3 Great Things to do whilst at University

15 December 2018

University is one of those settings where just about anything can happen, depending on how
you choose to spend your time, and what activities/societies you choose to get involved in.
Being a student means enduring and exploring a huge array of different opportunities, with a LOT of emotion coincidentally. You’re surrounded, on a regular if not daily basis, by all kinds of people who are discovering themselves and enjoying the adventure of life. Although it can put a lot of pressure on you, it puts you in the best situation to cease life and new experiences - different societies offer access to assorted sports, hobbies, and events that you might otherwise never have thought to try out.

A lot of people associate student life with partying and getting bevved up every night; however,
from my own experience, that is definitely not the case. I care WAY too much about my grades
so I spend the majority of my time working or feeling gravely guilty if I'm having a evening off.
Nonetheless, I still love clubbing and going on a good night out with my best pals, dancing the
night away and making lots of funny memories. Always drink responsibly though kids! Anyway,
for the sake of providing some balance, here are a few suggestions for opportunistic and great things to do during your student days, aside from partying every evening.

Travel abroad - exchange student, trips + fun

Many universities have “student exchange” schemes or opportunities within a course to travel
somewhere for a year, such as the Erasmus program that runs around Europe and allows
students the opportunity to do a year abroad somewhere else on the continent. Other college trips include events organised by student societies, such as skiing expeditions, trips organised for members of different degree programs, like visits to historical sites/museums/art exhibitions, and so on. Some trips will just be organised by friends who want to travel together for fun, and others will be run as challenges by the university and its partners.

Whatever the case, you should strongly consider doing some travelling abroad, if you get the
chance. It’s likely to be an extremely memorable, eye-opening experience. It may even
strengthen the opportunity to get a career, who knows? I can't wait to go travelling - I'm
planning on doing a long six month (possibly more) trip around Asia after I've finished my
degree before I start my career.

Keep a journal

Journaling isn’t half as popular these days, but keeping a journal during your student years
can be an excellent idea for a variety of reasons. For one thing, writing a journal helps you to analyse and come to terms with your experiences in real time. If you’ve had a particularly weird or stressful week, writing about it can help you to clear your mind, relax, and make sense of things. In fact, it’s even been suggested that writing about difficult experiences can alleviate some of the emotional stress of the experience. I know it certainly does for me; after suffering with anxiety and depression, writing all of my emotions/fears/daily encounters down definitely relieves some of the mental tension.

Furthermore, another reason why journaling may be a great idea is to simply cherish that
journal years down the line, either to fondly remember particular anecdotes, or to cringe and
laugh. It will be such an amazing feeling reliving all of the best, exciting and hilarious
memories of my university days when I'm older. You'll be able to share the stories in a lot more
detail too if you write them down; this is sort of the reason I create videos on Youtube so that
all of my vlogs can be watched for years to come and I can rewatch all of my funny student
moments with my best friends.

Consciously Develop the Habits you Desire

If you listen to many of the leading success gurus out there, success in life is largely a matter
of developing and maintaining the right kinds of habits, rather than doing epic, world-changing
deeds. University seems like the perfect time to find yourself, form a new type of independence and flourish. Want to get fit and stay athletic throughout your life? Start hitting the gym each day. Want to stop being so messy? Begin a habit of tidying your room or apartment each day. Books like James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” can help you with the specifics. A lot of it has to do with starting really small and working your way up - it's a lot easier to create a positive habit than you initially think!

What things are you doing (or did) whilst at uni other than
clubbing and studying? Do you wantto travel after uni like

Lots of love

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