Tips to Manage your Student Income!

30 November 2018

Student life should be one of the most incredible, exciting and enlightening experiences of your life,
filled with parties, new people, new places and a new subject to get your teeth stuck into. However,
there is, unfortunately, one thing that commonly haunts new and existing uni goers... THE STUDENT DEBT. If you want to minimise your anxiety over this touchy subject, you can do so by implementing
some of these smart ways to manage your student loan from this post. Fingers crossed it will give you
the courage to use your loan to your advantage and help you manage repayments later down the line.

Get Budgeting

The stage you’re at in university doesn’t matter; however, all that matters is what you do from here
on out. Budgeting is one of those smart things to do that matters. Never underestimate the power of
a reasonable budget to help you manage your student loan. Firstly, record all of your income, including
part-time work, student loan, grants, money from family and so forth. Then subtract all of your
expenses, such as food shops, predicted budget for student nights out, textbooks and of course paying
for somewhere to live. You should then be left with the extra money that can provide you salvation on
leaving university - this should be going into a savings account, where you'll see the benefits in my
next tip below!

Squirrel Away

Although many students are under the illusion that they have little to no money to afford a living whilst
studying in the UK, this isn’t entirely true until you’ve experienced official adulting and your income
dissipates into things like mortgages, nappies, and car repairs. After you've established a budget from
my previous tip, whatever you have left, save it to help you minimalise your debt. How? The reason
being is there have been rare occasions where people at university have been so meticulous with their
money that they squirrel what they can afford to away through the entirety of their student years.
Thus, once they've left university, they have miraculously managed to save enough money to put down
a deposit for their own home, to buy them a car to get to their new graduate role or even to pay off a
substantial part of their loan. It goes without saying this is the smart forward planning you will thank
yourself for in about 3 to 4 years time. I need to take my own advice when it comes to this one!

Managing Anxiety

If you are on the cusp of leaving university, there are alternative options to relieve your concern over repaying your student loans. One of these options to consider is to source the best student loan refinance company you can find that offers lower interest rates in comparison to your existing loan. This will enable you to save on masses of interest that might otherwise be accumulated through your current loan.

If you receive a student loan, grants, and bursaries, use these sources of income to your advantage and help to relieve the burden of paying for a costly student loan once you've finished University by implementing the tips above!
What are your top budgeting tips? Have you managed to budget wisely at university?
Lots of love

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 | Part 1

11 November 2018

Christmas is coming! The festivities have already begun for me and I've finished about 60% of my Christmas shopping already. It's my favourite time of year - spending time with my family is so precious to me and getting to share some wonderful memories with loved ones to look back on is great. It's even better now that I video my Christmas (and the build up) on my vlog channel (you can watch last year's vlogmas here). Getting to relive all the funny, emotional and exciting moments is something that warms my heart, and getting to share those memories with the world is equally as exciting!

Shopping for gifts is one of my favourite past times. It's something I obviously don't do often but when it comes to Christmas, I always go ALL OUT. Despite being a student, I do what it takes to get the cutest and most thoughtful gifts for my family/friends/boyfriend because nothing beats that feeling of joy on your loved ones faces as they open something from you. Thus, my 2018 gift guides on the blog have begun and here is the first instalment containing a variety of gift ideas for your partners, parents, great aunts and more!


This stunning watch company is something you MUST check out if you know someone looking for a sleek new timepiece or as a more luxurious gift idea. Adexe have just released this beautiful new packaging - bright, block colours giving the brand a designer feel. I adore the presentation of the watches; they are all held in one of these 'designer-esque' boxes, positioned boldly inside with all the information you need packed into a sleeve in the lid. There is also a second strap gifted to the right of the watch - I absolutely love the brown and black watch straps they have to offer, enabling easy style with your everyday outfits. If you are considering purchasing one of these beauties, don't hesitate to use my code SCARLETSLIPPERS15 for 15% off any watch.

Shop my watch here
Shop the brand here


One of my favourite collaborations that I've gotten on board with recently is with Oh My Gold LDN. This unique brand helps provide the perfect personalised gift and can deliver ridiculously fast. All you have to do it upload your desired image to their website and they will formulate the most beautiful, foiled print that can be shipped to your door. My favourite foil colour was the rose gold, as it fits perfectly with my room decor but you can also choose other colours including: champagne, gold, purple, holographic and more. Not only can you send it personal images, you can browse the website for pre-made designs/quote that you think may be ideal for you wall at home or an inspiring quote to gift a friend this Christmas. I love how innovative this idea this and super affordable if you're on a budget this festive season.

