7 Common Wedding Blunders To Avoid

23 May 2018

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Weddings take a lot of careful preparation and minor blunders are common. Here are a few of the
most popular mistakes that could ruin your special day and how you can safeguard yourself against

Ordering a dress size too small with the hope of slimming down

Unless you really think you’ve got the willpower to drop a dress size in the next few months, avoid
buying a dress that’s deliberately too small. If it gets close to your wedding day and you realise that
you can’t fit in your dress, you’ll either have to buy a new dress last minute or try and squeeze into the
one you’ve got as best as you can. You’re better off slimming down first before planning your wedding
date and buying your dress.

Hiring friends instead of professionals

Hiring friends is cheaper than hiring professionals, however friends aren’t always as reliable.
You don’t want to end up with drunken wedding photos or a DJ setlist of your uncle’s favourite drum n
bass anthems. On top of this, if it’s a close friend, they won’t be able to join in on the celebrations. Only
hire friends if they’ve got the expertise and are trustworthy.

Sending out invitations at the wrong time

You don’t want to send out invites to your guests too early or too late. Friendships can change over the
course of a year and sending out invites too early could result in inviting people who you’d actually
prefer not to be there. Inviting people too late meanwhile may result in people already having plans and
could prevent all your guests from being able to attend. Aside from important guests who you should
notify a year in advance, the bulk of your guests should be sent invites six to three months in advance.
You can order personally designed wedding invitations from Pure Invitations. Physical invites are much
more personal than emails or Facebook group invites, plus you can ensure that people will read them
and they won’t get lost in someone’s spam folder.

Taking on too many jobs yourself

Taking on too much responsibility will make you stressed, and stress can lower your immune system
making you more prone to being ill on your wedding day. Not only that, but you could find that you’re
trying to organise details on your wedding day and not taking the time to enjoy the day. You should
avoid taking on jobs like catering and decorations that could result in your spending the morning of
your wedding day rushing around. To prevent you micromanaging professionals, it could also be worth
taking on a wedding planner from a company like Cherish Wedding Planning – you can still decide every
detail, but the wedding planner can be charge of running it all so that you can relax on your wedding

Leaving make-up too late

Many brides are late to their wedding day as a result of underestimate the time it take to apply makeup.
You should leave a few hours for your stylist to apply your makeup so that they’re not having to rush it
with minutes to spare before the ceremony. Free up the morning of your wedding day so that the only
task you have is getting ready.

Drinking too much too early

Pacing your drinks throughout the day is also important. Drink too many glasses of bubbly too early
and you could end up blacking out half the evening of what is meant to be one of the most memorable
days of your life. If you’re not a big drinker, avoid serving drinks before the reception – try to get the
meals and speeches out the way, after which you can go crazy!

Failing to budget correctly

One of the most common mistakes is failing to budget correctly.
This could result in you taking out loans last minute to pay for important details resulting in a mountain
of debt to deal with afterwards. You could also end up skimping on details because you didn’t budget
correctly. Do your research so that you know how much each major detail costs and create a clear
budget rather than a rough estimate. Leave enough room to go over your budget slightly, but don’t let
yourself go overboard.

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