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19 May 2018

Only two more exams left and I'm free...I literally cannot wait to celebrate with my friends; we are getting a tattoo and going clubbing in honour of an amazing first year at university! This past year has gone by ridiculously fast and I cannot believe I've already completed a third of my degree. CRAZY. My time living in halls is coming to an end after this week; therefore, I've begun planning an incredible summer with my family, friends and boyfriend. Today I thought I'd share my summer plans and hopefully inspire all those who have a really long time off school/university/work to live your life, make memories and spend quality time with your favourite people. Most importantly, do NOT think you have to spend heaps of money to have a good time. Do what you want to and remember that now is better than later...



At the end of May, I will be returning to my hometown in Northamptonshire. I will miss Lincoln A LOT but it will be nice to be surrounded by my family and boyfriend. One of my top priorities throughout the month of June is to go back to my part-time job that I've had since I was 16 and work. I'm determined to earn money so that I can spend my summer experiencing new things, doing things I've always wanted to and living my best life. Right now, I am so driven to work intensely in June so that the rest of my summer is the best one yet. In between all of this work, I have already have a few things scheduled in my calendar. Number one has to be a few blogging events that I will be attending - I won't specify the brand(s) just yet but you'll hear more about them in due course on my Youtube Channel (Charlotte Emily Vlogs). My biggest event happening in June is going to see Beyonce & Jay-Z live in London. It is going to be the perfect mid-month treat and I'm beyond excited; I went to see Beyonce on her own in 2016...she was sensational and we grasped the opportunity as soon as possible to get tickets for this tour. In the midst of my busy working life, I'm also planning to schedule some summer outfit shoots (potentially with my best friend who is a photographer) or my boyfriend if he doesn't mind. I mean, he took the pictures for this post and I'm extremely impressed! I definitely want to put content creating to the top of my priority list too because I've missed my regular uploads and constantly making content. New Instagram pictures, new outfits, new blog posts and new videos ---- PENDING!


For Valentine's day, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to see one of Derren Brown's shows at the beginning of July. I cannot wait to see him perform live and it's been on my bucket list for a while now. Fingers crossed he asks for volunteers because my hand will be up straight away! Shortly after seeing Mr Brown, Aidan and I are jetting off to Greece. This was an EXTREMELY spontaneous holiday for us because we usually have trips booked months in advance to prepare. However, we decided yesterday evening to book a week's stay in Kefalonia, Greece. Greece has been one of those travel destinations that I've longed to visit and I cannot wait to explore one of the less spoken about islands. I'm already outfit prepping...oops! For the rest of the month, I will be meeting up with my friends - hopefully plenty of shopping trips, dinner dates and chilled nights in. Myself and Hattie were also considering visiting Harry Potter Studios in London because I've want to go for a long time.


August is full of lots of fun, exciting times. There are a lot of events and fun things planned for this month so I'll be sure to work as much as I can in between to save up money for university! There will be lots of university prep this month; my friends and I get the keys to our first house together for second year, we'll be heading to IKEA for essentials and probably buying unnecessary items to decorate our rooms. Thus, we'll probably take some of our belongings to Lincoln and spend a couple of days relaxing without any deadlines or work to worry about. It's also Hattie's birthday at the end of the month so we will probably be doing something interesting to celebrate her 19th! Before Hat's birthday celebrations begin, I'm also going to Summer in the City with my best friend, Sophie, earlier in the month. We've booked our hotel in London and will be staying for the full 3 days! Make sure to come and say hello if you will be attending on either creator day or the weekend. I'd love to meet some of my viewers or readers there. I'm also going away with my family for a cute little getaway to the seaside for a few days. I cannot wait to eat ice cream, play in the arcades and go on all the fairground rides. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful supportive family and I cannot wait to spend these days, and the rest of summer, with them!


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