Keeping it Sentimental with Stampin Up'

22 August 2018

I honestly believe that I am the most sentimental person to ever exist  - gimme a framed photo of us and my favourite flowers and I'm more than chuffed. The idea of someone really thinking about what I love, what I'm passionate about or remembering something I've mentioned before, and then gifting it to me is so special. I will never take that for granted. Therefore, I love doing the same for others - I'm constantly jotting things down on my phone when my friends or family members mention something they like, just to keep it in mind for their birthday or Christmas. Giving is something I love to do and even if I'm struggling with money, I will always try my best to create or think of an innovative gift to give to my loved ones. That is why Stampin' Up is one of my new favourite websites for unique, sentimental present ideas - you are such a large variety of stamps, bundles, project kits and more to make your memories come to life so you can keep them forever.

If you follow my vlogs, you will know that I love scrapbooking - whenever I visit somewhere new, I'll always buy a postcard, keep receipts and pick up anything I can as a momentum to include within my scrapbooks. That's why I was so thrilled to be able to work with Stampin' Up and share with you a new type of scrapbooking. It's super easy and you can purchase all of the supplies you need from one place (links to everything photographed and mentioned will be below).

I opted for the Best Route from the Memories & More Card Pack range; there are a number of other options if you want a more floral theme or different coloured packs. This pack definitely suited me more because the card pack has a bright colour scheme and lots of travel references - I love to visit new places and explore so these are perfect for helping to document my travels. There are a variety of sizes within the card pack and you can purchase some photo pocket pages from the site to organise them alongside your photos. I'm always printing off photos because physical copies of memories mean so much to me - I use Printiki (4ERWBX4R for free delivery) or the Free Prints app to print off photos every month. I like to take a LOT of photos, no matter what I do or where I go, so I'm always stocked up on family, friends and travel pictures for when I scrapbook. I love the idea of the Stampin' Up Pocket Pages because they not only keep your scrapbook in an organised, orderly fashion, but you can personalise it to your own style. I love adding my own little quotes to the cards, writing parts of the day that I loved from my pictures and popping in my tickets/memorabilia too. Stampin' Up are my new favourite way to store memories and I can't wait to fill the rest of my Kraft Album in over the rest of the year.

Shop the Kraft 6 x 8 Album 
Shop the Best Route Memories & More Card Pack
Shop Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages

Would you guys like to see a scrapbooking series on my blog? What are your favourite scrapbooking tips?

Lots of love

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