BRAZIL BRONZE | My Favourite Fake Tan Combo!

10 April 2018

It is currently mid Spring here in the UK and the weather is worse than ever. I've barely seen the sun since I've returned from Italy and it doesn't look like it will be making an appearance anytime soon. To beat the winter-like blues, I've been reaching for fake tan to create the most beautiful bronzed layer on the top of my skin, alongside the ultimate healthy summer glow. After moisturising my awfully dry skin with my facial and body products, I've been reaching for my two favourite tanning products to bring my skin back to life. I feel incredibly happier and more confident with a glowing tan; thus, spending some time in the evening popping on my fave tanning products is exciting and an absolute treat!

Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Clear Spray Tan Face Mist (RRP £29)

This is the first ever facial tanning mist that I've ever tried and OMG - it's amazing! I cannot recommend this facial mist enough; although you pay a little more than the average tanning product, the price is 100% worth it. This anti-aging facial mist has incredible benefits, as well as creating an even base layer of tan on the face. Before this facial mist, I'd just avoid tanning my face with mousse because it was too messy, resulting in a colour mismatch and struggling to find a darker foundation to match my fake tanned body. However, having this facial mist resolves all my tanning issues and leaves my face bronzed, glowing and radiant. If you are looking for the perfect facial tanning mist, this one is definitely for you. The infusion of ingredients like Vitamins C&D and Hyaluronic contribute to the anti-aging claims of the product - Vitamin C prevents wrinkling and Vitamin D provides skin cell growth and repair. All you need is a couple of spritz onto your tanning mitt, gently spread over the face to achieve an even layer and voila! 

Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Tanning Mousse (RRP £29)

Alike the facial mist, this incredible mousse holds the same anti-aging benefits so this is perfect to keep your skin in great condition whilst tanning your body - the sun beds are so DANGEROUS! This tanning mousse is extremely easy to work with, can be built to achieve your desired colour and leaves a beautiful natural looking tone on your skin. You get a lot of product for the price as a small pump onto a tanning mitt goes a long way. I always ensure that I moisturise my extremely dry areas, like my elbows and knees, prior to tanning so that the tan doesn't cling to those patches. That would be my number one tanning tip to create the perfect even tan, patch-free! If you're looking for a buildable tan, I would definitely recommend picking up the Brazil Bronze tanning mousse.

What are you favourite fake tanning products? Have you ever tried Brazil Bronze before?

Lots of love

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