28 April 2018

On the 6th April 2018, I managed to tick the number one goal from my bucket list - SKYDIVING. I've been wanting to jump out of a plane for years - not something you usually hear from your average gal - but I'm such an adrenalin junkie. I love the feeling of my adrenalin increasing, my heart beating fast and enjoying something with a little bit of danger involved. Over the years, I've done a variety of crazy things like white water rafting in Turkey and ziplining through Mexican forests but skydiving has always been number one. My boyfriend's mum kindly bought myself the chance to skydive, alongside her, Aidan and Aidan's brother.  


We had to wake up super early; baring in mind, I had just returned from a very tiresome journey from Italy, I was surviving off 4 hours sleep (hence the lethargic look in these images). Fortunately, Aidan's mum treated us all to getting the experience filmed. If you've been here before, you will know that I also have two Youtube channels. I was so desperate to get the footage for my vlog (which you can watch here - the whole jump is captured!) and share the entire day with all of my avid readers/viewers! Arriving an hour before the jump, we prepared ourselves by having a small bite to eat, a drink and chatting to the family. My entire family came to watch, alongside some of my boyfriend's, so we literally had an entire audience supporting us! A few forms signed later...we headed into the briefing room and were informed on the best position to hold as you jump followed by the best technique to land safely. There wasn't too much information to take in, which was great as at this point nerves started building up... 


All the gear was popped on, including this extremely flattering condom-esque hat, and we made our way to the plane. It took about 10 minutes to reach the pilot's requirements and the crazy height of 13,000 feet. The weather wasn't completely on our side, as it was very cloudy and the wind speeds were high; however, it didn't affect the experience too much. I was told that I'd be leaving the plane last because I was sat at the back - I initially panicked but as soon as I saw my boyfriend, his brother and mum jump, it all happened to quickly to continue worrying. As I was looking out the plane window, I was genuinely enjoying the sights and my nerves were nowhere near as bad as they were on land. Before I knew it, I was hanging off a guy on the edge of the plane with my very own camera guy attached, like Spiderman, to the side of the aircraft! It was such a mental, overwhelming, adrenalin-bursting, quick experience that I will never EVER forget...We free fell for about 40-50 seconds. The wind blowing into my mouth gave the awful illusion of not being able to breathe but of course, this was over soon enough and I was floating to the ground. I also had a bit of a mare with my goggles - they kept sliding into my eyes so I struggled to see what was going on during the free fall due to the powers of the wind and gravity. 


As always, nothing ever goes smoothly for me. I was the last to jump out the plane and the pilot decided to turn as we were jumping; this gave the guy behind my no other choice but to land in the field next to the one everyone else did. Fortunately, I didn't capture the landing because it WAS NOT PRETTY. I almost snapped both of my ankles, the parachute almost took us back up into the air and the motions that were going on were not child friendly...It was so odd and I'm glad no-one managed to capture that on camera! Overall, my dive was 10/10 for such an indescribable, hilarious and emotionally overwhelming experience. I would highly recommend saving up for a jump because the feeling you get is sensational. I'm planning on doing so many skydives in the future, hopefully in different countries!

Benefit Cosmetics Blogging Masterclass | Nottingham

24 April 2018

At the beginning of April, Carrie Pendle (from Carried---Away) and I hopped on the train to Nottingham for an exciting blogging masterclass with Benefit Cosmetics. I've been a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics since my early teen years, so working with them and attending incredible events, alike this and others over the past year, is unbelievable! I'm so grateful for the opportunities my blog has given me over the last year of my life and cannot wait for the many adventures that are yet to come. Thank you if you've ever clicked on my blog post, check regularly or are subscribed to my posts (if you want to subscribe, all you have to do is enter your email in the bar on the right). 

Anyway, Carrie and I got an early train to Nottingham and ventured around; I'd never been to Nottingham before but have heard great things about the area, the shopping and overall vibe. I loved all the quirky little streets - Carrie and I managed to get some Insta photos (@scarletslippersblog) in some gorgeous locations, which I will sharing more on my blog soon. I wore a smart-casual outfit to the event, sporting the neutral vibes - a pink ribbed bandeau, nude paperbag trousers, nude heeled boots with my new well-loved white denim jacket! I also popped on my two fave accessories at the minute - my PLT Renaissane coin layered necklaces and Topshop tortoise shell sunnies to complete the look.

The Venue, The Food & The Cocktails

The blogging masterclass was held an artsy, beautiful venue - The Hockley Arts Club. I've seen my favourite Youtubers, Sophia and Cinzia, go here for drinks before so I was extremely excited. We were directed by the gorgeous Bene gals to the top room AND OMG, it was incredible. The room was filled with will pink blossom, neon lights and greenery, injected with that extra Benefit 'pink-everything'! Everywhere you looked was a photo opportunity, whether that be for my blog or Instagram, I was easily inspired by the location. After snapping up some photos of the venue, Carrie and I found a place at one of the tables and opted for a 'Hoola Cooler' to drink. This was a delicious, and deadly, cocktail made of gin, pomegranate juice, lemon juice and raspberry juice. I love a fruity cocktail and were a wonderful treat to indulge in, as well as Instagrammable too. 

