29 August 2018

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. While we tend to be more in tune with bits and bobs that
our female relatives, friends, and loved ones might like (because we’d probably like the very same
things), we can often find ourselves at a bit of a loss when it comes to our male counterparts. Thus,
I've collated a number, and range, of quirky, affordable, luxurious and practical gift ideas to get the ball
rolling in the right direction!


Every man should have at least a small collection of ties. Sure, they might not wear them on a day to
day basis; however, it’s always nice to have a few to choose from if a special occasion arises. Check
out the John Henric UK collection. There are prints and colours to suit all tastes and preferences. You
currently get a 15% discount off your first order when you sign up to the brand’s mailing list!


Gaming is a hobby or interest that a lot of the male species adore. My boyfriend and brother, in
particular, love to play on the XBOX in their spare time so a great gift would definitely be an XBOX
Although it may appear on the pricey side, the entertainment factor and use they will get out of it is
completely worth it. It also opens up a number of further gift ideas for the future - controllers, games,
headphones and other tech accessories.


Trends don’t tend to stick solely to fashion and facial hair nowadays. We also experience trends in
food and drink. Chances are that you’ve noticed there are a whole lot more pale ales on the market
than there used to be. Independent breweries are priding themselves on unique ales with stand out
packaging, but you don’t have to wait to head to the pub to try them out. Many offer gift packs of small
sample bottles that the man in your life can try out from the comfort of his own home! Just make sure
that the individual you’re gifting actually drinks alcohol before purchasing this product.


If you’re feeling a little unsure and don’t want to get too experimental, aftershave is always a safe bet.
Your loved one probably already has a firm favourite, and chances are that their supply is running low
since they were last gifted a bottle. Find out what their signature scent is and invest in a bottle. This
is bound to go down well - or if you are feeling adventurous, choose a scent that you think they'll
enjoy and hopefully you will find them a new gem.

These are just a few different ideas that you could consider. There are, of course, plenty of other
options out there. I'd say all of the gifts mentioned above are relatively safe ideas that are highly likely
to be received with a smile! Let me know in the comments below what you bought your dad, brother,
boyfriend or partner for their last birthday or Christmas? I'd love to hear some new ideas myself!

What do you buy the special men in your life? Do you have
any other ideas to share?

Lots of love

How To Feel Better About Your Self Image

If you’re wanting to feel better about your self image, you’re certainly not alone.  In today's society,
image has never been important due to the selfie-focused culture we live in, particularly for young
women. Everyone wants to feel good about their self image, not just to impress a number of followers
but to feel good in themselves and confident. The interesting things when it comes to your self-image
is that it is just that; it’s how you choose to view yourself. There is no ugly or beautiful - it’s all subjective,
as beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, your beauty, 'or lack of', is dependent on who is
looking at you.

This is definitely something I've learnt as I've grown into a young adult and learnt about from my own
flaws, but it’s reassuring, as it means you can’t please everyone. If you notice,
the people that do try to live up to a certain image often end up losing their connection with themselves
in the process and get caught up trying to please everyone but themselves. This has definitely
happened to myself in the past - although this sounds super deep, I honestly used to do everything to
please others but it's time for you to be SELFISH and do things for you. Wear what you want to wear,
be whoever you want to be and flaunt your imperfections.

If you set out on a journey to manicure your appearance into something you feel other people want,
you are setting yourself up for a life of low self-esteem and anxiety; your sense of self esteem will be
reliant on other people’s opinion of you, when in fact, the most important opinion is your own. Feeling
good within yourself is the most important thing. When people do feel good about themselves, they
sometimes act like thirsty people in a desert; desperate for attention and validation of their beauty,
which ironically, is a very unattractive personality trait.

There are certain things you can do, on the outside, to make yourself feel better about your image. For
instance, I've always wanted my nose pierced but stopped myself due to other's opinions on whether it
would look good or not; therefore, visit places like Piercing Mania to change up your look, join a gym
and tone areas you want to work on, or see a fantastic hair stylist… but unless you tend to the inside
first, you’ll constantly be hunting for something external to fill in an internal hole, which doesn’t tend to
work. It can be comforting to know that people of all genders and backgrounds have times when
they don’t like what they see in the mirror or are worried about what others think about their image;
this can often come out after a break-up or when beginning to date again.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where commercially it makes sense for beauty companies to poke our
pain spots when it comes to these insecurities, creating an emotional void in people that don’t look a
particular way then suggesting it can be filled with a particular product; the practice in marketing is known
as “hurt them heal them”, which can be a very effective way to sell product - however, not very
conducive to the self-esteem of people.

