Summer Holiday Photo Tips

14 June 2018

Summer is here, and like many of us, you may be going away this season on holiday. Whether you are
going abroad on a fabulous beach holiday, staying at luxury rental villas in Bali or some other
sun-kissed island, or preferring to stay at home in the UK, perhaps camping out in the beautiful locales
of the Lake District, I hope you have a wonderful time. And I'm are guessing, like many of us do, that
part of your trip will be spent taking photographs. I'm obsessed with photography myself - always
wanting to snap those outfit pictures in front of the picturesque settings of a new place. You want to
capture your holiday memories after all, whether that’s for your own personal reflections later on, or for
your social media and blog followers, sharing your travel pics to educate and enlighten others. To
ensure you get the best photos possible, here are some tips I think you will find useful.

Take the right equipment. Many of us insist on using our smartphones for pics these days,
and admittedly, it is possible to take photos that look semi-professional, and you don’t need to worry
about accidentally leaving the lens cap on. However, traditional cameras aren’t dead yet, and for the
best results, you could invest in the best photography gear. Whichever you choose, be that smartphone
or camera, it’s worth reading this photography guide for tips on the best equipment available to suit
your travel needs.

Perfect your look. I'm talking about you... whether you’re taking a selfie shot, or asking somebody else to take a photo of you. Whatever pose you opt for is up to you, but it’s important to consider what you wear. Choose something that is flattering for your body, be that body-confident swimwear on the beach, or a summer dress when you’re wandering through towns or cities. It doesn’t matter what colour outfit you choose, though white is a safe choice, and you can always tinker with your pics on Photoshop if there is a need to make particular colours stand out later. Other areas you need to focus on are your makeup and hair. Makeup needs to match your skin tone for maximum effect on the picture, and you can make your hair stand out by adding some spray-on shine. When you’re ready for the camera, all you need to do is remember not to blink when the flash goes off.

Think of the time of day. Certain times of day are better than others if you are looking to take
professional-looking photographs. When the sun is shining too brightly, there is the danger of sun
glare on your pics, and as the evening fades into darkness, you will run into trouble if you don’t have a
decent flash. Photographers talk about the Golden Hours, claiming the best time of day for a picture is
the hour before sunrise and the hour before sunset. The golden light can provide the perfect ambience
for your shot and can create something that looks quite magical on your photo. However, you can pick
up tips online to help you perfect your shot, whatever the time of day, so do your research to get the
best results.

Avoid cliche pics. I'm talking about yet another pic of you sat on a rock or another picture of a tourist attraction. There is nothing wrong with either of these but go for something a little different. When posing, go for something unconventional, no matter how silly you feel. It’s better than another photo of you with a forced smile on your face. Then capture the small details in the world around you. We are thinking bugs on flowers, bubbles rising from the ocean, wildlife in the undergrowth, and impromptu pics of local townsfolk going about their business. There is beauty in the mundane, so don’t always assume you need to take a picture of a touristy monument to capture the essence of your holiday.

What at your top tips for holiday/vacation photos?

Lots of love

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  1. I'm just gunna take my iPhone for pictures on holiday because taking a DSLR would take up so much luggage space - haha! :P

    Loved this post xx
    Alice //The Rose Glow


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