Additionally, Benefit Cosmetics kindly supplied free brow treatments, goodie bags and a wonderfully displayed brunch. There was everything from fruit salads to brownies, slider burgers to the most deliciously triple-cooked fries. I couldn't stop munching on those chips throughout the entirety of the masterclass...oops! An hour swiftly passed and many a Hooler Cooler was consumed, it was time for the blogging masterclass with the talented Laura-Jane Williams (an award-winning Amazon author and journalist).

The Masterclass

Benefit had our backs by making sure we were fully equipped with an adorable pink Bene-notepad to jot down blogging tips. Laura informed us of her background, her journey and all her favourite tips on writing a successful blog post or Instagram caption. It was really enlightening to hear someone's perspective on blogging who has worked in other aspects of the media too, especially someone who has had many a success. I loved spending time with other bloggers and having a little chat on our table too. The girls who we were sitting with were super lovely and friendly! I felt comfortable sharing my work with them and, of course, we swapped Instagram handles. During the workshop, we wrote an anecdotal piece about 'a brow story' that we'd personally experienced. It was interesting to hear Laura's views and how she progresses from her raw writing to the finishing piece. I found every part of the day fascinating and I cannot wait to see the Bene gals soon. I've also managed to get my hands on the new blush (Gold Rush) - do you want a blog review on it?!

Do you want me to review the new Bene blush? What is your favourite Benefit Cosmetics product?

Lots of love


22 April 2018

In my first year of blogging, alike most fellow bloggers who create their own space on the web, I wrote about my passions and stories. Don't get me wrong, I still do this now; however, I've been able to make interactions with brands who have stepped forward and contacted me to work collaboratively. Fifteen year old me had NO idea that a world of social influencer and brand interactions existed so was in complete shock when I received my first brand deal email in my personal inbox. Since this massive change in my life, I have learnt so much about brand deals, sponsorships, the rights and wrongs of working with a company etc. I thought I'd share my top tips when working with a brand; including how to pitch ideas, what to look out for and why it isn't a bad thing to reach out to a brand first (despite how daunting it may seem). 


My number one tip before contacting, or thinking to contact a brand, is to set up your own professional email. I decided to make myself a blogging email, specifically for blogging work and brand connections. This not only helped organise my personal emails from my business ones, but makes you look more experience and your blog look more serious than a hobby. Still on the emailing front, DO NOT send a generalised email to a company if you are pitching an idea. One of the worst thing in the blogging industry, for me, is when a brand emails myself and spells my name wrong (usually calling me Scarlet due to lack of research), fails to mention any of my blog work and quite explicitly is only searching to work for their brand exposure with nothing in return for me. Therefore, I'd highly recommend personalising you emails if you are the first one to make a move! Maybe you could mention a specific product that you've loved for years and continually repurchase, or point out an item from their site explaining why you'd love to review this and why it would benefit them. Make sure you have pointed out why working with you can benefit their brand and possibly do some research to show your passion/interest of the company in a more intimate way. Your emails should always include your passion, the benefits, politeness and most importantly, your successes! This can be quite difficult if you've just started out but if you've managed to network with great brands before - wonderful - whack it in the email. Obviously ensure your email still flows but if you are pitching an idea to a makeup brand about wanting to review their new eyeshadow palette, then perhaps you could send a blog post link to a previous time where you worked with another prestigious company. Flaunt your successes!


Statistics and media kits are useful when it comes to pitching ideas. Unfortunately, the majority of brands will have an expectation or want to know your following, either on a particular platform or over all your social platforms. Media kits are perfect to share your engagement statistics, services offered, previously worked with brands and a range of aspects linking to your blog. These are also great to send to a brand, attached to your email; thus, if they don't particularly want you to post a review, they may suggest an alternative service that may leave you with a better result. For instance, if the brand can see you have 10,000 Instagram followers and they are currently working to push their Instagram engagement/followers, then they may suggest a different campaign to the one you suggested. Your media kit provides a chance to share your current, and previous work, and sell your capabilities to the brand. 

Finally, if you've managed to be successful and secured the collaboration. My ultimate tip would be to regularly communicate. Keep in contact with the brand throughout the collaboration, NOT just when the review is live. Whenever I work with a brand, I will always email to notify when a product arrives, when the post will go live on my blog and the link to post afterwards. It is super important to maintain a high level of communication - not only with the brand remember you in the future, it is polite and informs them of the entire process.

I hope that this post has been somewhat helpful to any of you bloggers out there! In no way am I the best at giving this advice; however, I've been wanting to do this for a while and thought it was time to share some of my personal blogging tips, after almost 5 years of experience on this platform. Let me know if you want more blogging tip style posts in the future, and if there is anything you want to see from myself in particular. Lots of love x

Have you worked with a brand before? Did these blogging tips help?