Shop the brand here


For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you will know my love for this brand. Caseapp are a brand that provides cases for all of your favourite technologies - personalised macbook skins to phone cases, caseapp allows you to choose from a variety of pre-made designs or create your own personalised phone case on their site. I believe Caseapp is a great stocking filler - especially when you personalise it to the individual. I've adored making cases before with my own photos; however, I also enjoy the endless range of designs Caseapp offer. Thus, I chose the cute and quirky pastel yellow cacti case - the perfect gift for my younger cousin and something I know she will fall in love with this Christmas. I also chose this simple, yet season fitting autumnal case for my mum - she loves pinks and purples, so think the simplicity of the design mixed with her favourite colours will be right up her street! Make sure to use my code SCARLETSLIPPERS20 for 20% off your buys!


If you are struggling to find something to buy the men in your life this Christmas, head over to Men's Society. This innovative brand have crafted some incredible little gift sets that feature a range of presents relating to a hobby/interest. My boyfriend and I have planned a skiing holiday for next Winter; therefore, I opted for the 'Ski Survival Kit' containing a lip oil, after sun, mini hip flask and a sunglasses cord. This little kits hold a range of practical, necessary things that we may have forgotten when packing for our trip. Other incredible kits that Men's Society offer on their site are: Sportsman Recovery Kit (for the sporty men), Beard Grooming Kit (for the hairy men), Gin Accessory and Tasting Kit (for the alcohol loving men), Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit (for the musical men) and many more! These gift packages are ideal for us women/men that struggle to buy for the males in our life. I always find it difficult to buy for my dad in particular so I'll definitely be referring to this site every time I need a new gift idea, not just this Christmas!

Shop the Ski Survival Kit here
Shop the brand here


Another great gift idea for the men you are struggling to buy for is Man Polish. Renforth and Goddard set up a movement to make the male grooming scene easily accessible and acceptable in society. They have produced this amazing brand to enlighten men and allow the men in our life to use their tanning products to make them feel confident in themselves for date nights, business meetings and other special occasions. The products range from a Neutral Moisturiser to a Strong Tinted Moisturiser - ideal for achieving the perfect tanned face for your chosen event. For a mid-range price of £18.95, these Man Polish pots hold a lot of product and will last a lengthy period of time. If you think this is something the men in your life would love, don't forget to use the code MP2019 for a 15% off discount.

Shop the Strong Moisturiser here
Shop the brand here


Jouellerie are a jewellery-based brand that not only sell a stunning range of costume/fancy jewellery, but a variety of fashion accessories and fragrances too. There are hundreds of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings to choose from - gold, silver and jewelled. You will be able to find something fitting for any woman in your life that is a jewellery lover. I adore wearing silver jewellery for special occasions but I'm a huge fan of gold jewellery to wear during the day. The vast range of styles and colours is ideal for finding your partner/mother/aunties/grandmother the perfect Christmas gift. They always have reduced prices on some stunning items so make sure to check out the latest deals to see if your favourite piece has reduced in price.

Shop the brand here

What brands have you been loving this year when Christmas shopping? Have you almost finished buying presents like me?

Lots of love

Hempz Beauty | Body Care Must-Haves!

8 November 2018

Bodycare is something that I seriously neglect when it comes to beauty. I'm a huge lover of makeup and skincare but I always seem to forget about looking after the rest of my body. Therefore, I've made a huge effort to embed these two new products from Hempz Beauty into my collection to see if they have an impact on my skin.

For anyone new to the brand, Hempz Beauty are an online shop that sell a range of body, skin and hair care products. There is a large array of items available on their website, from scrubs to moisturisers, shampoo to tanning mousse, you are likely to find something that you want to try. I was lucky enough to be sent over two products from the Milk & Honey range (a scent which I absolutely adore) and give you guys an honest review. Here is how I got on with the products after trialling them fore the past three weeks...


A huge reason why I was drawn to Hempz Beauty is because of the brand ethics - all of the products are paraban free, gluten free, THC drug free and cruelty free (no products are tested on animals!). The products are all derived from 100% organic hemp seed oil, which is an ingredient highly beneficial for the skin. Hemp seed oil is used to moisturise and cleanse the skin, alongside forming a protective layer to the skin to prevent rashes/relieve acne scarring. One of the amazing features of this body wash in particular was the moisture it injected into my skin. Not only is the smell heavenly, but the moisturising qualities is enough to send any gal, like me, who suffers with dry skin crazy! This is such a great body wash for anyone who lacks moisture, has general dry skin patches or suffers with sensitive skin - I've had absolutely no problems with rashes and have noticed the smoothing factors instantly.


