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8 June 2018

Being a student is very overwhelming and difficult most of the time. I adore sharing my university life and what being a student is really like on my vlogging channel (I'm so close to 2k subscribers eep!). I've been trying my best over the entirety of my first year to share as many helpful tips, tricks, advice and guidance as I can to help all of you future, and even current, students out. Today's post is all about a new software that I've recently discovered that will help a lot of people, especially us students, as well as a variety of others in different industries. If you are one that struggles to write, transcribe information or become easily bored of writing out recorded lectures notes...this new software is the one for you!


 Trint was founded by Jeff Kofman. As a former war correspondent for CNN, Jeff had to manually transcribe thousands of interviews throughout his career. That's why he wanted to develop Trint, which transcribes any video and audio files into text. Even better, the programme takes roughly the same amount of time to transcribe as the playback time of the file itself which is super convenient and efficient! Thus, it saves students, like myself, hours if you are someone to transcribe recorded lectures. It also comes in handy for journalists, podcasters and broadcasters too. If you are one to struggle with writing or typing, TRINT is the perfect companion to ensure your work is transcribed in time and successfully. Adobe Premiere Pro are also partnered with TRINT - a plug-in has been added to allow content creators the option of using the transcription software via Adobe. 


There are several different steps to get the most out of your experience with TRINT. Number one being the Vocab Builder. This section of the software ensures greater accuracy when transcribing - you just pop in up to 100 words of your choice to make your own customisable personal dictionary and you're good to go. Add any uncommon words (i.e. places, brand names etc) or technical terms so that the software is notified of these repeated words. Vocab Builder is the first port of call - make sure that it is checked before transcribing otherwise you will have to go through the whole process again! There are several options when it comes to subscribing - after your free trial, you can pay monthly, choose the 'basic' plan for 3 hours of upload a month and finally the 'supercharged' plan that enables 10 hours of upload a month. These options are great and suitable for anyone, as you are able to upgrade or cancel at any desired time. Everything is extremely accessible on Trint and the whole process is laid out in a 3:37 minute clip of Jeff Kofman explaining how to use the software. I'm very impressed with the accessibility, versatility and convenience of TRINT and would highly recommend the programme to fellow students who are looking to transcribe recorded lectures.

Do you think TRINT will help you in your daily life or job? Have you ever tried transcribing audio or videos before?

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with TRINT; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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