5 Best Ways to Enjoy your Summer!

4 August 2018


 My number one tip that helps me to live my life to the fullest is PLANNING. Planning things to do, scheduling dates with my loved ones and attending as many press events as possible help me to live my summer to its fullest potential. My favourite thing to spend my hard earned money on is experiences – life is too short to constantly spend money on materialistic items. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and purchase clothing/beauty products but the majority of my income goes on experiences. I love making memories for myself and with my favourite people. My upcoming trips include a family holiday to the coast (which I’ll be on when you’re reading this post…make sure you’re subscribed to CHARLOTTE EMILY VLOGS to see what we get up to daily), celebrating Hattie’s birthday in Watford, Summer in the City next week and I’m currently planning how I’m going to spend my 20th birthday…any ideas?! I’d love for you to help a gal out haha…


PICNICS. A classic summer picnic is something that will never become old. My favourite thing other than eating all the goods is preparing the food. Melting the chocolate to cover strawberries, cutting sandwiches into cute little shapes and packing all the pretty bowls/cutlery into a wicker basket is definitely part of the picnic experience for me. I find preparation so exciting and then finding the perfect spot, laying down a blanket and nibbling on the banquet is WHAT I LIVE FOR! I’m hoping to plan a couple more picnic dates in between working with my friends and family. It’s such a lovely way to socialise with the ones who mean the most to you.


     Following the picnic theme, I can only enjoy summer if I stay equipped and hydrated with my favourite waters. PerfectlyClear are a brand that I’ve loved throughout my child and adulthood thus far; my mum would always buy Perfectly Clear flavoured waters to accompany my packed lunches for school and my grandparents would buy crates of them for me to take to university. Hydration is super important, especially more so because of the heatwave that has struck the UK this summer. Perfectly Clear flavoured spring water is one of the 1st flavoured waters in the UK market, having been launched 20 years ago. They offer a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, with ZERO SUGAR and is certified by Sugarwise. Only 10kcal are found in each 500ml bottle – the flavours include Sparkling Elderflower, Sparkling Summer Fruits, Sparkling Lemon & Lime, Still Strawberry, Still Summer Fruits, Still Cherry (my favourite!), Still Orange, Still Red Apple and Still Lemon & Lime. I’d definitely recommend popping into your local Home Bargains, as you can grab bottles as low as 39p each! My boyfriend and I loved taking a variation of the waters on this little picnic we photographed; both of our favourites had to be the still cherry. It was extremely refreshing and gave us the fruity fix we love when staying hydrated!


Take up a new hobby. If there is something you want to learn and you have time this summer, venture out and start a new hobby. Whether that be dancing lessons, learning a new language or starting your own blog. You may find something that you become obsessed with and alongside this, you could meet some like-minded people along the way. I’m extremely busy this summer but I definitely want to try and scrub up on my French. I’d love to learn a new language in the future and summer would be a great opportunity to build upon this. Also, I’d love to get back into my dancing so I’ve been looking for events or things close by to join before I start my university’s dance society in September!


Spontaneity is something I find very difficult as I’m a list maker and planner. However, being spontaneous is something I’d like to do more this summer and summers onwards. For instance, taking a road trip randomly to somewhere new, visiting a place in the country that you’ve never been before or exploring a village nearby. It’s so refreshing visiting a new place and not knowing what you have in store. Exploring is super fun so grab your favourite people and do something random today. You usually make the best memories on spontaneous days…comment down below what you’ve done recently that was spontaneous and fun!

What are your favourite things to do to make your summer the most enjoyable it can be? What have you done this summer?

Lots of love


  1. this was brilliant, the photos were everything!!!!! ❤️❤️

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  3. Planning is definitely an essential for a great summer! I've been a tourist in my own area and the outskirts of it this year and I didn't realise that there was so much to do. Loved this post xxx

  4. I love having a jam packed schedule!! I haven’t had a picnic in such a long time !

  5. Planning is definitely essential! Most of my summer plans ended up being pushed to August though mainly because it was too hot to do anything outside other than swim... I actually started learning Spanish this summer which has been really fun and will probably take up archery in autumn xx


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