands is a brand that I can only praise for its amazing results and wonderful range of tanning products. Below are a few of my favourites or products that I'm hoping to try in the future. Here is a list of some great stocking fillers or main tanning gifts that will be sure to satisfy the giftee:

What are your favourite tanning products? Do you love tanning over winter like myself?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Bondi Sands; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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