Whilst you might have been expecting a list of three things you can do on the outside to
feel better about your appearance, the reality is that this is an inside job - meaning you have to manage
your emotions and shift some of your thinking about your self-image.  It can be helpful to remember that
most people feel exactly the same as you, nobody is perfect, and beauty is completely subjective.

The most important person, when it comes to judging your image, is you - yet unfortunately, we are often
our own harshest critics.

Lots of love

Keeping it Sentimental with Stampin Up'

22 August 2018

I honestly believe that I am the most sentimental person to ever exist  - gimme a framed photo of us and my favourite flowers and I'm more than chuffed. The idea of someone really thinking about what I love, what I'm passionate about or remembering something I've mentioned before, and then gifting it to me is so special. I will never take that for granted. Therefore, I love doing the same for others - I'm constantly jotting things down on my phone when my friends or family members mention something they like, just to keep it in mind for their birthday or Christmas. Giving is something I love to do and even if I'm struggling with money, I will always try my best to create or think of an innovative gift to give to my loved ones. That is why Stampin' Up is one of my new favourite websites for unique, sentimental present ideas - you are such a large variety of stamps, bundles, project kits and more to make your memories come to life so you can keep them forever.

If you follow my vlogs, you will know that I love scrapbooking - whenever I visit somewhere new, I'll always buy a postcard, keep receipts and pick up anything I can as a momentum to include within my scrapbooks. That's why I was so thrilled to be able to work with Stampin' Up and share with you a new type of scrapbooking. It's super easy and you can purchase all of the supplies you need from one place (links to everything photographed and mentioned will be below).

I opted for the Best Route from the Memories & More Card Pack range; there are a number of other options if you want a more floral theme or different coloured packs. This pack definitely suited me more because the card pack has a bright colour scheme and lots of travel references - I love to visit new places and explore so these are perfect for helping to document my travels. There are a variety of sizes within the card pack and you can purchase some photo pocket pages from the site to organise them alongside your photos. I'm always printing off photos because physical copies of memories mean so much to me - I use Printiki (4ERWBX4R for free delivery) or the Free Prints app to print off photos every month. I like to take a LOT of photos, no matter what I do or where I go, so I'm always stocked up on family, friends and travel pictures for when I scrapbook. I love the idea of the Stampin' Up Pocket Pages because they not only keep your scrapbook in an organised, orderly fashion, but you can personalise it to your own style. I love adding my own little quotes to the cards, writing parts of the day that I loved from my pictures and popping in my tickets/memorabilia too. Stampin' Up are my new favourite way to store memories and I can't wait to fill the rest of my Kraft Album in over the rest of the year.

Shop the Kraft 6 x 8 Album 
Shop the Best Route Memories & More Card Pack
Shop Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages

Would you guys like to see a scrapbooking series on my blog? What are your favourite scrapbooking tips?

Lots of love

Tips For Starting University...

14 August 2018

If you are starting university in the autumn, there is no doubt that you will be feeling a wide range of emotions from nerves to excitement; you will also want to make sure that you are ready for what is in store. This way, you will be able to simply enjoy the experience as it comes. So, here are a few tips which will help you out to get you fully prepared for starting university life. I've already made a video similar to this but I thought I'd include some extra tips just incase anyone fancied knowing a little bit more about starting university for the first time.

Learn to Cook

If you don’t know how to cook already, it is worth teaching yourself to make some basic dishes. Getting
too many takeaways is going to end up hitting your student budget hard - it also isn’t going to be great
for your health either. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes available online and for free. Give yourself
the time to run through a few practice dishes so that you are fully prepared when you arrive. I'd also
take some Tupperware pots because preparing a meal for just one can be tricky at first. You can
then bulk cook and freeze meals for the rest of the week!

Set Yourself Up a Budget

For most students, you will be living on a very tight budget which you need to stick to as best you can.
If you set up a little budget for yourself now based on how much of a loan you will be getting, extra
income from part-time jobs, family members etc. Over summer, I've been working 2 part-time jobs,
running my blog/Youtube channels and selling some of my clothes online to help me get some money
behind myself before I start my second year. Of course, you may need to reassess once you arrive
at your university but the last thing that you want to find is that you blow an entire month’s budget
during your fresher’s week!

Make Sure That You Are Properly Organised

One of the most important things to get sorted is your accommodation, so give yourself enough time to look at student lettings if you have not done so already. Double check all the important dates such as when your course will be starting and buy any equipment which you are going to need. This includes tools for studying, as well as stuff to go in your home. I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my vlog channel (CLICK HERE TO ENTER) where I'm giving away a university survival kit - this includes a variety of goodies that will help with organising yourself for university so it's worth checking out even for some ideas of what to pack!

