Easter Baking & Spring Break Plans

27 March 2018

Spring break has finally commenced for a variety of British university students in the country. I am so happy to be back home, surrounded by the people I love and sleeping in a double bed! The single bed life at university is not the one for me, and not to mention the vile wet room. Although I miss my best girl friends ALREADY, I cannot wait to spend some time with my boyfriend in a different country and spend time with my family. This Spring I am ticking off so many incredible things from my bucket list and I'm feeling extremely blessed. I thought that today's post could just be a chilled, chatty update about the recent things I've been doing, my upcoming travels and plans for the Spring Break.


Last week, my friends and I spent our Wednesday off university baking (in Easter bunny ears, I'd like to add). I'm literally so extra with everything, I just had to purchase the rabbit ears to lighten the mood further. You won't believe the amount of students walking past our huge kitchen windows staring in and thinking WTF are these gals doing?! Anyway, we managed to bake Easter cupcakes, Mini Egg Tiffin and Creme Egg brownies. They all tasted absolutely delicious, considering the lack of equipment me required - I must say, the brownies were definitely the best. We followed the BBC good food recipes for the cakes and brownies, adding our own twist with the Easter treats. We essentially just mashed up some biscuits, melted chocolate and launched loads of other excessively sugared foods into a baking tray for the tiffin. Despite the simplicity, this also tasted divine and only needed a couple of hours in the fridge to harden completely. 


From the 27th March to the 5th April, I will be spending my days in the gorgeous country of Italy. My boyfriend treated me to this incredible trip for my 19th birthday and I've been looking forward to it for months. I've never visited Italy before but seeing as my boyfriend is half Italian and he's just finished taking Italian lessons at university, what better time would it be to go?! We'll be jetting of to Milan for a couple days, hopping on the train to Florence for the next few and then lastly, finish our trip if the historic city of Rome. Make sure you're following me on my social media accounts (linked at the top right of my blog) to watch what's going on whilst I'm out there. Snapchat and Instagram will be where I'll give the most updates, followed by Youtube on my return. I'm going to be creating a lot of content whilst I'm away, and hopefully getting inspired after experiencing a new culture. There will be lots of fashion posts, reviews and lookbooks on my blog and Youtube channels. I'm vlogging my entire trip too so make sure you're subscribed to my VLOG CHANNEL!

Read about 'The Reasons I Love to Travel' in a previous post. It might inspire you to visit somewhere new soon.


Although my 10 day trip in Italy is going to take up the majority of my Spring break, there are also a variety of things I've managed to cram into space in between! On Sunday, my mum, Auntie and little cousin went to watch Shrek the Musical. I've been wanting to see this for about 5 years now, after repeatedly watching the broadway version on DVD. It was so incredible to see one of my favourite musicals brought to life in front of my eyes. The staging, directing and hilarious comical moments were unbelievable - I hope I will be able to head back to the theatre once again to see this in the future. An amazing show for the whole family! Also, after my return to England, I am going to be jumping 13,000 feet out of a plane. Yep, my life-long dream to skydive is coming to action on the 6th April, alongside my boyfriend, his mum and one of his brothers! I cannot wait to be skydiving - I'm sure I will be a little nervous when I'm up in the air but for now, I'm beyond excited! After talking about my exciting plans, I thought I'd mention that when I head back to university on the 9th April, I'm going to have to get my head down; there are so many deadlines I need to meet and not the mention how close my May exams are. I'm going to enjoy my Easter break with minimal revision; however, I'm getting back on with my university work as soon as I'm back in Lincoln. As for now, I hope you enjoy all the new content I will be bringing over the next two weeks. I love you all and thank you so much for your continuous support!

Have you baked anything sweet this Easter? What do you plan on doing over the Spring break?

Lots of love

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  1. Love this beaut! Such cute pictures, looks so tasty 😍
    Can't wait to see your Italy content!!

    Chloe ❤ http://www.anomalouschloe.com


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