This Herbal Hand and Foot creme is also from the same 'Milk & Honey' range as the body wash. Of course, I'm obsessed with the smell as it comes from the same range; this is perfect as it allows me to smell like milk and honey whenever I go. I always forget to purchase hand and foot creme, which is bad because it should be a winter essential. I know this may sound weird, but I feel like this scent gives a homely and comforting feel whenever I pop this product on. I've continuously used this on my hands twice a day for the past couple of weeks and have been loving it. It's become a part of my routine - the smell is heavenly, my hands feel nourished/refreshed after application and it's a great addition to anyone's winter skincare regime.

Shop the Creme Here

Have you tried Hempz Beauty before? Would you be inclined to try either of these products?

Lots of love

Coping with Anxiety & Nurturing your Mental Health

6 November 2018

My mental health is something that I've struggled with over the past 5 years of my life. I can't remember life where I didn't feel overwhelmed with anxiety in intense social situations. Although I know that I don't suffer as badly as others, my anxiety hits me like a tonne of bricks every few weeks and I struggle to cope. I sometime find it hard to reach out to people when I feel this way - my family, friends and boyfriend are extremely supportive but I've always felt that I'm bringing more unnecessary stress to their lives when my anxiety is at an all time high. Over the years, I have made slow and steady progress with bringing my mind back to a safe, calm place but I definitely have had a few hiccups. I thought I'd just write this little post to share coping mechanisms, things that I'm doing right now to de-stress, lower my anxiety levels and what you could try to help overcome those little blips too.

Living in a world that can be full of negativity can become tough. I struggle to cope when people comment hate on my videos, leave a nasty message on an Instagram photo or just general people judging me in public. There are moments when I'm so confident in myself and what I'm wearing that I don't give a f*ck what other people are doing to try and get me down. However, when I'm in a state where my anxiety is defeating me, I find it extremely difficult to block all the negativity out. Therefore, I've designed a little scheme to help bring myself back to the positive me - the one who doesn't give a SHIT about whether someone dislikes my outfit, the one who is only out here to please myself, the one who is completely fearless in everything I do and most importantly, the one who is always true to herself. There are many times where I feel pressure to do things for others; whether that be creating online content for people who say they watch my videos as an escape, meeting a friend because I'd arranged to do it in advance or doing a favour for someone that in essence takes a toll on my own mental health. I find it extremely difficult to let others down, which in turn has a negative effect on myself. I'm working on being a little bit selfish so that I can work on my own problems before I try to fix something else. That's not to say I don't love doing all the above - I have the biggest passion for creating videos, I love meeting my friends for fun days out and of course, love helping people in times of need, but I just need to slow my schedule down so that I have time to breathe. 


When things get too much for me, the anxiety kicks in quick. Here are a few of my top tips to de-stress, look after your mental health and keep the anxiety at bay. 

1. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. This sounds like a stupid, cliche point but I doubt most of you reading this can agree that you put your mental health above everything else. Subconsciously, we push ourselves to reach goals, help our loved ones and fit in as many things in a day so that we can check them off our to-do lists. Sometimes all you need is a night off. Kick your feet up, put that to-do list away and just relax. I'm the biggest guilty culprit of this one because my 'me-time' usually involves me editing content, as I love it so much. However, I realise now that I seriously need a break from my laptop/social media because it DOES NOT count as relaxation time...I just need to listen to a podcast or read a book so that I have time to just focus on something that doesn't involve me working!

2. EXERCISE. One of the greatest tips for me right now when it comes to de-stressing, is doing a workout at the gym. It honestly relieves so much stress and tension whenever I's crazy! I never thought I'd be saying that as I'm physically wearing my body out - I always thought that it would make my situation worse but it honestly makes me feel so much better. The endorphins kick in, I find myself just focusing on being healthier and working on my body and there is no uni work or social media involved. It's a wonderful time to mentally relax for me and it's doing me a whole lot of good when university work gets tough!

3. BREATHE. I'm getting good at this one..hehehe! But on a serious note, this has been great in the recent months to bring my head back to rational thoughts. When I work myself up and get into an anxious frenzy about whatever's going on at the time, my body inevitably ceases up. My heart beats so quickly and it feels like I'm about to enter one of my dreaded panic attacks; however, by just thinking about breathing and taking deep, slow breaths, I am able to think rationally again without having to mentally explode beforehand. The deep breathing allows my mind to think logically and fight against the lil nasties in my brain telling me I can't do this, when realistically I'm MORE than capable!

