Dear Self...

18 May 2018 you will shine! One of my favourite quotes at the minute reflects optimism and self-love. The majority of the population have fell into a trap of self hate and loathing - believing everything we see on social media is perfection and that there is only a single representation of the word. As cringey as it may sound, perfection doesn't exist and that is what is so incredible about it. Everyone has scars, pain and insecurities (even if those aren't visible) and, from experience, it takes a long time to build up this wall of self confidence and love without it crumbling down to start all over again. This awful cycle has been a part of my life since the age of 14 - a ridiculously young age to be bothered about weight, appearance and how others perceive us based on 'egotistical' characteristics. It is even come to the point where younger members in my family have complained or enquired about their weight...BEFORE their teenage years have begun. How have the media created this stereotypical image of perfection and willingly shove it down everyone's throats, even impressionable adolescents who have fallen into this trap as such a young age? Don't get me wrong, there are some positive movements, particularly within clothing companies that have expanded ranges and use models of all sizes, yet there is still an online presence that makes us question our looks/weight/size on a daily basis. 

"If you don't like something, change it"

This quote is used a lot by those who fail to empathise with those constantly battling with mental health issues, those concerned about their weight and just general unhappiness towards themselves. People fail to realise that even something as 'minute' as an image can have a huge impact on someone's day. I'm not say thing that you shouldn't post images of your body on social media - my main point is to UNFOLLOW those who are making you question your own skin and make you feel worse about yourselves. I've recently had a little unfollow spree (WHICH IS PERFECTLY OKAY) to remove any accounts that weren't making me happy, making me uncomfortable or feel unworthy. My Instagram feed right now is bursting with fellow bloggers achieving amazing things, making me motivated to work on myself throughout summer and expand my networks. In times where I feel like I'm not good enough, I find it inspirational to sit on Twitter or Instagram to see fellow people in the blogging community (or elsewhere if you're not a blogger) striving to achieve great things! I just felt like I needed this little ramble to emphasise the things on my mind and to hopefully inspire those who are possibly feeling self conscious today. Your imperfections are powerful, your uniqueness is something to admire and you are desirable to many. Never think less of yourself and don't compare your appearance to another - editing can be taken to another extreme nowadays so don't be fooled.

For those curious as to what products are shown in this post, I've teamed up with Pretty Polly to promote body confidence and self loving! The bras and briefs shared in this post are all from the Pretty Polly site - you can buy everything on their website! My favourite definitely has to be the black sport-style bra with no wires - perfectly comfortable and extra supportive. I'd highly recommend to other gals out there like me who loves comfort. The laced bra and briefs make me feel confident and sexy - enhancing my figure and allowing me to embrace my curves/imperfections in the best way! They also sell a variety of other products like tights and shape-wear too.

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What do you do to make yourself feel body confident? What is your opinion on the lack of diversity within the media?

Lots of love

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