11 March 2018

Growing up in a small town where you know the majority of the population and haven’t had the best experiences with people is tough. I could not wait to move out and head to university in September for this exact reason. I wanted to meet new people, explore a different city and start a fresh somewhere that I felt comfortable, not only in the area but myself.

Living in Lincoln has given me incredible benefits in regard to my social life, mental health and overall happiness. When I visited the university last year on an open day, I knew that I wanted to spend my three years, and possibly beyond, in this beautiful little city. Due to my upbringing in a small town, Lincoln was such a big place to me yet also felt homely and small. A lot of the friends I’ve made are from huge cities so in comparison to somewhere like Manchester or London, Lincoln is tiny. It’s crazy how many opinions and visions people have about Lincoln but I’m more than happy in this city I now call home. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family (and very small number of friends) I have back in my hometown but I honestly could not ask for anything more living where I do now. Thus, I’ve decided to make a little series on my blog where I show you some of the best places to eat/drink and things to do if you come to visit Lincoln for the day, weekend or week! After all, it gives me an excuse to explore the quirky cobbled streets some more and find some alternative places to go if you’re looking to do or try something unique.


Starting with the most iconic monument in Lincoln, the Cathedral. You know you’ve arrived in Lincoln if you can see the beautiful spires of the Cathedral poking out at the top of the hill. Steep hill is also another trait Lincoln is renowned for. It’s certainly a workout in itself climbing to the top but it’s always rewarding to see the Cathedral close and personal. The infrastructure is incredible and I love showing my friends or family that come up to visit the inside too. You can enter the Cathedral and its internal shop for free; however, you can pay a small fee to properly explore inside. I personally haven’t done this as you can admire and see the vast majority of the Cathedral from stepping inside. Alongside the Cathedral, you could also visit the Castle grounds just a few metres from the top of Steep Hill too. I am looking forward to going up Steep Hill in the summer and having a picnic on the grass inside the castle grounds. It is so beautiful and historic – I could go on about the facts and history of Lincoln but I don’t want to bore you with the endless information about Lincoln’s historic background.


Somewhere I always find myself looking into is the Goodie's Sweet Shop on the High Street. It is located on the left side of 'The Strait', just before the dreaded Steep Hill. It's a small independent sweet shop that makes you feel like you've gone back in time, in the best way possible! There are numerous amount of sweet jars filled with treats from each decade - there are even cute little pre-made decade boxes that are displayed in the window. They would be such an amazing, thoughtful gift for someone in your life that is obsessed with all things sweet. I have a massive sweet tooth so whenever I head into this shop, I suddenly become obsessed with every sweet that has ever existed and have to strongly convince myself that I don't need to buy the entire shop. Even if you do not intend on buying any sweets, I definitely recommend popping into the shop as the people working there are always so lovely and the vibe is so cute and quaint inside. 


One of the most iconic places when mentioning Lincoln is, of course, steep hill. Everyone has heard of the struggle it takes to get up steep hill - I believe it would be even more strenuous if the views weren't delightful to look at. I'm obsessed with the old aesthetic of Lincoln; the quaint cobbled streets, quirky independent shops and the old brick of the buildings and offices. Whenever I take a trip through the high street and up steep hill, I cannot help but taking countless photos of the amazing shops, sights and different places I discover as I walk up. There is always something new that I never spotted before, it's insane! One of my favourite things about Lincoln is that the High Street is an even mix of popular and family run businesses; you can find all of the things you need from your favourite shops but also discover a new place in a matter of minutes. Some of my favourites include Roly's Fudge Pantry and the Baublearium. 


My best friends & I have a list of all the independent, new cafes and tearooms we want to try over our three years in Lincoln. To start off, we tried out the highest rated cafe on Trip Advisor in Central Lincoln - The Rising Cafe. This cafe is in an almost hidden location; the inside has a vintage aesthetic with lots of history behind the name and place. It is always very busy due to its popularity but I'd definitely recommend waiting for a seat to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious cakes/treats available. I'm obsessed with their banana bread! I also opted for a rose lemonade as it's one of my favourite drinks. There are also a variety of quirky, cute gifts on display that you can purchase if you fancy it. I love the overall aesthetic and the food/drink wasn't too overpriced. A solid 9/10 for this cafe from me!


My final destination you should visit in this (hopeful) series where I share all my new finds in Lincoln, is Bunty's Tea Room. My friend, Hattie, came in this little place just at the top of steep hill with her family and she absolutely loved it. We decided to endure steep hill and pop in for some tea and cake. A little tip for fellow students would be to share a pot of tea; for three of us, this pot of tea allowed each of us three cups EACH so we ended up saving a lot of money together. The crockery was extremely vintage and the details were beautiful on the cups, spoons and plates. Bunty's Tea Room is such a quaint little house with only a number of places to sit. I'd recommend going in on an afternoon mid-week to avoid losing a seat. Having the biggest sweet tooth in the world, I also bought a HUGE slice of Jaffa Cake...cake, as it is my absolute favourite. I'd rate Bunty's a solid 8/10. Two points dropped for less seating and expensive cake.

Have you ever visited Lincoln? What is your favourite city?

Lots of love

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