Are You Really Living Your Best Life?

11 July 2018

Life is short, we only get the one shot at it so it’s important to live it to our best potential. Time is
something that is extremely precious and we must always treasure every moment we get on this
incredible planet. However, it’s all too easy to fall into a rut; for each day to feel like the last and to lose
the our excitement and zest for life. If you’ve been feeling like this then it’s time to do something about
it - don’t waste your one, precious and magical life feeling bored or unhappy. Here are a few signs
that you need to make a change so you can start living with passion again.

You feel unhealthy

In the society that we live in, it’s so easy to fall into unhealthy habits. We work long hours giving us little
chance to exercise, and there’s always cheap, unhealthy and delicious convenience food at every turn.
If you’ve found yourself living a sedentary lifestyle fuelled by junk food then it’s time to kick the habit.
If you feel sluggish and uncomfortable and are experiencing things like acne, fatigue, weight gain and
other symptoms then you will be doing your body some damage with your habits. When embarking on
a new healthy lifestyle, people make the mistake of focusing on everything they have to lose- all of
their favourite unhealthy foods and vices. However it’s so much more freeing to focus on what you have
to gain- more energy, better skin and a spring in your step. There are plenty of healthy, delicious
ingredients and meals you will get to discover, there’s lots of fun new activities you will get to try.
Living healthily can change your life and help you live to your best potential.

You’re bored at work

Most of us work to pay the bills, rather than a genuine love for what we do. However, when you spend
up to and over forty hours a week in the workplace, you need to be getting something from it aside
money. You might not leap out of bed every Monday morning but there needs to be something
interesting or rewarding about your work, or you’re resigning yourself to a life of misery and boredom.
A change of career is a big decision so speak it through with friends, if you’re a spiritual kind of person
you could even consider having an online psychic reading and seeing if they have any insight to
whether it’s the right choice. Even if you can’t make a career change right away, one thing you could
do is study online from home in a subject that will help you when you move. That way, you improve
your chances of finding a job and it can all be done in your free time.

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You’re unhappy in your relationship

Relationships will always have their ups and downs, life isn’t a fairytale. When it comes to long lasting
relationships, there will always need to be compromise, forgiveness when your partner hasn’t been
perfect and understanding. However, relationships shouldn’t feel like a constant battle. If you’re always
arguing, upset and questioning where things are going then it could be time to go your separate ways.
Give it some good thought and consideration, if you’re genuinely unhappy then set yourself, and your
partner free. Learn to love yourself again, build yourself up and enjoy being alone for a while. In time,
you will meet someone more compatible and enjoy a relationship that’s more ups than downs.

What is your best advice to live your life to the full?

Lots of love

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