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24 April 2018

At the beginning of April, Carrie Pendle (from Carried---Away) and I hopped on the train to Nottingham for an exciting blogging masterclass with Benefit Cosmetics. I've been a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics since my early teen years, so working with them and attending incredible events, alike this and others over the past year, is unbelievable! I'm so grateful for the opportunities my blog has given me over the last year of my life and cannot wait for the many adventures that are yet to come. Thank you if you've ever clicked on my blog post, check regularly or are subscribed to my posts (if you want to subscribe, all you have to do is enter your email in the bar on the right). 

Anyway, Carrie and I got an early train to Nottingham and ventured around; I'd never been to Nottingham before but have heard great things about the area, the shopping and overall vibe. I loved all the quirky little streets - Carrie and I managed to get some Insta photos (@scarletslippersblog) in some gorgeous locations, which I will sharing more on my blog soon. I wore a smart-casual outfit to the event, sporting the neutral vibes - a pink ribbed bandeau, nude paperbag trousers, nude heeled boots with my new well-loved white denim jacket! I also popped on my two fave accessories at the minute - my PLT Renaissane coin layered necklaces and Topshop tortoise shell sunnies to complete the look.

The Venue, The Food & The Cocktails

The blogging masterclass was held an artsy, beautiful venue - The Hockley Arts Club. I've seen my favourite Youtubers, Sophia and Cinzia, go here for drinks before so I was extremely excited. We were directed by the gorgeous Bene gals to the top room AND OMG, it was incredible. The room was filled with will pink blossom, neon lights and greenery, injected with that extra Benefit 'pink-everything'! Everywhere you looked was a photo opportunity, whether that be for my blog or Instagram, I was easily inspired by the location. After snapping up some photos of the venue, Carrie and I found a place at one of the tables and opted for a 'Hoola Cooler' to drink. This was a delicious, and deadly, cocktail made of gin, pomegranate juice, lemon juice and raspberry juice. I love a fruity cocktail and were a wonderful treat to indulge in, as well as Instagrammable too. 

Additionally, Benefit Cosmetics kindly supplied free brow treatments, goodie bags and a wonderfully displayed brunch. There was everything from fruit salads to brownies, slider burgers to the most deliciously triple-cooked fries. I couldn't stop munching on those chips throughout the entirety of the masterclass...oops! An hour swiftly passed and many a Hooler Cooler was consumed, it was time for the blogging masterclass with the talented Laura-Jane Williams (an award-winning Amazon author and journalist).

The Masterclass

Benefit had our backs by making sure we were fully equipped with an adorable pink Bene-notepad to jot down blogging tips. Laura informed us of her background, her journey and all her favourite tips on writing a successful blog post or Instagram caption. It was really enlightening to hear someone's perspective on blogging who has worked in other aspects of the media too, especially someone who has had many a success. I loved spending time with other bloggers and having a little chat on our table too. The girls who we were sitting with were super lovely and friendly! I felt comfortable sharing my work with them and, of course, we swapped Instagram handles. During the workshop, we wrote an anecdotal piece about 'a brow story' that we'd personally experienced. It was interesting to hear Laura's views and how she progresses from her raw writing to the finishing piece. I found every part of the day fascinating and I cannot wait to see the Bene gals soon. I've also managed to get my hands on the new blush (Gold Rush) - do you want a blog review on it?!

Do you want me to review the new Bene blush? What is your favourite Benefit Cosmetics product?

Lots of love

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