30 October 2018

£30 for an entire outfit?! I cannot believe that Boohoo have taken on the challenge and listened to the public to provide an insane 'meal deal' section on their website. If you are unaware, there have been several tweets and messages floating around the internet of girls wanting the iconic 'Tesco meal deal' to be transformed into a clothing offer. Boohoo have smashed it by creating a meal deal, definitely helping students, like myself, to afford a full glam outfit. The wonderful team at Boohoo kindly allowed me to pick out my desired look so I could share with you all what I would choose from this section on their website!

Encased in an eco-friendly recyclable box, my little meal deal arrived in perfect condition and in a fun, bright coloured package. I love the whole presentation of the meal deal and think that it will be so useful for storing my accessories and makeup in my university room. On opening the box, I picked out a cute note from the Boohoo team and the meal deal leaflet that explains the whole concept of the meal deal. For starters, there are a selection of shoes from the site, for the main course you can pick your desired dress/jumpsuit/playsuit and then finally, you get your choice of bag for dessert. I really love how they've played around with the meal deal idea, making it even more exciting and affordable for students to shop!

STARTERS - For my starter, I opted for a pair of pale blue/green mule sliders. They are high quality,  extremely lightweight and have a textured strap over the foot.
MAIN - I couldn't help but choose a gorgeous black jumpsuit with thin straps and culotte wide leg trousers. This piece is extremely flattering on my figure, accentuating my curves in all the right places and making me feel super body confident when going out. Boohoo are constantly adding new on-trend pieces to this mains section so keep on the look out and you might find your perfect dress/outfit added to the 'mains' meal deal section!
DESSERTS - Accessories have become one of my new fave things to shop for when I'm looking online for new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I instantly fell in love with this little clutch because a pop of colour is something I seriously lack when it comes to accessories. I though this little blue envelope clutch would not only compliment the shoes but bring life to the black attire. I think this is perfect for evening events and special occasions. 

Have you heard about the Boohoo meal deal? Will you be heading over there to check it out?! 

Lots of love

A Trip Down Memory Lane | featuring TescoPhoto

22 October 2018

Long time, no see. I apologise for my absence on the blog over the past month. It's been a few weeks since I've uploaded and that is due to a few mental health reasons that have been ongoing. However, I'm back, better than ever (fingers crossed we can stay this way for a while) and I'm ready to tell you about an incredible collaboration that I've been working on. If you watch my videos on Youtube, or you're someone in my life, then you will know my love for printing photos and scrapbooking. I think it is vitally important to print out your memories; technology can be an absolute nightmare in terms of reliability, so I strongly urge you to capture your favourite moments on your phone and get them printed right away! Thus, I'm here to tell you all about an amazing service that TESCO have to offer, which allows you to get your photos delivered same day to your local store! There's no waiting around, how convenient?!

Apart from the scrapbook itself, the photos really are the core when it comes to scrapbooking for me. Before I can let the creativity flow, I need to print photos in order to structure my pages and memories. provide a swift same day delivery service that allows you to upload any photos you want printed and collect them from the store after 3pm THE SAME DAY!? I had no idea how efficient, convenient and reliable this service was until I tried it for myself. Thus, I thought it was more than necessary to share with seasonal occasions coming up and getting those last minute gifts. I'm all for the sentimental presents and nothing screams "thoughtful gift" than a personalised one. From photo mugs to canvases, Tesco offer a range of personalised gifts that lie within the 'same day delivery' service. I particularly love how affordable the 6X4 prints after, especially for students like myself that want to decorate their flat rooms to make them more homely, or to collate their university memories in a scrapbook like myself. I can't wait to share this scrapbook once it's all finished (I'll be showing the process over the next few months on my Youtube channel - HERE)! 

Have you ever ordered with before? Do you regularly print out your digital photos?

Lots of love

Leopard Print Two Piece | Freshers Style

2 October 2018

As some of you may know, I am a current student studying Forensic Science (BSc) and entering my second year at the University of Lincoln. Last year, I was extremely prepared for university - I had a number of lists of all the things I needed to buy, pack and bring with me to move out into student halls. This year has been a lot different for me in many different ways. Living in a house with my close, best friends is an absolute dream compared to student halls (although I love all of the memories), my course suddenly feels extremely tense now as my lecturers keep reiterating that THIS YEAR COUNTS and most importantly, freshers was very different to last year. The overwhelming feeling of moving back out and being thrown into student life was still lingering; however, this year I was so comfortable in my new house and I had my besties by my side so Freshers was super exciting. Aside from the partying, drinking and making memories, my favourite part of the week is planning what outfits I'll be wearing...

If you are a fan of my vlogs or follow me on Instagram, you will know my obsession with leopard print. I used to despise this pattern throughout my teen years after going through an intensive phase when I was about 12. The obsession has decided to invade my soul again and I cannot get enough of it! This leopard print two piece is an absolute jaw dropper and makes me feel so sassy/confident when I'm wearing it. You can purchase the two piece yourself from Unique 21 (links will be below of each individual item) - an online clothing company that sell a large range of high quality pieces. They kindly sent over this beautiful duo and I was itching to style it for a night out.

As you can see, I decided to opt for a minimal top-half because I wanted the leopard to do all of the talking - it's obviously the focus point and too much colour would have been a distraction and too much! I love how the asymmetric neckline of the black bodysuit gives an extra edge to the outfit and the layered gold necklaces compliment the brown tones of the leopard print. If you are looking for a high quality two piece, or just any gorgeous, in-trend garments in general, then head over to Unique 21 ASAP because they have some absolute gems on their site.



If you fancy purchasing anything from the Unique 21 website, use the discount code CHARLOTTE20 for 20% off your basket! Let me know if you spot anything you love and comment down below! 

Are you a fan of the leopard print trend? Do you own a two piece? 

Lots of love

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