29 August 2018

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. While we tend to be more in tune with bits and bobs that
our female relatives, friends, and loved ones might like (because we’d probably like the very same
things), we can often find ourselves at a bit of a loss when it comes to our male counterparts. Thus,
I've collated a number, and range, of quirky, affordable, luxurious and practical gift ideas to get the ball
rolling in the right direction!


Every man should have at least a small collection of ties. Sure, they might not wear them on a day to
day basis; however, it’s always nice to have a few to choose from if a special occasion arises. Check
out the John Henric UK collection. There are prints and colours to suit all tastes and preferences. You
currently get a 15% discount off your first order when you sign up to the brand’s mailing list!


Gaming is a hobby or interest that a lot of the male species adore. My boyfriend and brother, in
particular, love to play on the XBOX in their spare time so a great gift would definitely be an XBOX
Although it may appear on the pricey side, the entertainment factor and use they will get out of it is
completely worth it. It also opens up a number of further gift ideas for the future - controllers, games,
headphones and other tech accessories.


Trends don’t tend to stick solely to fashion and facial hair nowadays. We also experience trends in
food and drink. Chances are that you’ve noticed there are a whole lot more pale ales on the market
than there used to be. Independent breweries are priding themselves on unique ales with stand out
packaging, but you don’t have to wait to head to the pub to try them out. Many offer gift packs of small
sample bottles that the man in your life can try out from the comfort of his own home! Just make sure
that the individual you’re gifting actually drinks alcohol before purchasing this product.


If you’re feeling a little unsure and don’t want to get too experimental, aftershave is always a safe bet.
Your loved one probably already has a firm favourite, and chances are that their supply is running low
since they were last gifted a bottle. Find out what their signature scent is and invest in a bottle. This
is bound to go down well - or if you are feeling adventurous, choose a scent that you think they'll
enjoy and hopefully you will find them a new gem.

These are just a few different ideas that you could consider. There are, of course, plenty of other
options out there. I'd say all of the gifts mentioned above are relatively safe ideas that are highly likely
to be received with a smile! Let me know in the comments below what you bought your dad, brother,
boyfriend or partner for their last birthday or Christmas? I'd love to hear some new ideas myself!

What do you buy the special men in your life? Do you have
any other ideas to share?

Lots of love

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