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3 May 2018

The end of the university year is coming to an end - I cannot believe that I've almost finished first year, it literally feels like I've been here for a couple of weeks. I've made so many incredible memories and you will be able to see some of the fun times I've had if you go and check out my vlog channel. I have vlogged and captured the majority of my university experiences with my friends throughout our 8 months here at the University of Lincoln, which I will be continuing through the rest of my time here. Anyway, as the educational year is almost here, I thought I would share with you two luxurious gifts that you could buy a university graduate this year. Graduation completely varies from uni to uni, I know some people that graduate in a couple weeks whereas others have to wait until September. Thus, I thought I would be prepared and give you a couple of ideas that you could treat your friend, partner, parent or relative to reward them on their graduation day.


ADEXE Watches are an incredible gift for graduation day - whether you want to treat yourself to one for working so hard or you're looking for something to buy a future graduate, Adexe have you covered! I opted for this super sleek Petite Marshmallow White watch from the Meek Collection; I thought the white would compliment a summer tan, contrast perfectly with my dark hair and make the perfect fashion accessory for my day-to-day life. I've been obsessed with wearing this around, not only for practical uses but for fashion purposes too. Being white, this watch works perfectly with all my outfits and is a great component for my university daily routine. From arrival of the product to wearing, Adexe provide high quality watches with a sense of class, elegance and luxury. In terms of packaging, the watch was encased in a gorgeous complimentary white box with care details and beautifully laid out. I love how the golden frame contrasts the white strap and overall timepiece. I would be more than happy to receive something from Adexe's wide range of watches on graduation day.


Olympus E-PL8 Camera

As I mentioned earlier, I vlog my entire university life. This camera has been an absolute life saver at capturing memories, both photographs and videos. I literally swear by this camera - the size is extremely convenient for travelling and to pop in your bag. The insane quality, gorgeous aesthetic and many functions are another reason I fell head over heels for this camera. I thought this would be a lovely gift idea to help a loved one capture their future memories - I know this is definitely something I would love to receive as a graduation gift. It is literally a blogger's dream too so if you know any bloggers/vloggers graduating, that's an added bonus!

What would be your dream graduation gift? 

Lots of love


This post is in collaboration with Adexe; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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