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8 November 2018

Bodycare is something that I seriously neglect when it comes to beauty. I'm a huge lover of makeup and skincare but I always seem to forget about looking after the rest of my body. Therefore, I've made a huge effort to embed these two new products from Hempz Beauty into my collection to see if they have an impact on my skin.

For anyone new to the brand, Hempz Beauty are an online shop that sell a range of body, skin and hair care products. There is a large array of items available on their website, from scrubs to moisturisers, shampoo to tanning mousse, you are likely to find something that you want to try. I was lucky enough to be sent over two products from the Milk & Honey range (a scent which I absolutely adore) and give you guys an honest review. Here is how I got on with the products after trialling them fore the past three weeks...


A huge reason why I was drawn to Hempz Beauty is because of the brand ethics - all of the products are paraban free, gluten free, THC drug free and cruelty free (no products are tested on animals!). The products are all derived from 100% organic hemp seed oil, which is an ingredient highly beneficial for the skin. Hemp seed oil is used to moisturise and cleanse the skin, alongside forming a protective layer to the skin to prevent rashes/relieve acne scarring. One of the amazing features of this body wash in particular was the moisture it injected into my skin. Not only is the smell heavenly, but the moisturising qualities is enough to send any gal, like me, who suffers with dry skin crazy! This is such a great body wash for anyone who lacks moisture, has general dry skin patches or suffers with sensitive skin - I've had absolutely no problems with rashes and have noticed the smoothing factors instantly.


This Herbal Hand and Foot creme is also from the same 'Milk & Honey' range as the body wash. Of course, I'm obsessed with the smell as it comes from the same range; this is perfect as it allows me to smell like milk and honey whenever I go. I always forget to purchase hand and foot creme, which is bad because it should be a winter essential. I know this may sound weird, but I feel like this scent gives a homely and comforting feel whenever I pop this product on. I've continuously used this on my hands twice a day for the past couple of weeks and have been loving it. It's become a part of my routine - the smell is heavenly, my hands feel nourished/refreshed after application and it's a great addition to anyone's winter skincare regime.

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Have you tried Hempz Beauty before? Would you be inclined to try either of these products?

Lots of love

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