Get Ahead with Your Course

If you have a long period of time free during these summer months, it makes sense that you get ahead
with your reading now - especially if you are taking a course which is going to involve a lot. In my spare
time, I'm planning to research into my upcoming modules and read up on any topics which I'm not
familiar with at all. Extra reading is a great way to get ahead and also gain some new knowledge whilst
you're not actively studying every day. This way, you will notice less of a step up during the first few
weeks, and you can ensure that you remain one step ahead of the game. If you think that there are
any other skills or knowledge that you need to brush up on beforehand, now is the time to do this.

Chat with Fellow Students Online

It can be an extremely nerve-racking experience to start university and not know anyone, so get to
know people early by checking online for any social media groups which have already been set up. Even
having one or two social connections now can end up opening a lot of doors for you further along your
university life. I made two course friends and knew my fellow flat mates before I'd even moved into
student halls so it's definitely worth utilising social media so that the move isn't so intense.

Starting university is always going to be an overwhelming time but I hope that this post and these tips

can help you make the transition that little bit smoother.

Lots of love

5 Best Ways to Enjoy your Summer!

4 August 2018


 My number one tip that helps me to live my life to the fullest is PLANNING. Planning things to do, scheduling dates with my loved ones and attending as many press events as possible help me to live my summer to its fullest potential. My favourite thing to spend my hard earned money on is experiences – life is too short to constantly spend money on materialistic items. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and purchase clothing/beauty products but the majority of my income goes on experiences. I love making memories for myself and with my favourite people. My upcoming trips include a family holiday to the coast (which I’ll be on when you’re reading this post…make sure you’re subscribed to CHARLOTTE EMILY VLOGS to see what we get up to daily), celebrating Hattie’s birthday in Watford, Summer in the City next week and I’m currently planning how I’m going to spend my 20th birthday…any ideas?! I’d love for you to help a gal out haha…


PICNICS. A classic summer picnic is something that will never become old. My favourite thing other than eating all the goods is preparing the food. Melting the chocolate to cover strawberries, cutting sandwiches into cute little shapes and packing all the pretty bowls/cutlery into a wicker basket is definitely part of the picnic experience for me. I find preparation so exciting and then finding the perfect spot, laying down a blanket and nibbling on the banquet is WHAT I LIVE FOR! I’m hoping to plan a couple more picnic dates in between working with my friends and family. It’s such a lovely way to socialise with the ones who mean the most to you.


     Following the picnic theme, I can only enjoy summer if I stay equipped and hydrated with my favourite waters. PerfectlyClear are a brand that I’ve loved throughout my child and adulthood thus far; my mum would always buy Perfectly Clear flavoured waters to accompany my packed lunches for school and my grandparents would buy crates of them for me to take to university. Hydration is super important, especially more so because of the heatwave that has struck the UK this summer. Perfectly Clear flavoured spring water is one of the 1st flavoured waters in the UK market, having been launched 20 years ago. They offer a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, with ZERO SUGAR and is certified by Sugarwise. Only 10kcal are found in each 500ml bottle – the flavours include Sparkling Elderflower, Sparkling Summer Fruits, Sparkling Lemon & Lime, Still Strawberry, Still Summer Fruits, Still Cherry (my favourite!), Still Orange, Still Red Apple and Still Lemon & Lime. I’d definitely recommend popping into your local Home Bargains, as you can grab bottles as low as 39p each! My boyfriend and I loved taking a variation of the waters on this little picnic we photographed; both of our favourites had to be the still cherry. It was extremely refreshing and gave us the fruity fix we love when staying hydrated!


Take up a new hobby. If there is something you want to learn and you have time this summer, venture out and start a new hobby. Whether that be dancing lessons, learning a new language or starting your own blog. You may find something that you become obsessed with and alongside this, you could meet some like-minded people along the way. I’m extremely busy this summer but I definitely want to try and scrub up on my French. I’d love to learn a new language in the future and summer would be a great opportunity to build upon this. Also, I’d love to get back into my dancing so I’ve been looking for events or things close by to join before I start my university’s dance society in September!


Spontaneity is something I find very difficult as I’m a list maker and planner. However, being spontaneous is something I’d like to do more this summer and summers onwards. For instance, taking a road trip randomly to somewhere new, visiting a place in the country that you’ve never been before or exploring a village nearby. It’s so refreshing visiting a new place and not knowing what you have in store. Exploring is super fun so grab your favourite people and do something random today. You usually make the best memories on spontaneous days…comment down below what you’ve done recently that was spontaneous and fun!

What are your favourite things to do to make your summer the most enjoyable it can be? What have you done this summer?

Lots of love

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