Lots of love

Visiting Rome & Travelling 2000 Years into the Past | LivItaly Tours

18 April 2018

At the beginning of April, my boyfriend and I finished our travels in Milan and Florence, making our way to the final destination of our Italian getaway - Rome. After experiencing the wonders of Milan and exceptional views in Florence, my expectations for Rome were extremely high, and let me tell you...they were exceeded. Although the hustle and bustle of Rome was a complete juxtaposition to the calm, authentic and chilled vibe in Florence, we are equally excited to explore a new city. We visited a variety of famous landmarks, like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. One of the most iconic moments of our travels in Rome was the time spent with LivItaly Tours, participating in their incredible, yet informative, virtual reality tour.

Aidan and I enjoyed the fresh, early start to our day and opted for the morning session at 9:30am. We met Thomas, our tour guide, alongside the rest of our small group just opposite the Colosseum itself. One of my favourite things about this tour is that you are in an intimate group of 6 people, including yourselves; thus, it enabled a personal experience and allowed us to comfortably open up, asking as many questions we wanted. Thomas was very intellectual; he had retained copious facts and was knowledgeable about Italy and the history of Italy over his time living here. Entry into the Colosseum was swift and there was absolutely NO waiting around - the group pass you receive allows you to skip the queue and access quickly. My favourite part of this virtual reality tour was learning a vast amount of information as we walked along the top floor of the amphitheatre; I was enlightened as Thomas told us about Roman gladiators, the animals used in the fighting and the number of tragedies that would occur every time the Colosseum opened. I'm thrilled to know so much about this landmark now and cannot thank Thomas enough for sharing his knowledge.

Virtual Reality Tour

After spending an hour in the Colosseum absorbing as much knowledge as humanely possible, we took a stroll to the next landmark - the Palantine Hill. Again, Thomas informed us of the different materials used to create the palace that once stood on the top of one of Rome's seven hills. The Palantine Hill stands just over 40 metres from the Roman Forum, where we later encountered, with the Circus Maximum on the other side. The tour was very detailed and you get your money's worth with the amount of beautiful sights you visit in 3 jam-packed hours. As you have to walk up the hill and move around a fair amount, I would advise that you are relatively active and can handle walking for 3 hours. You obviously have a number of stops for toilet breaks and to experience the virtual reality; however, you will have to walk uphill and travel around as you are guided. Ultimately, the best part of the tour has to be the virtual reality stops. In the Colosseum, we were gifted a wonderful pair of Virtual Reality glasses per pair, to keep! After a quick download of the app, we were able to visualise the different scenic points as if we had travelled 2000 years backwards in time. The views were mesmerising and brought all of Thomas' facts to life. A truly wonderful experience and I would highly recommend spending your money for an informative, fun tour with LivItaly Tours.

Have you ever been to Rome? Do you love learning the history behind monuments as much as we do?

Lots of love


This Liv Italy tour was complimentary in exchange for a review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

BRAZIL BRONZE | My Favourite Fake Tan Combo!

10 April 2018

It is currently mid Spring here in the UK and the weather is worse than ever. I've barely seen the sun since I've returned from Italy and it doesn't look like it will be making an appearance anytime soon. To beat the winter-like blues, I've been reaching for fake tan to create the most beautiful bronzed layer on the top of my skin, alongside the ultimate healthy summer glow. After moisturising my awfully dry skin with my facial and body products, I've been reaching for my two favourite tanning products to bring my skin back to life. I feel incredibly happier and more confident with a glowing tan; thus, spending some time in the evening popping on my fave tanning products is exciting and an absolute treat!

Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Clear Spray Tan Face Mist (RRP £29)

This is the first ever facial tanning mist that I've ever tried and OMG - it's amazing! I cannot recommend this facial mist enough; although you pay a little more than the average tanning product, the price is 100% worth it. This anti-aging facial mist has incredible benefits, as well as creating an even base layer of tan on the face. Before this facial mist, I'd just avoid tanning my face with mousse because it was too messy, resulting in a colour mismatch and struggling to find a darker foundation to match my fake tanned body. However, having this facial mist resolves all my tanning issues and leaves my face bronzed, glowing and radiant. If you are looking for the perfect facial tanning mist, this one is definitely for you. The infusion of ingredients like Vitamins C&D and Hyaluronic contribute to the anti-aging claims of the product - Vitamin C prevents wrinkling and Vitamin D provides skin cell growth and repair. All you need is a couple of spritz onto your tanning mitt, gently spread over the face to achieve an even layer and voila! 

Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Tanning Mousse (RRP £29)

Alike the facial mist, this incredible mousse holds the same anti-aging benefits so this is perfect to keep your skin in great condition whilst tanning your body - the sun beds are so DANGEROUS! This tanning mousse is extremely easy to work with, can be built to achieve your desired colour and leaves a beautiful natural looking tone on your skin. You get a lot of product for the price as a small pump onto a tanning mitt goes a long way. I always ensure that I moisturise my extremely dry areas, like my elbows and knees, prior to tanning so that the tan doesn't cling to those patches. That would be my number one tanning tip to create the perfect even tan, patch-free! If you're looking for a buildable tan, I would definitely recommend picking up the Brazil Bronze tanning mousse.

What are you favourite fake tanning products? Have you ever tried Brazil Bronze before?

Lots of love

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