Makeup Revolution X Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party

4 November 2018

Although all of the halloween celebrations have been and gone, I don't think I could have possibly not posted about my amazing experience...prior to the end of spooky season. On the 25th of October, I was invited one of the most prominent beauty brands in my makeup bag at the minute to attend a Halloween-inspired event in London. I could not believe it when Makeup Revolution contacted me to be apart of their big night and celebrate with them in one of my favourite places in the whole of London. Not only did I get to party with an amazing brand, but I got to spend the evening with my gal (Carrie Pendle) and dance the night away. Here's a lil overview of the event incase you attended and wanted to reminisce the night with me, or you just fancied a nosey at what we got up to during the evening. Hope you enjoy my loves - this is a huge achievement for me in my blogging/social media career so I had to write about it on the blog for the memories and to share the photos!

Fortunately, my boyfriend is studying in London at the minute so Carrie and I were able to stay somewhere close to the venue without having to fork out £££ for long transport or accommodation. I was extremely thankful that Aidan let us take over and transform his personal space into a bloody dressing room...oops! Carrie and I had been super busy so hadn't even planned our outfits, let alone our makeup. This is something we just threw together last minute and I'm soooo surprised with the outcome considering the situation. We were twinning with 'Queen of Hearts'/'Joker'/Clown vibes; we wanted to incorporate the Alice in Wonderland theme somewhere so this was the best we could do on a budget! The red glitter came out, along with the dark lip, neck makeup and clown-ish features. After a few hours later, we were ready to make our way to the venue...

THE VENUE WAS AN ABSOLUTE DREAM. Makeup Revolution had hired the main room of the bloody NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM to host the most incredible Halloween party I've ever attended. I was in awe at the decoration, the whole entrance was breath-taking and I was completely overwhelmed as I stared around the room. I couldn't believe that I had been invited to something so prestigious and my heart could NOT take it. The amount of detail they went to just to fulfill the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme; from the 'drink me' labelled cocktails to the keyhole entrance, the Mad Hatter's tea party dance floor to the flamingo statues...the intricate attention to detail was incredible. After snapping some pictures of the cocktails, the room and each other, we enjoyed way too many some drinks and partied on the dance floor. Along the way, we met some lovely guys and gals, listened to Tokio Myers perform and cheered as we celebrated the achievements that Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro have conquered over the past few years. Carrie and I spotted some familiar faces too - specifically some of whom we admire on Youtube, which was crazy! Finally, after a few too many drinks and sweating our makeup off, we headed to meet my boyfriend; Makeup Revolution finished the evening with a bang by gifting us a lovely goodie bag full of beauty products. You can check out what we received in my VLOG!

If you want to see the night in even more detail, make sure to check out the vlog HERE! You can also check out Carrie's blog, Instagram and Youtube if you fancy getting to know her too. I hope you all enjoyed this lil roundup event post - I think I want to do these more often when I attend events to show some appreciation and have an platform to share all the photos I capture throughout. Let me know if you enjoyed and I'll see you all soon!

What are you favourite Makeup Revolution products? What did you dress up as for Halloween 2018?!

Lots of love

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