HOW TO: Live a Healthy Lifestyle at University

21 March 2018

Being a university student, it is hard not to succumb to the countless takeaways and poor nutrition lifestyle. Everyone is partying, going out every weekend and it's easy for students to fall into an unbalanced lifestyle - lack of sleep, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Luckily, I'm not a massive alcohol drinker; I love having a drink every now and again (I'm also obsessed with cocktail nights) but I don't go out on a regular basis with my uni friends. In 2018, I've pushed myself to lead a healthier, balanced lifestyle; emphasising on fitness and nutritional health. The two massive parts of my new routine are down to Blogilates, a youtube channel dedicated to mini fitness routines, alongside Herbalife, a global nutrition company that helps achieve active lives. 

In the evenings, Blogilates always has my friends and I working out butts off in our university kitchen. We pop on our gym attire (however cannot afford to attend the gym) and follow the current March 2018 calendar that Cassie has kindly put together on her website (click here if you want to follow too!!) She has been an absolute babe, motivating me in the evenings to push my body to its limits and getting back to that fitter state I used to be in. Each day is dedicated to a specific area or an all-round workout; this ensures that each inch of your body is working hard throughout the week. Don't get me wrong, we do NOT follow this everyday as our bodies would definitely cease; however, we try out best to do at least 3 evenings of hardcore workouts a week. I definitely recommend checking out Blogilates on Youtube, if you want some fitness inspiration to follow at home if you cannot afford a gym membership or want to save some money.

In terms of nutrition, I've found that I've injected a lot more protein into my diet. For those unsure of the benefits of protein, it is vital to obtain protein within your diet to repair tissues and promote muscle growth. Moreover, we need to obtain essential amino acids (those of which we cannot naturally source ourselves) by consuming products that contain them. Herbalife have crafted a variety of fitness products, many which are high in protein, to promote tissue repair, muscle growth, strengthen our immune systems and useful for the manufacturing of enzymes/hormones in the body. My favourite of the Herbalife range are the F1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mixes (specifically the vanilla and tropical flavoured ones), as well as the Vanilla Almond protein bars. The shakes make the perfect breakfast meal; I usually pop the mix in with some banana and chia seeds with my Alpro almond milk. Containing 21 vitamins and minerals and 9g of protein and fibre to support weight management, these shakes are aiding my fitness journey significantly. They taste UNBELIEVABLE and are also great for a post-workout shake too. Also, I'm a huge fan of the delicious protein bars - vanilla and almond are two of my favourite tastes so the combination is divine. With nutritional benefits, such as increasing metabolism and providing B-vitamins, these protein bars are a great snack to take to university and the ideal post-workout treat. I've been obsessed with these bars ever since they arrived to my door and have helped to cure my chocolate/sweet cravings than any other product has before!

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Are you on a fitness journey this year? Will you be using Blogilates and Herbalife to stay on track?

Lots of love


The Herbalife products in this post were sent for review; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Looooved this Charlotte!! I'm definitely keeping up with fitness this year! I've tried blogilaties in the past and they're so good!! Keep going girl!! xxx


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