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3 March 2018

On Thursday 23rd March, I was lucky enough to attend an overnight event with Benefit Cosmetics in Leicester. I’ve never been to an overnight event before so as you can imagine, I was more than excited! I honestly had no idea why someone like me was invited to go to such an incredible event with an equally incredible brand?! Absolutely crazy! If you want to hear about my first experience with Benefit, then click here to see what I got up to with them in September 2017. However, this time Benefit took it that one step further and hosted a space party at the National Space Centre followed by a luxurious sleepover at the Leicester Marriott Hotel. This was an absolute dream – I’ve been blogging for 4 years and I never in a million years (no matter how cliché this sounds) thought that I would be attending fun events with my favourite brands?! This trip was such an achievement for me, not only because of what it actually entailed, but for getting the train on my own PLUS attending a super special event not knowing ANYONE. I was so scared…

Well, I guess that last part was a white lie… I’d spoken to a couple of girls on Instagram a few nights before but I’d never met or spoken to them prior. However, after a rushed journey in the manic midst of rush hour, I arrived at the Leicester Marriott and greeted by the wonderful Benefit PR girls – they always look gorgeous! Feeling very welcomed and a lot less anxious, I headed to my room for a very fast turnaround; I had 45 minutes to get ready AND take in the amazing treat that Benefit left one our hotel beds. Along with the press release sheet on the new BAD GAL BANG mascara and the itinerary of our stay, we each received a pink Benefit makeup bag full of gorgeous beauty goodies. Strangely enough, I have never owned any of the products that I pulled out of the bag and cannot wait to try them all for you, especially Hoola Lite (I’m a huge HOOLA fan) and the lipstick!

One huge rush later, I had made myself semi-presentable; I went for a purple-orange on the eye (that could have definitely gone better…) and popped on my new black jumpsuit from Boohoo. I was a huge fan of my outfit as I’m obsessed with jumpsuits and love the way they accentuate my figure. Me being me, I forgot to pack my sparkly clutch (which was my only hope at sticking to the glittery dress code…oops!) I met my friend that I’d spoken to via Instagram, Georgie from AsYouWishUK, and we headed to the lobby to meet everyone. We managed to get chatting to a group of lovely girls; it was lovely to make some new friends and see some other familiar faces on the trip too. After a natter with Georgia and Jessica (ft. a Picnic in the Park cocktail), we hopped on the coach en route to the National Space Centre.

The National Space Centre was a place I’d visited several times throughout my childhood on various school trips. I always enjoyed these trip as I’m such a geek when science is involved. I’m always looking for new museums to check out, specifically something with science incorporated – I’m SO interested in it! However, I had been there for years and when we pulled up, I was thrilled to see that the Space Centre was lit in the iconic Benefit colour – PINK! We were greeted by some Bene Gals holding these insane pink cocktails, that dangerously tasted like juice! Benefit events are always spectacularly extra; the bene gals were handing cocktails in pink astronaut suits, the ceiling was glittery, there were ring lights involved and the cocktails were smoking. After a few drinks and chatting to the girls, we watched an incredible video in the planetarium followed by a talk on the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara; I uploaded a review of the mascara few days ago so CLICK HERE to read my honest thoughts on it! We then go to explore and go up the rocket tower for half an hour; Jessica and I took a few photos, we saw a real piece of the moon and played around with the numerous buttons placed on the floors.

Dinner was absolutely divine. We had a stunning three course meal at the National Space Centre; the main and dessert were delicious! I only managed to capture the dessert as the lighting wasn’t incredible where I was sitting so apologies for not sharing the other courses. The tables were covered in a beautiful array of pink flowers! I’ve stolen a couple of the photographer’s photos so any image with an * is not mine. After a wonderful meal, so much better than anything I’ve had for a while since being at uni (haha), we hopped back on the coach to the hotel. I was super tired so I went straight to bed, edited my vlog and had the dreamiest sleep in a huge double bed. My first time at an overnight blogger event – I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you again Benefit for a wonderful celebration and stay. I cannot wait to share the rest of my blogging adventures with you all.

Watch my vlog of the event here

Do you own anything from Benefit Cosmetics? Have you ever been to the National Space Centre before?

Lots of love

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  1. I'm so proud of you Darling! It looks amazing, and so did you. As per usual!
    Hope this gives you the determination to go out there and continue to make incredible content! xoxo


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