How To Feel Better About Your Self Image

29 August 2018

If you’re wanting to feel better about your self image, you’re certainly not alone.  In today's society,
image has never been important due to the selfie-focused culture we live in, particularly for young
women. Everyone wants to feel good about their self image, not just to impress a number of followers
but to feel good in themselves and confident. The interesting things when it comes to your self-image
is that it is just that; it’s how you choose to view yourself. There is no ugly or beautiful - it’s all subjective,
as beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, your beauty, 'or lack of', is dependent on who is
looking at you.

This is definitely something I've learnt as I've grown into a young adult and learnt about from my own
flaws, but it’s reassuring, as it means you can’t please everyone. If you notice,
the people that do try to live up to a certain image often end up losing their connection with themselves
in the process and get caught up trying to please everyone but themselves. This has definitely
happened to myself in the past - although this sounds super deep, I honestly used to do everything to
please others but it's time for you to be SELFISH and do things for you. Wear what you want to wear,
be whoever you want to be and flaunt your imperfections.

If you set out on a journey to manicure your appearance into something you feel other people want,
you are setting yourself up for a life of low self-esteem and anxiety; your sense of self esteem will be
reliant on other people’s opinion of you, when in fact, the most important opinion is your own. Feeling
good within yourself is the most important thing. When people do feel good about themselves, they
sometimes act like thirsty people in a desert; desperate for attention and validation of their beauty,
which ironically, is a very unattractive personality trait.

There are certain things you can do, on the outside, to make yourself feel better about your image. For
instance, I've always wanted my nose pierced but stopped myself due to other's opinions on whether it
would look good or not; therefore, visit places like Piercing Mania to change up your look, join a gym
and tone areas you want to work on, or see a fantastic hair stylist… but unless you tend to the inside
first, you’ll constantly be hunting for something external to fill in an internal hole, which doesn’t tend to
work. It can be comforting to know that people of all genders and backgrounds have times when
they don’t like what they see in the mirror or are worried about what others think about their image;
this can often come out after a break-up or when beginning to date again.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where commercially it makes sense for beauty companies to poke our
pain spots when it comes to these insecurities, creating an emotional void in people that don’t look a
particular way then suggesting it can be filled with a particular product; the practice in marketing is known
as “hurt them heal them”, which can be a very effective way to sell product - however, not very
conducive to the self-esteem of people.

Whilst you might have been expecting a list of three things you can do on the outside to
feel better about your appearance, the reality is that this is an inside job - meaning you have to manage
your emotions and shift some of your thinking about your self-image.  It can be helpful to remember that
most people feel exactly the same as you, nobody is perfect, and beauty is completely subjective.

The most important person, when it comes to judging your image, is you - yet unfortunately, we are often
our own harshest critics.

Lots of love


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