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11 May 2018

We are throwing it right back today - reliving my childhood and chatting all things Harry Potter. I cannot explain to you enough how much J.K Rowling's incredible stories impacted my youth. My neighbour and I would genuinely sit in her little Wendy house at the back of her garden making potions in cauldrons, envisaging ourselves sat in a Hogwarts herbology class and even set ourselves BLOODY HOMEWORK for imaginary lessons we had during the day. Honestly, it was NEXT level obsessed and I've spent the years re-reading the books and feeling super nostalgic.

Anyway, I thought I would share this incredible company that sell Harry Potter merchandise - Magic Alley have created the perfect gifts for Harry Potter geeks, like myself. I was extremely excited to pick out my favourite pieces and share them with you. I'm sure you all know someone who has been obsessed with Harry Potter (or still is)...Magic Alley is where you need to be heading to pick unique, magic-driven gifts for your fellow HP lovers!

'DUMBLEDORE QUOTE' GREETING CARD (RRP £1.95)- My favourite Harry Potter quote 100% has to be this one that Dumbledore says. I find the entire message enlightening and something that truly means something to me. There are a range of cards available on the site, ideal for birthdays and other special occasions. I'm considering framing this and popping it on my bedside table in my university house next year. I just adore the quote! 

'DEATHLY HALLOWS' NECKLACE (RRP £9.95) - Silver jewellery is something I always reach for on a daily basis. I think that silver is simplistic and a lot less dramatic than gold, so I opted for the silver Deathly Hallows necklace. The charm is held on a thin silver chain - a very subtle, gorgeous piece and wonderful present idea. If you are an older Harry Potter fan, this may be something more up your street as you can embed this into your daily look subtly without having a Gryffindor emblem etched into your clothing. Magic Alley's necklace collection ranges from golden snitches to house badges; there is a wonderful selection if you want to opt for something a little different or more catered to your own style. 

CHOCOLATE FROG (RRP £3.95) - If you want to seriously live the Harry Potter lifestyle, you can also purchase a variety of popular sweet treats mentioned throughout the stories. When I was ten years old, I remember trying a chocolate frog when I visited the Islands of Adventure HP land in Florida. It was delicious and I needed to try one again so I thought I'd choose one from Magic Alley. I love how they've stayed true to the films/books by popping in a 3D style character card. In my previous chocolate frog, I remember receiving Rowena Ravenclaw (which was definitely not luck, I am well and truly a Ravenclaw). However, this time I got Quirinus Quirrel! This will be going straight in my scrapbook! The taste of the chocolate was also delicious - I ate the whole thing in a couple of bites. IT WAS SO GOOOOD! There are also Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans and more over on the Magic Alley site.

Are you are massive Harry Potter fan like myself? What is your fave item from the Magic Alley shop?

Lots of love

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