Key Life Changes for a Happier You...

20 September 2018

A successful life can be characterised by many attributes, which is why we all have unique goals in life.
Regardless of those exact targets, though, heightened happiness is the ultimate dream. While you may
think that it requires wholesale and difficult challenges, it’s not necessarily true. In reality, the key is to
make smart and sensible changes.
Focus on the five aspects below, and you should see a noticeable difference in next to no time.

#1. Body Image
There’s no escaping the fact that looking good makes you feel good. It influences the response you
gain from other people and, crucially, impacts the perceptions of yourself. Nutrition, exercise, and
sleep patterns all play a role. However, feeling better about your self image is largely about mindset.
You can’t please everyone but, as long as you can put a smile on your own face, that does not matter.
Find a way to be confident in your skin and every aspect of your life will be improved. This is something
I've definitely be working on this year and my mindset has shifted in an increasingly positive way!
#2. Financial Management
Keeping your finances in good health isn’t always easy, particularly if you’re a student or a recent grad.
However, you needn’t be debt free or earning millions to feel under control. Bad credit loans and other
tools can help you consolidate problems while reducing financial waste will leave you in a better place
too. Even if the progress is slow, moving in the right direction is all that matters. Once you’ve removed
that stress, there’s no doubt that your mental health will improve.
#3. Relationships
Human interactions are a central part of any person’s happiness; surrounding yourself with the right
people can make a massive impact, not least because positivity begets positivity. Perhaps more
crucially, you need to spot the signs of bad relationships and friendships. Cutting those ties can be
difficult, but it can be highly rewarding. You should also prioritise the people that truly matter rather
than focusing on your social media followings. Real bonds mean everything and again, can improve
your mental health state and mindset. This is definitely my favourite aspect of life to focus on - we need
these loving people in our lives for a long time so focus on them instead of a number on a screen.

#4. Breaks
The pressure to accomplish great things is huge, especially for millennials. Therefore, it’s pivotal that
you learn to take a step back from time to time. Exploring the world is a great way to broaden the
mind while a chance to relax on the beach can recharge the batteries. Above all else, the magical
memories that are created while you’re away will last a lifetime to provide a constant source of smiles.
In all seriousness, these moments are far more rewarding than buying a big TV and this is something
that has recently over the years resonated with me. I would much rather walk away with an experience
than a materialistic item. Don't get me wrong, I love my clothes; however, I'd rather tick something
new and exciting from my bucketlist!
#5. Direction
Human nature dictates that we want to evolve as people and become better with time. Therefore, it’s
vital that you have ambitions and actively work towards them. This sense of drive and determination
creates the direction needed to achieve great things in life. It doesn’t mean that the road ahead will be
smooth, but at least you’ll be on the right track. When added to the positivity that comes from reaching
various milestones along the way, the need to focus on this element is clear. Ambition is such an
attractive quality to me - if you have that drive and determination for a goal then that's something to be
admired for!

What are your top tips for becoming a happier you?! Do
you agree with any of the points above?    

Lots of love

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