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4 August 2018

When you’re leading a busy lifestyle, it can often be really hard for you to find a balance. Whether you’re
a workaholic or not, you will often find that you work life tends to take up most of your time. Being a
student with two part-time jobs over summer can be very time consuming - especially when you're
running a blog and 2 youtube channels alongside it. Sometime I can fall into a trap where I lack a social
life. But, if all you’re doing is working, and you’re not getting any satisfaction in any other way, then this
could go on to affect your mental health. Social interaction and being able to do things that you
enjoy is just so important. If you think that your social life is lacking, and that you’re just not putting
enough into it, then it could be time to spice it up a little. So here are some options on how to do just

1. Join A Class

So, first of all, you could think about joining some kind of local class. Maybe you’re looking to make new
friends, or you want to have some kind of interaction after work or on the weekends? Then joining a
fitness class or an art class could be exactly what you want. The main aim would be to meet
people or connect with like-minded people. So, it could even be a group based on a set interest. I'm
looking to join some societies when I head back to university in September. I think it will not only expand
my friendship group but give me something to look forward to every single week. I love finding people
with similar interests or mindsets to my own so fingers crossed I'll find just that this year!

2. Attend A Networking Group

The next thing for you to do would be to look for a networking group near to you. Okay, so technically
this would be something that is kind of a continuation of your work, but it can actually be done with
social intentions too. So take a look into networking events that are near you. You could find events
for businesses in your industry or professionals with a set interest and find that you can really add to
your social needs this way. For me, I'm attending Summer in the City next weekend in London - it's
taking place in the Excel Arena and I couldn't be more thrilled. I may also have the chance to speak
on a 'Student Life' panel, which would be an amazing networking opportunity for myself and my social
media channels. For those unaware of what Summer in the City is, it's a Youtube convention where
viewers can connect with their favourite youtube stars, as well as upcoming creators find the best tips
on how to run and start their own Youtube empire. It's such an amazing weekend full of advice, fun and
lot of opportunities.

3. Go To a Themed Night

Number three could be to look into different themed nights, and make plans to go with your friends
or your family or your partner. Look into quiz nights, sporting events, or even karaoke. Now. you may
find that you’d make a plan, and then when it comes around you really don’t want to do it; however,
when you’re there, you’ll find that you have a great time! Sometimes you just need to push yourself out
of your comfort zone and give it a go. My favourite nights have to be quiz nights - I love expanding my
knowledge whilst having fun!

4. Learn Something New

You could also expand your social time by learning something new. Now, there are so many
different lucrative skills that you could look to learn...and you could do this socially. Why not go and learn
French or sewing or get dance lessons! But do it so that you’re fulfilling a need in your life, rather than
looking for that social interaction like you were in point one. I'm obsessed with dancing and have been
a performer since the age of 3. I cannot wait to join the dance society at university and get back into it.
I'm also hoping to start learning a language again...I got an A in French at school but I've definitely lost
the hang of it. I'm planning on starting some French lessons again or seeking some online so that I can
improve my multi-lingual skills!

5. Move To A New Place

Last but not least, you may find that it could be in your best interest to just move to a new place. If you
know that there are limited opportunities to build a good social life in the town that you’re in right now,
why stay there? If you’re unhappy and you feel like you’re not getting the kind of social interaction that
you need, maybe it’s time to make a change? The idea of upping sticks and moving can seem really
scary, but it is really scarier than staying where you are and being unhappy? This one is more for my
readers that are older than myself. Right now, I'm extremely happy at my university in Lincoln but I know
that if I was becoming unhappy or felt unfulfilled, then I would certainly be changing my course and
making a move to a different university. Something happened in my personal life recently that has made
me appreciate every second of my life so I'd never take it for granted - if I felt a slight hunch that a place
wasn't for me, I know that I'd move instantly to find the stability, happiness and fulfilment I desired.

What would you do to spice up your social life?

Lots of love

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