WHATEVER MOVES YOU | Sport Relief 2018

20 March 2018

A few weeks ago, a fellow University of Lincoln student and blogger, Carrie, got in contact with me in regards to the new Sport Relief #whatevermovesyou campaign this year. I jumped at the chance of getting involved, raising awareness alongside a small amount of money, in aid of a credible charity that I've supported for years. For 2018, Sport Relief have decided to create a new app which you can all go to the app store and download for free; the app is extremely motivational and challenging the nation to accomplish 1 billion steps every single day. This challenge, to help an amazingly worthy charity, has encouraged me to leave my university room more, walk to places instead of opting for other transport and setting myself other personal goals to reach in life.


Simply type in 'Sport Relief' on the app store to download and get involved. It is super easy to raise awareness by letting your friends, family and other loved ones know. If you are as competitive as myself and Carrie, it is worth setting up your own league to challenge each other to see who can get the most steps before the end of Sport Relief week (Friday 23rd March). Currently, I am on 30,000 steps since the challenge began, which I'm very proud of. I can definitely see an improvement to last week, when I barely left my apartment and did nothing but type/edit at my desk every day. It's so lovely to explore, walk around and have a breath of fresh air every now and again to clear my head.

If you want to join myself and Carrie, we have created a 'BLOGGING GROUP' league (you do NOT have to be a blogger, just anyone who fancies challenging us) to get you all involved. I have had a few questions about the whole app and it's completely free. There are a variety of different sections on the app - the 'discover' area is great to find new workouts and promoting the active lifestyle ever more. There is even a section to help raise money for Sport Relief this year; I currently have a page running and, fingers crossed, hoping to reach £100 by the end of the week. Any small donation counts and if you're not sure how to donate, then click on my page as all of the money goes 100% to Sport Relief. Thank you so much to anyone who has donated so far, charity work means an extreme deal for me.


Lots of love


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