23 July 2018

Graduation is a huge celebration for students that have completed their degrees at university. It is something I am super excited for (yet a lil nervous as I have no idea what the future holds) and already gaging fashion/styling ideas for what I want to wear on the day. Fortunately, my graduation is being held at the gorgeous Lincoln Cathedral. I am more than thrilled that the beautiful architecture of the cathedral will look so incredible for the graduation photos - it is definitely one of my favourite areas of Lincoln and it is such an important moment in my academic journey. 

If you didn't know, I am a first year student (well, second year now I guess?!) so graduation is still a little while away for me. However, I've been obsessed with graduation fashion and the beautiful collection Boohoo have to offer. I've been eyeing up everyone's graduation outfits over the past month and looking forward to the next few months to admire everyone's incredible dress choices. Being an avid graduation outfit lover, I thought it would be suitable to choose my own graduation outfit, as if I had to collect my scroll now, and show you what the Boohoo Graduation section has to offer!


One thing I knew when I was filtering my searches on the 'Graduation Dresses' was that the dress HAD to be white! I'm living for white at the minute and think the tone is so fresh for the warmer months. Even if your graduation is around September time (which mine will be!), I think that I'm going to opt for white because it is a colour I don't wear often and think the contrast is stunning against my brunette locks. Moreover, I knew that simplicity was key when looking for the dress and that I'd vamp my outfit up with sparkly accessories. The dress I finally picked out is this gorgeous white number with thin straps, a plunge front, a crossover back and a small slit down the front. I think the simplicity of the dress is elegant, classy and a lil bit sexy! It's something I wouldn't wear to any other day-time event so I think that's why it stood out to me so much. I really love how it hugs my figure in all the right places too, enhancing my curves and accentuating my favourite bodily features! For £18, this is an absolute steal and you won't have to worry about forking out for a crazily expensive outfit!


It's accessories time. I love how just a simple accessory can change the whole vibe of an outfit! To enhance the classy look I was going for, I chose some thin gold tassel earrings to compliment the dress, and to pair with the sparkly bag I picked out. I couldn't choose all white as that definitely isn't me - I wanted to bring some sparkle and a statement to the outfit. Thus, I chose a rose gold sparkly clutch to add to the overall look. I really love how it brings out the metallic earrings and the contrast with the bright white dress. The sparkles would also look incredible in the sun, reflecting light of the walls and floors of the Cathedral. I also love how the clutch is an envelope style - it's super practical because you can fit in your keys, phone and cash (all the essentials) without the bag being too small or thin. I'm obsessed with how everything complements one another and truly impressed with how my vision came to life after receiving the clothes.

What would be your ideal graduation dress? Do you have a style or colour in mind?

Lots of love


This outfit in this photo was kindly gifted by Boohoo; however, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love the white dress! Good luck with your graduation in Spetember x

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love that dress, it’s so pretty!

  3. You look great - and that dress is a great choice as a graduation dress!

  4. That bag is so pretty and affordable too. You look absolutely amazing girly xx

  5. I love everything about this! But that bag is beautiful! 😍

  6. I absolutely love this outfit! You look incredible! If I could have any dress I wanted for my graduation, I would get something designed by Sherri Hill. I always seem to lean towards blue when it comes to dresses so I think my dress would be blue or purple :)x

  7. I graduated two weeks ago and wore a navy dress. It was an amazing day!


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