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22 October 2018

Long time, no see. I apologise for my absence on the blog over the past month. It's been a few weeks since I've uploaded and that is due to a few mental health reasons that have been ongoing. However, I'm back, better than ever (fingers crossed we can stay this way for a while) and I'm ready to tell you about an incredible collaboration that I've been working on. If you watch my videos on Youtube, or you're someone in my life, then you will know my love for printing photos and scrapbooking. I think it is vitally important to print out your memories; technology can be an absolute nightmare in terms of reliability, so I strongly urge you to capture your favourite moments on your phone and get them printed right away! Thus, I'm here to tell you all about an amazing service that TESCO have to offer, which allows you to get your photos delivered same day to your local store! There's no waiting around, how convenient?!

Apart from the scrapbook itself, the photos really are the core when it comes to scrapbooking for me. Before I can let the creativity flow, I need to print photos in order to structure my pages and memories. Tescophoto.com provide a swift same day delivery service that allows you to upload any photos you want printed and collect them from the store after 3pm THE SAME DAY!? I had no idea how efficient, convenient and reliable this service was until I tried it for myself. Thus, I thought it was more than necessary to share with seasonal occasions coming up and getting those last minute gifts. I'm all for the sentimental presents and nothing screams "thoughtful gift" than a personalised one. From photo mugs to canvases, Tesco offer a range of personalised gifts that lie within the 'same day delivery' service. I particularly love how affordable the 6X4 prints after, especially for students like myself that want to decorate their flat rooms to make them more homely, or to collate their university memories in a scrapbook like myself. I can't wait to share this scrapbook once it's all finished (I'll be showing the process over the next few months on my Youtube channel - HERE)! 

Have you ever ordered with TescoPhoto.com before? Do you regularly print out your digital photos?

Lots of love

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  1. I love this Charlotte!! You & Hattie look so happy omg xx


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