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18 April 2018

At the beginning of April, my boyfriend and I finished our travels in Milan and Florence, making our way to the final destination of our Italian getaway - Rome. After experiencing the wonders of Milan and exceptional views in Florence, my expectations for Rome were extremely high, and let me tell you...they were exceeded. Although the hustle and bustle of Rome was a complete juxtaposition to the calm, authentic and chilled vibe in Florence, we are equally excited to explore a new city. We visited a variety of famous landmarks, like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. One of the most iconic moments of our travels in Rome was the time spent with LivItaly Tours, participating in their incredible, yet informative, virtual reality tour.

Aidan and I enjoyed the fresh, early start to our day and opted for the morning session at 9:30am. We met Thomas, our tour guide, alongside the rest of our small group just opposite the Colosseum itself. One of my favourite things about this tour is that you are in an intimate group of 6 people, including yourselves; thus, it enabled a personal experience and allowed us to comfortably open up, asking as many questions we wanted. Thomas was very intellectual; he had retained copious facts and was knowledgeable about Italy and the history of Italy over his time living here. Entry into the Colosseum was swift and there was absolutely NO waiting around - the group pass you receive allows you to skip the queue and access quickly. My favourite part of this virtual reality tour was learning a vast amount of information as we walked along the top floor of the amphitheatre; I was enlightened as Thomas told us about Roman gladiators, the animals used in the fighting and the number of tragedies that would occur every time the Colosseum opened. I'm thrilled to know so much about this landmark now and cannot thank Thomas enough for sharing his knowledge.

Virtual Reality Tour

After spending an hour in the Colosseum absorbing as much knowledge as humanely possible, we took a stroll to the next landmark - the Palantine Hill. Again, Thomas informed us of the different materials used to create the palace that once stood on the top of one of Rome's seven hills. The Palantine Hill stands just over 40 metres from the Roman Forum, where we later encountered, with the Circus Maximum on the other side. The tour was very detailed and you get your money's worth with the amount of beautiful sights you visit in 3 jam-packed hours. As you have to walk up the hill and move around a fair amount, I would advise that you are relatively active and can handle walking for 3 hours. You obviously have a number of stops for toilet breaks and to experience the virtual reality; however, you will have to walk uphill and travel around as you are guided. Ultimately, the best part of the tour has to be the virtual reality stops. In the Colosseum, we were gifted a wonderful pair of Virtual Reality glasses per pair, to keep! After a quick download of the app, we were able to visualise the different scenic points as if we had travelled 2000 years backwards in time. The views were mesmerising and brought all of Thomas' facts to life. A truly wonderful experience and I would highly recommend spending your money for an informative, fun tour with LivItaly Tours.

Have you ever been to Rome? Do you love learning the history behind monuments as much as we do?

Lots of love


This Liv Italy tour was complimentary in exchange for a review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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