Embracing Our Imperfections

5 March 2018

We live in a world where media is ever-growing and in turn, creating a more damaging perception of body image. The majority of us women cannot help but self loathe when we see a petite model on a magazine or someone with impeccably smooth skin on Instagram; I feel like it's become part of our nature to despise what we look like and constantly aspire to be like somebody else. Whilst it isn't bad to have others as our inspiration, it is completely damaging to our own emotional health to hate how we look. I am 100% guilty of wishing my stomach was as flat as my favourite influencer or my eyebrows were naturally bolder...the list goes on and on. However, it is time to start embracing our imperfections and relieving ourselves of the insecurities that create a negative energy in our lives. I just want to promote self love, happiness and positivity on my social platforms more - spreading this type of message to fellow girls who have doubted themselves in the past is so important to me. We are who we are and we should be proud of that. No hiding, no more self loathing and let's be proud of who we are. 

Imperfections are beautiful - they are always going to be a part of you and hating them is not going to bring any kind of optimism to your life. For the longest I can remember, I've despised my thunder thighs - having chunkier legs has been something I struggled with growing up as a teenager. I remember crying whenever I'd see photos of models with thigh gaps, praying that one day I would have smaller thighs. However, as I've grown older, I've realised that there is no changing this part of my body. No matter how hard I try to work on them, I will always have larger legs; I've definitely inherited bigger hips and thighs from my mum (who is insanely beautiful) and I've been dancing for 16 years. There is no way that I can lose all the muscle I've built in my legs over that significant period of time - I realised that I should be praising myself for my consistent hard work over the years and not shaming myself because my thighs are bigger than what I felt was rest of the population.

Moreover, my birthmark has always been something I'm shy about. I'd hide the mark I have on my upper chest with my hand in photos and would always wear clothes that covered it. When I used to get changed for PE in secondary school, I remember girls asking what it was or saying that I've got something on my chest. I always had to laugh it off and pretend that I never cared. I'm so happy that I have a mark that defines me and that no-one else I've ever met has. Same goes for the brows, although I'm still working my confidence up. It isn't easy to be confidence in oneself, it is definitely a journey that helps you reach that level-headed space where you realise that there is much more to life that worrying about your appearance. There are so many places to see, things to do and more importantly, there are people that are enduring much worse. It's okay to get down and let out emotion by crying, but I always try to look on the positive side of a situation as I'm so lucky. Some people in the world don't have a nice place to sleep, cannot afford food or drink clean water; remembering this puts me in a mindset where I am thankful for my body and that I'm able to live a healthy lifestyle.

Something that empowers me and makes me feel good about myself is wearing pretty lingerie. It makes me feel happy, sexy and accentuates parts of my body to make me feel good. The two sets of lingerie worn in this post are gorgeous pieces from Panache. Panache cater for women of all shapes and sizes to make us all feel sexy and body confidence; this stunning blue velvet set along with the more dainty turquoise lace set make me feel incredible. There is always something about wearing a matching set that not only makes us women feel extremely confidence but makes us feel like we've got our lives in order?! Just me?! We don't need to change who we are because of a photo or to have the same figure as someone else. As long as we are healthy, we shouldn't bring ourselves down as much as we do. It is time that we uplift each other - comment on girl's photos to encourage self love and confidence. We need to rise above that incredibly damaging visuals we see on the media, that most of the time are extremely edited and unrealistic. There is always going to be a part of us that wants to improve our lifestyle and body - I want to tone up and have a become more active but I don't need to exert extreme pressures on myself. Life is way too short to hate my body, I love me.

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Do you feel inspired to embrace your imperfections? Do you agree that the media is promoting self-loathing?

Lots of love


The products worn were sent to myself by Panache; however, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. This post is incredible and I am so glad you're loving your body because your absolutely stunning! You empowered me to write my own body positivity post and I must say it felt amazing to write all of my feelings down for people to read. Thank you for inspiring me. Marie x


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