4. OPEN UP. For me, this isn't something I massively struggle with because I'm at the point in my life where I openly talk about my mental health to my family, friends and boyfriend. I, of course, want to break the stigma surrounding mental health and want to make people feel like they are NEVER alone. Therefore, when things are getting too much, I will reach out to someone so that they know I'm struggling. At first, I can find this difficult because I hate worrying my parents or feel like I'm adding something negative to their own troubles but your loved ones will support you no matter what. I am more than aware that my family/friends will be there and listen to anything I have to say, especially when I'm struggling with my mental health. If you open up, you will feel a lot better in yourself and relieve a lot of built up tension.

5. GOOD BODY, GOOD MIND. By this, I do NOT mean that you have to be your version of 'aesthetically pleasing' or 'body goals'... I just mean that you have to nurture your body so that you can achieve a nurtured mind. Tidy your working environment, go to bed an hour earlier, eat a nutritious meal and go for a relaxed walk in the countryside. If you treat your body right, then it will have an amazing effect on your mind. Whenever I look after my body, I can instantly see an improvement in my mental health so I'd definitely recommend if you are lacking a good night's sleep or haven't been achieving a balanced diet.

Outfit Details:

Jumper - NEW LOOK
Watch - MVMT

Do you ever notice you're pushing yourself too much? Do you find that you need to give yourself more breaks?

Lots of love

Makeup Revolution X Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party

4 November 2018

Although all of the halloween celebrations have been and gone, I don't think I could have possibly not posted about my amazing experience...prior to the end of spooky season. On the 25th of October, I was invited one of the most prominent beauty brands in my makeup bag at the minute to attend a Halloween-inspired event in London. I could not believe it when Makeup Revolution contacted me to be apart of their big night and celebrate with them in one of my favourite places in the whole of London. Not only did I get to party with an amazing brand, but I got to spend the evening with my gal (Carrie Pendle) and dance the night away. Here's a lil overview of the event incase you attended and wanted to reminisce the night with me, or you just fancied a nosey at what we got up to during the evening. Hope you enjoy my loves - this is a huge achievement for me in my blogging/social media career so I had to write about it on the blog for the memories and to share the photos!

Fortunately, my boyfriend is studying in London at the minute so Carrie and I were able to stay somewhere close to the venue without having to fork out £££ for long transport or accommodation. I was extremely thankful that Aidan let us take over and transform his personal space into a bloody dressing room...oops! Carrie and I had been super busy so hadn't even planned our outfits, let alone our makeup. This is something we just threw together last minute and I'm soooo surprised with the outcome considering the situation. We were twinning with 'Queen of Hearts'/'Joker'/Clown vibes; we wanted to incorporate the Alice in Wonderland theme somewhere so this was the best we could do on a budget! The red glitter came out, along with the dark lip, neck makeup and clown-ish features. After a few hours later, we were ready to make our way to the venue...

THE VENUE WAS AN ABSOLUTE DREAM. Makeup Revolution had hired the main room of the bloody NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM to host the most incredible Halloween party I've ever attended. I was in awe at the decoration, the whole entrance was breath-taking and I was completely overwhelmed as I stared around the room. I couldn't believe that I had been invited to something so prestigious and my heart could NOT take it. The amount of detail they went to just to fulfill the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme; from the 'drink me' labelled cocktails to the keyhole entrance, the Mad Hatter's tea party dance floor to the flamingo statues...the intricate attention to detail was incredible. After snapping some pictures of the cocktails, the room and each other, we enjoyed way too many some drinks and partied on the dance floor. Along the way, we met some lovely guys and gals, listened to Tokio Myers perform and cheered as we celebrated the achievements that Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro have conquered over the past few years. Carrie and I spotted some familiar faces too - specifically some of whom we admire on Youtube, which was crazy! Finally, after a few too many drinks and sweating our makeup off, we headed to meet my boyfriend; Makeup Revolution finished the evening with a bang by gifting us a lovely goodie bag full of beauty products. You can check out what we received in my VLOG!

If you want to see the night in even more detail, make sure to check out the vlog HERE! You can also check out Carrie's blog, Instagram and Youtube if you fancy getting to know her too. I hope you all enjoyed this lil roundup event post - I think I want to do these more often when I attend events to show some appreciation and have an platform to share all the photos I capture throughout. Let me know if you enjoyed and I'll see you all soon!

What are you favourite Makeup Revolution products? What did you dress up as for Halloween 2018?!

Lots of love

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